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Today, Campagnolo hold their position as an aspirational, premium brand, manufacturing a range of road and time-trial components, namely groupsets and wheelsets, as well as a collection of performance-orientated clothing. In addition, Campagnolo groupsets use a separate thumb actuated lever to change gear down to a smaller sprocket. With EPS models, this multi-shift function is adjustable via the MyCampy app, enabling as many shifts as you desire via a simple press-and-hold actuation.

Scroll down to find all of the currently available Campagnolo groupsets to buy. You can also read our overview of the best Campagnolo wheelsets. Verdict: The ultimate in performance, but with a hefty price tag to match.

Mechanical groupsets Road Racing

Available as either a rim or disc brake variant, Super Record EPS is a performance-orientated groupset, aimed at road cyclists who demand the very best from their ride. Taking heed from the speed Super Record crankset design, the 4 bolt spider can fit all three available chainring options. The Super Record cassette, which is also shared with Record groupsets, comes in or variations. The good news is the speed cassettes are the same width as their speed forerunners and will fit your speed wheels without additional expense. In real-world terms, this should enable around miles between charges - depending on terrain and usage, of course.

Verdict: A world-class road groupset, more gear range and a sleek design, but it gains a few grams over 11 speed. Released in spring , the Campagnolo Super Record groupset was the first speed groupset to hit the road cycling world. With it came a newly designed direct-mount rear derailleur, an updated speed specific front derailleur, a new hollow carbon fibre 4-arm crankset, updated shifter and flat mount disc brakes. Like the speed groupset it replaces, Campagnolo Super Record speed features Ultra-Shift technology, which enables you to perform three downshifts to larger sprockets with a single throw of the lever, and five upshifts to smaller sprockets with a single press of the thumb-actuated lever - more than any of its mechanical competitors.

The option to trim the front derailleur position enables a smooth chain line and prevents chain rub, handy when cross chaining. The new speed cassette allows a wider gear range without creating gaps elsewhere on the block. The 6 biggest sprockets are made up of two triplets, which were each machined from a single block of steel. This increases stiffness, but it does come at a weight penalty of almost 80g compared to its speed predecessor.

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Set-up and modification is simplified by way of having just one rear derailleur option that will accommodate all available cassettes, complemented by the four-arm chainset with a single BCD bolt circle diameter for all three chainring configurations. Using a small hex-key screw behind the brake lever, you can adjust the free-throw to improve a comfortable ride for all hand sizes - a feature which is available down to Chorus level.

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Campagnolo launches Super Record speed groupset. Launched at the same time as the Super Record 12 speed mechanical groupset, Record is functionally very similar, but the difference in chosen materials - namely the omission of some titanium and carbon fibre - means it carries a bit of extra weight, whilst being a less expensive proposition.

Campagnolo Chorus 11sp Groupset - Glory Cycles

Record borrows its cassette, chain and disc brakes from Super Record, meaning it gets the same and sprocket options, the same narrow speed specific chain, and the AFS centre-lock rotors with a safety-inspired rounded external edge. It also includes ergonomically designed shifters with VariCushion hoods, which are designed to provide a secure grip in all weather conditions. In redesigning the Record chainset, special attention has been paid to better cope with cross chaining and shifting during pedalling dead-spots, however, when compared to Super Record, the Ultra-Torque axle is steel rather than titanium, which adds 90 grams, and it relinquishes the low-friction ceramic bearings.

Verdict: The most affordable route into speed road groupsets, with a not-so-subtle nod to the gravel road market. Chorus looks set to bring speed to the masses, especially those who enjoy a bit of unpaved adventure. Chorus speed is a mechanical groupset with a choice of hydraulic disc and mechanical rim brakes, offering both dual-pivot and direct-mount calipers for the latter, and takes on a similar aesthetic to speed Record and Super Record.

Campagnolo Bike Groupsets

In order to bring the cost down, the materials used tend to shy away from carbon fibre and titanium, in favour of aluminium and steel, although the crankset still benefits from a carbon fibre layup, retaining stiffness and providing weight savings. Campagnolo launches Chorus 12 speed groupset. Verdict: While officially discontinued, the lightest EPS groupset is still a great option at a likely-discounted price.

The maximum cassette sprocket size for an speed Super Record rear derailleur is 29 teeth.

While this might not be as wide-ranging as its competition, paired with a compact chainset, most riders should still be able to find a cassette within their requirements. Verdict: The lightest groupset in this list. A crisp-shifting, performance-minded mechanical groupset.

Super Record 11 also offers the same multiple shift pattern of five up and three downshifts with each throw of the respective lever - as also featured on speed Record, Chorus, and all mechanical speed groupsets. Borrowing all of the important technologies from Campagnolo Super Record, Record 11 EPS V3 is a functionally identical groupset, but it comes in a few grams heavier by virtue of using less carbon fibre and titanium, instead favouring aluminium and steel. As with Super Record, the cranks are available in three lengths with three chainring configurations, but they forgo the titanium axle.

The shifters are a mere 4 grams heavier and are available as either hydraulic disc or rim braking options. This is accomplished through the new angle of the up-shifting lever that prevents any possible contact with the curve of the handlebar. The position of the lever is adjusted by acting directly on the controls in a simple and safe manner.

Your complete guide to Campagnolo road bike groupsets

The Vari Cushion technology offers an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip. The "One Lever, One Action" feature assigns each lever one function to prevent shifting errors. The Ultra Shift mechanism enables upshifting up to three sprockets at a time and downshifting a full five. The new Record 12x2 Speed levers introduce a double curvature to improve grip and thus safety. To meet this requirement, Campagnolo designed the Record brakes with the same braking performance of the Super Record, so that the braking response is consistently decisive and immediate.

The braking power is entrusted to the stiffness of the brakes' structure, which is sealed and offers a strong aerodynamic impact, along with the Campagnolo brake block compound developed by the Campy Tech Lab in Vicenza. If necessary, it is easy for either the mechanic or the race athlete to act on the cable tightener register.

Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque Carbon crankset The Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque Carbon crankset made of carbon fibre with an unidirectional finish guarantees continuity with the design of the entire groupset, whilst maintaining the Ultra Torque bracket system on the steel axle to ensure perfect transmission of power. The innovative design of the outer chainring ensures faster, quieter derailing owing to the contoured pin. The symmetrical design of the inner chainring teeth allows improved stability with chain crossovers.

A greater use of carbon fibres at the crank arms with the standard double B. The special drains on the inside of the outer chainrings improve performance when downshifting in dead spots. Campagnolo Record front derailleur The Campy Tech Lab designers focused on functionality, performance and compatibility when redesigning the Campagnolo Record 2xspeed front derailleur which reveals various technical innovations.

Starting with the leverage system, which is designed to speed up shifting. Less effort is required for shifting thanks to the split front link rod which avoids contact with the travel limit screw and the shape of the inner cage plate, designed to match the 12 speed chain's characteristics.

The micro-adjustments to the front derailleur position which can be activated by the controls make it possible to avoid any chain contact, even in cases of maximum crossing. The plate positioned on the aluminium outer cage prevents the chain from escaping when upshifting and increases speed in the downshift phase, as well as creating a quieter transmission. Campagnolo Record rear derailleur Designed to improve performance and function in every aspect, the mechanical Campagnolo Record speed rear derailleur has an innovative shape that envelopes the sprockets better thanks to 3D Embrace technology, creating a double effect: allowing the chain to maintain optimum traction at all times, thus increasing the speed, power and precision of shifting; and ensuring that the derailleur is always kept an optimal distance away from the sprockets.

The cage has also been optimized to work with sprockets from 11 to 32 teeth, allowing a single version to be maintained for all available sprocket sets. The upper part of the Record rear derailleur gearbox is made of carbon fibre-reinforced technopolymer, contributing to its robustness and lightness, while the stop adjustment screws at the back of the rear derailleur make modifications very simple.

The addition of the 12th sprocket allows a linear upshift or downshift by a single tooth, up to the seventh gear, allowing the cyclist to find the perfect ratio for any situation. In addition, the closer sprockets ensure faster, quieter and more precise shifting thanks to the special tooth design and surface treatment which guarantees a longer lifetime. The 6 larger sprockets are also available in two single-piece steel triplets, to avoid energy loss. Mounting the cassettes is easy thanks to matching-thickness spacers.

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Campagnolo Super Record chain The chain, in all its apparent simplicity, plays a critical role in the cyclist's safety and in optimizing the entire transmission mechanism. The Campagnolo Super Record chain also had to be redesigned from scratch to work with all the other speed transmission components.

Therefore, the first and most important objective was reducing its overall dimensions. Its width measures just 5. The second objective was safeguarding its performance. This was achieved thanks to the Ultra Link system that makes the chain safe and durable, and a special treatment that guarantees extreme smoothness and precision shifting. If you need more detailed information about the single parts of the groupsets check the articles in the referring categories.

More Products. The iconic Record groupset optimized for disc brakes and speed shifting. Campagnolo Record Ultra Shift Ergopower 2xspeed. Power, stiffness and reliability. Ultra Shift mechanism for differentiated shifting actions.