Ps store 12 deals of christmas list

Gimme a GT Sport price drop please Sony! Oct 28, BreakingARC said:. Dirtyshubb Member. Oct 25, 3, So its clear that these deals are just for big games that need more sales and nothing worth while really. A real shame, i mean there are some good games there but ones that you could get for cheap during black Friday. FondsNL Member. Yikes, these are some horrible deals so far. WITHE said:. Damn that's some perfect timing. Certinfy said:. Gameplay and open world are good. Everything else is quite meh. There are no cops in the open world and in missions you can only escape them with a set route.

Customisation is locked to essentially grinding and in order to complete the game you more or less have to grind quite a bit this might have changed with the updates though. Personally, it's only going to keep dropping in price so I would wait it out. It feels like an half assed game which could have been great had EA not ruined it. Yeah my thoughts exactly, but be aware that all DLC seems to be free to play this weekend.

So you're able to check it out before buying. Chocobo Member. Oct 27, Sweden. There won't be any proper sales with indie games during 12 deals of xmas right? Got this feeling that there were none last year.

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Keyser S The Fallen. Oct 26, 2, Chocobo said:. Keyser S said:. I dont think there will be any smaller games in this. However, the "January Sale" should start on the last Wednesday of this month, and that is usually filled with good stuff. MarlboroMan Member. Nov 27, 7. So the list might be fake. Oct 25, 6, UK. Were any non 12 days of Xmas games added today?

Deleted member User requested account closure Banned. Oct 27, Raoh said:. First no black friday flash sale like EU, and then no sales at all at the start of December like last year's 4 weeks of sales. Animismus Member. If the leak is true, then I will surely be interested on the price of lost legacy.

Not much else though. Animismus said:. Oct 27, 9, UK.

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Seijuro said:. Kyo Member. This is the one sale that I constantly miss every year. Will watch this thread and see what happens. Joey Ravn Member. Oct 27, 2, If that leak is correct, that's a massively disappointing sale. Oct 25, 1, Ireland. The 12 days sale has been a constant disappointment in the PS4 era. The big new year sale that starts around the 23rd is always the one to wait for. Oct 27, 8, Ah thanks. I'll be waiting for that one then.

Ps store 12 deals of christmas

Fingers crossed for Hellblade then. Oct 25, 1, I still have a feeling the physical will drop further in the next few weeks though. Shadow of War is the current deal, which debunks the first "leak" , but could possibly affirm this leak right here: benzopil said:. Last edited: Dec 10, Oct 26, 1, HomespunFur Member. Chris Metal Member. Feb 4, 1, 0 South West. UK www.

Heyt Banned. May 7, 1, 0 0 Madrid, Spain. Still have not played it but this is soo tempting Santiako Member. Jul 24, 18, 1 0 steamcommunity. EXE Member. Sep 1, 9, 0 0. Fliesen said:. CrayToes Member. Apr 20, 3, 1 0. Tempted to pick it up to test out the Pro support. That's a good price. SomedayTheFire Member. Jun 5, 12, 0 0. Chris Metal said:.

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Mar 23, 8, 0 0 In the land of the Finns. Collateral22 Member. Jun 5, 4, 0 0. Does the PS4 version have input lag on controls?

Gran Turismo™ Sport

Played it on XB1 and this was a gamebreaker. Want this for the trophies but might just get it on PC if they haven't fixed it. Bishop89 Member. May 13, 16, 2 TVexperto Member. Oct 23, 1, 2 0. TehGoomba said:. Kenzodielocke Banned. Dec 24, 22, 4 0. Jun 3, 3, 0 0 United Kingdom. Jan 21, 0 0 Melbourne Australia. Urrgg, wanted to get ROTTR on BF deals but wasn't on sale so got Uncharted 4 to comprimise and now it is, wouldn't have gotten Uncharted if I knew this would happen lol, more backlog for me. Lucreto Member. Jul 30, 4, 0 Epcotman Member. Jun 5, 2 www.

EU PSN - 12 Deals of Christmas

It's tempting. Nachtfalke Member. Jan 27, 1, 1 0. Anyone knows if the frame pacing issues have been adressed with a recent patch? AbandonedTrolley Member.

Playstation Store + 12 Deals Of Christmas + Streetfighter X Tekken

Apr 20, 7, 0 0 Essex. Epcotman said:. Nachtfalke said:. Catvoca Banned. Jun 3, 5, 0 0 Ireland. Bitch Pudding Member. Oct 3, 8, 1 0 Germany. Jan 20, 16, 1 Joey Ravn Member. Sep 5, 6, 0 Spain www. Hopefully we can get Dragon Quest Builders as one of the deals. Jun 10, 13, 1 0. AHindD Member. Jul 29, 3 0 Brisbane, Australia. SomedayTheFire said:. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there is a short "in case you missed it" sale at the end of their 12 Deals of Christmas run. AbandonedTrolley said:. Just cancelled my Amazon order, I probably won't bother with the art book and prefer games digitally especially with the VR functionality too.

Yes apparently they were sorted pretty quickly and then improved on again in a subsequent patch too. Melchiah Member. Sep 21, 26, 3 1, 44 Helsinki, Finland psnprofiles. Catvoca said:. It is a port though, so not quite comparable with others. I do agree with the point you're making however. Still a good price. It seems like the game is still on 1. Sep 18, 1, 0 0 Italy voraxdungeon.