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However, there could be one problem: BMW owns the trademark and. BMW's Alphabet provides service packages to corporations with vehicle fleets. In terms of trademark infringement, it's no problem for two companies to have the same name, as long as there's no possibility of confusion for customers.

In this case, there is at least one clear connection between the two organizations: BMW is a car manufacturer and Alphabet owns Google, which has a line of self-driving cars. As for the Alphabet domain, Google's new company has secured abc. Google's Alphabet has a different domain issue to tackle: China has blocked its new site , despite expansive local coverage of the restructuring, Fast Company reports.

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Work leasing through alphabet? | AVForums

Jan 22, at PM. Hi all, I work for tesco and recently we have done a staff deal leasing cars through company called alphabet. The lease deals seem too good to be true, we have looked at new mini clubman, chilli spec with a couple if other small extras.

Zero deposit so can sell my car private and put approx 4k into the bank! Bmw dealer can't even come close with a 4k deposit.

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Always concerned when things seem to good to be true. Has anyone used this firm or does anyone's work offer similar? Doesn't strike me as either brilliant or bad, seems about right ish. Price does seem about normal for a 4 year lease, there were some really cheap Cooper s deals floating around at one point. Most lease tend to be years not 4 or FRZ's 38 month. Biggest draw seems to be the no deposit, can only get near that price by putting about 4k down.

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Rather have that in the bank! Greg Hook , Jan 22, We've just got a lease car at work through Alphabet. It was initially through Evans Halshaw. Amazing deal on a Mini Cooper. Alphabet are owned by BMW I believe, so you aren't dealing with a small outfit.

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Thanks x 1 List. Wow a week is good!