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Sarraf Jewelry Blog. Handmade Chains. Handmade Chains come in different types of styles and the name of the type or style depends on the number and shape of the links used to make the chain pattern.

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They have names such as Rolo made of thick, round links and Figaro made of one long and three Titanium Wedding Bands. Many men prefer this material because of the many advantages it comes with. First of all, it looks great, which is what many people look for. Secondly, when it comes to being scratch resistant, you should know that titanium is much View All Blog Articles.

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Have Questions? Stay away from these. Another chain that kinks is the snake chain. A solid round chain that looks great but kinks easily. The last chain that kinks is an expensive chain; the omega chain. These chains are like flat hard collars that are worn usually as chokers or a little lower. They are made to wear sliders pendants, charms made for that style of chain.

They look great, they can last a long time, but you have to be careful and not kink it or bend it. If you do, it will be a sad, sad day. If you look at the picture above, you will see two types of clasps. The right one is called the lobster clasp. The one to the left is called a spring ring. The spring ring is cheap: The spring ring is thin, round, and hollow. Spring rings are horrible and unless you want to lose your diamond pendant, do NOT get one of these. Most lobster clasps ARE soldered onto the chain, which is good. Safety catch: Some chains have an added figure eight safety catch.

Those are great also, but it depends on the type of chain you get as to which clasp you end up with. But this is a very good question indeed. A lot of people never take their chains off. They sleep with them on. They crash out on the couch. Curl up with big pillows or fat cats. Wrestle with them on… Your chain is going to take a beating. Good chains to have: Chains that hold up well are chains with links like mariner chains , or curb links or cuban link , figaro chains , and wheat chains … these are all types of link chains that will work out well.

Other chains that hold up well are rope chains , and box chains. Does it catch or feel rough? If it catches the threads and snags then that chain is going to rip up a lot of your clothes. People often forget about wearability issues. Run your fingers over it. If any stick out and feel jagged, then it could be a problem.

It hurts.

Usually small, thinner chains tangle easy and roll a lot, causing your hair to roll with them and knot up. Unless you want it pulling all the hair off the back of your head, I would stick with a medium thickness chain. So now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. There are just a couple more things to consider when making that gold chain purchase.

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Here we go…. Find out exactly what the chain is made of. Hollow, solid, semi-solid, or plated? What the heck is the chain made of? You see, a lot of Italian chains are 14kt yellow gold. Which is awesome. But Italians like really rich looking gold. And most european countries like higher gold content, like 18kt or 22kt gold. So what a lot of Italian chain companies will do is plate their 14kt yellow gold chains with an 18kt yellow gold plating. This is a good thing to know up front… Especially if you are buying a charm for it and the charm is 14kt yellow gold, but the chain looks like 18kt.

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Hollow chains: You will need to know if the chain is hollow also referred to as semi-solid. It may look identical to other chains, but it will feel much much lighter. A lot of thick chains are made this way. Some diamond cut ropes also. Hollow chains tend to be very brittle and break easy. Solid is better! Solid chains are heavier and will last a lifetime. Chains can wear down fast because of all the moving pieces rubbing against each other.

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If a company backs their product, good ones will put a lifetime guarantee on their chains. For a cheap price of this service plan, you can get your chain covered if it breaks or snaps , but most importantly, it will also cover the clasp in case it breaks. And gold clasps are not cheap. They can cost up to a couple hundred dollars depending on the size of the clasp. One more thing to think about… Does the chain have a trade-in policy? If it does you could always trade-in and upgrade later. I just hope you get what you paid for it. Now the next question is… Should you get a matching bracelet?

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10 Best Gold Chains for Men

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