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The best thing to do is to let the RP remain where it is and we will take care of it when we come to check and buy it. You can also contact us for domain name registrations, website hosting, website designing and software development. Skip to content We are not associated with any company.

We have received some calls from people asking us if we are related to the above-named company. So, we are making it clear again that we have nothing to do with any such company. In fact, we do not have any company name at all.

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What is a Rice Puller? These are rare and very difficult to find. Can you give examples of Rice Pullers? We assume Rice Pulling properties are mostly found in copper items like coins, vessels, plates, rods, tumblers glass , bowls katori , pots, etc.. More examples: wood, stones, gold, silver, iron, trees, tamarind pulp, doors, pillars, etc.. Where are Rice Pullers found? Where can I find a Rice Puller? Rice Pullers have mostly been reported to have been found in villages, in remote areas, sometimes buried under houses, fields etc..

What are the tests required to check a Rice Puller? It is very important to check whether an item is a genuine Rice Puller or not. Go to Test. If the item passes all the tests, then it might be a genuine Rice Puller. Go to Pack. Is it safe to carry an RP Rice Puller? Despite this, you should take maximum precaution to safeguard your product. Wash it with plain water and dry it. Take a thin wire of copper and coil turns on the RP item; leaving the end hanging out. Now, do the rice pulling test with the copper wire.

The wire should attract rice similarly as with the RP metal does.

Rice puller

Arrange 2 plastic torch, working on pencil cells and with metal casing and filament bulb. Remove the torches front glass and place it at around a half inch away from the RP item. Keep another torch in a similar way at about feet away from the item. Switch on both the torches. Keep an iron pin near to the item while conducting torch rice puller test.

If the pin gets pulled by the item during the torch test, then the rice puller metal is fake. Make note of the time taken by the torch which is near to the item to turn dimmed entirely. If it happens in just a few minutes of time, then it is considered good. Also, make note of the other torchlight; still bright or not. If the light of the torch placed near the RP item becomes dimmed fast, off it and on it after around 2 mins. If the light remains dim, then your torch test is successful.

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We are not associated with any company.

Where is Rice Pullers Found? Rice Puller Uses: It is used in satellites, rockets and for another navy, army research purposes, as they exhibit natural electric or magnetic power. Rice Puller Test Cleaning: First wash your metal or item with detergent and water, then with saline water.

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Sali examined the metal and told Mr. Khamse that it emitted high frequency radiation. He said a coating of a chemical available only with the Defence Research and Development Organisation had to be applied on the metal.

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Sali to buy the chemical. Sali and his partner soon stopped taking Mr. Khamse calls. When he demanded his money back, Mr. Khamse then registered a case with Kalamboli police on Wednesday. Support quality journalism - Subscribe to The Hindu Digital. News Cities Mumbai.