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The only comment that I take exception is the pricing point in item 2. In this day and age, paying full retail for pretty much anything is generally avoidable particularly with Frontsight. However, if any reader goes through this entire article and then wants to pay retail for a course at Frontsight, well that might be a good place for them to take some training. It was my 5th training course with them in the past 3 years. He threatened to duel people to the death over youtube comments, and he puts photographers downrange between the targets.

Reality Check Special Tina & Ashley At Front Sight-Liquor Store Robbery Victims Get Peace Of Mind

What more do you need to know? Thanks for the article. Good info I was wondering about. Based on my own real experience and location I take a small exception to the availability of training unless one is willing to jump on a plane for the endeavor. Dustyvarmint, there are some areas where good instruction may be unavailable. But there are some really good instructors who are willing to travel anywhere, as long as you can secure a suitable place to train, and ensure that there will be at least others willing to take the class. This is an excellent solution. You can have a day class small enough to have individual instruction, unlike the assembly line atmosphere of Front Sight.

This can also provide for instruction tailored to help meet certain specific needs someone may have, such as being wheelchair bound, or having certain work restrictions. Get a couple of friends to pitch in, and this might be the best option. Know what the best restaurant in the world is? But from a consumer perspective, consistency and predictability are key. Reliable quality at scale is much more difficult to execute than exceptional quality at limited scale.

FS currently trains in a single weekend more students than the rest of the trainers in the US combined. You read that correctly. It can be in the advanced classes, where things get more individualized per instructor and student ability is demonstrably better. The training standards are there to provide a challenge, depending on how hard you want to go.

One common comment from FS students is that the curriculum is consistent no matter which instructor you draw at registration. I would argue that any technique, Weaver, Iso, etc. Safety is another component of consistency. The facility is huge, underground tunnels for daytime low-vis training, rappel tower you can climb and shoot into the desert, 15 pistol ranges, 12 rifle ranges, 3 structured long ranges to m, steel in the desert out to m, degree shoot houses for live fire and FOF simunitions.

Quality of the training was good to very good to excellent e. For the shooting technique: Nobody breaks your stance unless you ask them to. FS does teach Weaver as the standard. Instructors are shooting Weaver, and will demonstrate on demand a passing score at the Graduate level on any test stage. But consider the skills they teach and their applicability to your daily life. FrontSight teaches defensive gun use as its bread and butter.

Civilians, housewives some very cute ones, too , kids, etc. And this it does well. How can you possible speak of something that you have no experience about? I have been there about 10 times and each time the classrooms are full of people. They have to use a secondary classroom. Ever hear of MSRP? Not really a valid argument. FS list prices are high to drive membership signups. Nobody I know pays full price. Have you actually been to Front Sight or know anyone who has? Why the hatred? You read some blog about a lawsuit, some lady put something out about Xenu and friends?

Oh my, color me outraged. Just curious, do you do this much research before your trips to Walmart, Target, and Costo, too? How about when you get your gas? Do you like Kevlar? I bet it does! Did you know the DuPont family, inventors and makers of Kevlar, were a bunch of degenerate pedophiles and murderers? Oh, snap, better start strapping steel plates on your vest. Now, you as the consumer, have the ultimate choice whether to spend your money or not.

For some, personal or political factors matter. I tend to think of the dozens of instructors and staff whose livelihoods are supported by my course fees, not to mention the value of training I get. I will say that Front Sight would be absolutely qualified to teach classes on shady marketing. Just tell me what the price is. There is no reputable trainer in the US that uses this hokey bullshit.

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It seems like every time I see someone go out of their way to deride Front Sight on the internet, they have never taken a class there. Hundreds and even thousands of people train at Front Sight every week. But the fact is, it is the most affordable training out there. Especially if you buy a lifetime membership from a member and take more than one class. Obviously isosceles works well and seems to be advantageous in the competition world. But the weaver stance does have advantages of its own too, and some of them have to do with situations where someone might be shooting back at you.

Lastly, you attack Ignatius Piazza. This is a man who has arguably done more for the cause of the 2nd Amendment than any other person in the last 20 years. And you attack him. Do you have any idea how many people Front Sight has introduced to shooting? Do you have any idea how many people have gone from being afraid of guns to knowing they can handle one safely and competently and efficiently because of the work he has done at Front Sight?

These people then go home and help dispel the myths about how bad guns are and educate people about the importance of the second amendment, and importantly, they get armed and they get trained. That is pretty weak, Caleb. Got it. Yes, the marketing is relentless, but as others have said, just about no one pays the full listed prices. Bottom line is I think the training is good, especially for a beginner, and worth it if you get a cheap membership. In my rifle class there was a group of CHP guys there on their own dime. I have witnessed this.

Your four points are weak to me. Yes, you start with Weaver but you can do what you want. Prices are ultimately cheaper than any other school if you utilize them. Instruction is very thorough, professional and consistent. The last point is a personal choice whether if you want to support him or not. I took a 2-day FS class back around with a couple of friends. Gunsite teaches Weaver, as you note, and just about everyone loves Gunsite.

Does the FS marketing model come across as a little shady and reminiscent of selling time shares? OK, I will try to be like Mike. I have been to both FS and GS. No question in my mind that GS is better. Things at FS are very much by the numbers and the instructors teach to a system. This is good and bad.

FS will never break new ground but they train an awful lot of people to a level better than they were at a low price. FS will never have the high end innovators that GS does but I found their instructors to be able to help me as I try to recover from a serious injury to my gun arm. To echo some of the other responders I offer the following. I live in Pahrump no affiliation with FS and have yet to discover anyone who has paid anything like list for a class. Pricing is designed to sell memberships which are also not sold at list. This is not a secret. The instructors are not anywhere near as doctrinaire as Piazza seems to be and will work with you to find a stance that works for you.

The non-shooting portions of the classes are quite similar to GS. Four rules, four elements of gunfighting though FS has different names for a couple , color code. A dash of Ayoob thrown in about avoiding fights and legal issues. Beginning courses are mostly about gun handling- safety, presenting, manipulation, grip, sight picture, trigger press, etc. This is a good thing I think because most gun owners really suck at this -including me before I took the GS course and after my injury. I think that FS places too much emphasis on malf drills given the increasing reliability of pistols.

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There are Piazza fanboys around but I am not one of them. The lawsuits for fraud were about real estate, I think, not the school. Not sure of the outcome but the school is still there. Less on tactics at FS than at GS. Mainly, I think because they are working more with beginners. I get emails from front sight all the time. As a firearms instructor I was thinking about taking the courses however the prices that I was seeing was high so I never really pursued the training.

Byron, Contact me and I can hook you up. You will be amazed at what you can get for training at Frontsight. I know nothing about the training methods at Front Sight—however, firearms school is a place where I want integrity and trust. A lot of people like the Yankees. A lot of people drink Budweiser. Just because a lot of people do something, does not mean that thing is good! THAT is what I like to do!! No, not really. If you want to shoot in Iso, though, the instructors are okay with it— mine were, at least. And from what they told me, in everything other than the beginner classes, they encourage shooters to use whatever stance works best.

But, like plenty of others in this thread have already said, nobody with two spare brain cells to rub together pays the list price. I want to say I got into my course for fifty bucks. Shady marketing? Bad value? Maybe not. The instruction in my course was solid, if not great, but it was really neat to see other students who came in with very little experience running a gun. They were safe, sure, but had that new-shooter awkwardness. Four days later, they were handling their guns quickly and confidently— that was pretty cool.

And who knows?

Front Sight Lifetime Gun Training Memberships

Is FS firearms training Mecca? Overall, it was a very solid if unexceptional experience. I have been to Front Sight many times.

Gun Training

I have provided many people with certificates or lifetime memberships at ridiculously low prices. Never had one complaint. Always praised the training and what they learned. Caleb, I will give you a certificate for any 4 day class you want. Then write an honest review. How about that? My 2 cents- 1-The modified Weaver that they teach suits most people for many reasons. All you need to do is take the 2 or 4 day defensive handgun course and you too will be writing a stellar review of Front Sight.

The Skills you will learn and practice are priceless. Many of the Local hotels have reduced room rates which makes attending a class a breeze. I've been here three times now. The quality of employess, exceelence in training, and the maintenance of the facility are all top of the line. A very excellent place where you are valued as a member, trained with respect, and helped to succeed. I took a two day defensive hand gun class which was a great experience.

The instructors were professional and it was clear everyone was very serious about safety and training.


They are very organized and do a great job providing all the necessary information to keep checking in quick and easy. They have food onsite, which can be preordered but you are also allowed to bring all your own food. I took the 2 day defensive handgun class. They are professional and serious about training. Food options minimal but I enjoyed the food truck. Be prepared to walk and for weather changes. In morning is was cold! Take cold water and ice chest with you. They have water but not very cold from a big jug. The Pro Shop is nice. I learned as much from my fellow students as I did instructors and I learned a lot.

It really helped my confidence. The sales pitches get a bit much but you have to pay for this facility some how and there is a lot there. Flush toilets, yeah!!! But lots of desert as well. Have your hiking boots on. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join.

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