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Must have at least 2 people to play. Today more than ever, companies of all sizes are learning that employee morale is especially important to make for a productive work environment. Bowling parties are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to achieve this. Call today for special rates and let us assist you in obtaining a new atmosphere in your workplace.

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Are you simply looking for a space to meet or celebrate? The Woodman Lanes Spare Time Grill offers a wide range of great food from burgers to hand made pizza. We also have a great selection of beers and beverages for everyone. You can eat it here, or order to go. Small 8 inch or Large 14 inch pizzas available! Advanced reservations required to rent lounge. Poelking Woodman Lanes offers programs for men, women and children.

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Check out the league information below or contact us to start a program of your own. We have a league that is just right for everyone! Calling all youth bowlers! Do you love the oldies music? How about getting a strike when you only knock down 9 pins!?

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Like a little competition? How about trying your luck on a new set of lanes each week? This league keeps you motivated to win money awarded at the end! Want the best of both worlds? Enjoy listening to oldies and country music while you bowl for fun in this league! Bring your friends along and spend your Sunday Funday with us!

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Dayton Strong — pm — 4 on a team, any combo — a percentage of proceeds goes to local charities. Majors — Ages 17 to 20 — am — 2 on a team, any combo — Starts August Juniors — Ages 13 to 16 — am — 4 on a team, any combo — Starts September 7. Preps — Ages 9 to 12 — am — 4 on a team, any combo — Starts September 7.

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Bantams — Ages up to 8 — am — 3 on a team, any combo — Starts September 7. For more information about leagues contact a manager at this location. The excitement of the newest laser tag is now at Poelking Woodman Bowling Center. Experience the thrill of hunting your opponent with light weight, state-of-the-art laser equipment.

Group rates are available — Call for more information! We have gotten rid of the outdated token system and upgraded to the card system! With this upgrade we have added all new games and a new kiosk system! Our kiosk is really easy to use and once you purchase your card it is yours to keep! The amazing thing about the card system is that everything is now digital.

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  8. The objective of the game involves sending the bowling ball down a long stretch of wood floor, also called a lane, in order to knock down those pins. An ordinary bowling game consists of a ten-pin setup, usually in the shape of a triangle. Beware of the metal gutters on each side of the lane. Every bowler hates those things because they affect score keeping. Score keeping in bowling requires basic addition to total the number of pins that each player knocks down.

    Each bowler is given two opportunities to knock down all ten pins. If a bowler knocks down all ten in the first round, then it is counted as a strike. A strike is represented by an "X" in score keeping. If a bowler knocks down all of the remaining pins, then it is counted as a spare. Each pin that a bowler knocks down counts as one. If a bowler fails to knock down any pins at all, then it is counted as zero. This includes balls that end up in the gutter.

    Each of the bowlers repeats this process for ten rounds, or ten frames, while tallying up their points. Bowlers who knock down all ten pins for three consecutive frames earn a "turkey. As a general rule of thumb, most experienced bowlers use the arrows marked on the lane as a guide for aiming the ball.

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    This helps with gaining strikes and spares to earn the most points. The bowler with the most points wins the game. Bowling involves more than tossing a ball down a slippery lane. Seasoned bowlers know that choosing the right ball and grip style plays an integral part in the mastery of the sport. Grip style refers to the way a bowler holds a ball. A strong, firm grip allows the bowler to release the ball in a way that will allow it to travel along the lane to its destination.

    Bowlers mainly choose between two different grip styles, including the conventional and fingertip grip. The conventional grip involves placing the middle and ring finger in the two upper finger holes, and the thumb in the larger hole located right below them.

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    Many beginners stick with the conventional grip since it grants them greater control over the bowling ball. Professional bowlers may opt for the fingertip grip, which grants them greater flexibility to throw a hook. Fingertip grips involve placing the middle and ring finger slightly into the first two holes while leaving the thumb out.

    Either grip style can lead to a perfect score if the bowler has enough experience and practice using them. Bowlers who master their grip and stance will find themselves earning strikes and spares. At first, beginners may find it difficult to bowl a strike. Depending on the bowler's experience level, some may even miss their first couple of spares. Novice bowlers can rectify this problem by using the arrow markers in front of the lane. This helps focus the mind in order to aim the ball for proper release.

    After mastering these techniques, beginners will start to find themselves more alert, and confident enough to earn their strikes. Some may even bowl their first "turkey" or "bagger" with enough practice. Studying bowling lanes can vastly improve a player's skill level.

    In short, bowling lanes are the playing field of the sport. Therefore, it only makes sense to understand each lane's specifications, including its dimensions, gutter size, and oil pattern. Bowling lanes are constructed from maple wood or laminated surfaces. A typical bowling lane may reach 63 feet in length and 42 inches wide. The lane's surface may have range fingers, or target arrows, that allow the bowler to aim for the pin he or she would like to knock down first.

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    The majority of lanes also have a foul line to keep bowlers from walking too far into the lane. On each side of the lane lies a 9-inch wide gutter which may have a flat or rounded design. The lanes may also have different oil patterns, such as house, chameleon, scorpion, shark, viper, and cheetah. Each oil pattern challenges the bowler to earn their pinpoint accuracy, which can only come with proper stance adjustment. Identifying and knowing these parts of the lane can make the next game run smoothly. Bowling has proven to be a safe sport that everyone can enjoy.