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Whether or not you want to make money at this is up to you. Some people feel so blessed by knowing how to save a lot of money with coupons that they share their knowledge for free. Others use coupons out of necessity, and teaching a class can be an extra way to earn money for their family. Where to advertise: newspapers, church bulletins, library bulletin boards, post fliers on public bulletin boards, at the information desk or office of where you are going to teach, send emails out to everyone you know and ask them to share the information with everyone they know, use Evite to send online invitations.

Getting organized: I find it helpful to have a set program in mind and to follow it for each class I do. I spend about an hour at home before each class getting prepared. I bring with me:. Store fliers, manufacturer's coupons, my coupon holder, 12 - 15 items I have gotten good deals on, one bonus prize, a list of tips printed out for each person, a printed list of online sources for coupons.

Introduction: I usually introduce myself and tell a little about my family The game, Part 1: Before class starts, I have set out a group of approximately 12 - 15 products down the middle of the table around which everyone will sit. I put them in order on a list I have already made up. On the list, I number each item and write its name; then I write how much it was originally, how much it was on sale for, what the coupon amount was, and what my total cost was. After my brief introduction, I give everyone a lined piece of notebook paper.

I state the name of the product, and what the original store price was before the sale and coupon. At the end of their list when they have all their guesses written down, I ask them to write what they think I paid in total for all the products. Some people add up all their guesses, others just write a value.


I ask them to write a number value, not just the word "free. Everyone gets an outline of what we will go over. The outline is a series of tips, with just the title of each tip typed, so they have to take notes, and not get bored just reading what you already wrote. Here is a list of tips you may want to use, but by all means, use the tips that work best for you. I have 21 on my list. Bring props so as you got through the tips, you can show them what you mean. Bring coupon fliers, so those that are new know what you are talking about.

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Show them the dotted lines of the coupons and the dates and remind them not to clip the bar code or date off when cutting. Bring some actual store fliers with products you have circled. Bring your coupon holder and store cards to show them. Tell stories here and there to hold their interest Wow them with examples of how you got the item free and had ten coupons, so you stocked up on ten deodorants, etc. Bring in a picture or scrapbook of your stockpile to really wow and inspire them.

Make a separate list of online sources for coupons and hand that out when you get to that point. I find it's easier for them to hold all questions until the end because there's so much information to get through, especially for beginners that you don't want to keep getting interrupted. If you stop for every question the class may drag on too long and you want to make sure everything is covered in case some people have to leave early, before the questions.

But that is just my style. You may want to address questions as they come up. The best way to do it is whatever is the most comfortable for you, and that helps get the information out to your students. This is the fun part. Then I go through each item, remind them of the original price, tell them what the sale price was, and my final cost. They are allowed to shout out their answer, and the first person I hear who got the right answer gets to keep that product limit of 2 products per person though because some people are better at this than others and would take 5 or 6 prizes home. I throw some freebies in there of course as some of your students will have never gotten anything free.

In the end, I ask what they guessed for my final price. The person that gets the closest to that gets a special prize If there isn't time to do that, I do it as a separate class and combine it with information on rebates. Wrap Up : During the wrap-up, I take questions, and for awhile I had a coupon group that met once per month, so I used to invite people to come to that and to share coupons and continue learning.

If you would like more tips on saving money with coupons, the Coupon Mom's Guide below is full of great tips for those staring down the coupon road. I have this book and enjoyed reading it to gain more tips on coupons and saving money at the grocery store. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Is there some one like you in the area of Birminham Alabama that teaches how to coupon Would love to same some money especially with five kids and nephews eating every thing in sight I don't buy inserts because if people keep doing that, the manufacturers will stop giving them to consumers.

BUT I do ask friends and family members to save them for me once they take out what they don't want. I also ask students in advance to bring any flyers they may have that they have already gone through. Where do I start to get paperwork and cash for the classes and wat other information about saving coupons and money jobs can u let me know. Bout live in tip of the thumb in Michigan any help I'm on a low budget for income trying to save money this is a great idea thanks does anyone know where I can get help with getting a comp.

Where do you buy your inserts, I am wanting to start my own couponing classes and needed to know where to purchase RP, SM, etc inserts in advance of the weeks of them being put in papers or hitting newsstand. Can you help. I am scheduled to teach a coupon class for Manchester, TN on June 1st. I could use some pointers and hand outs.

Thank you so much for any help.

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It depends on where I am teaching the class. I don't do classes where I charge individual people. I have always taught through Adult Education programs or through agencies who pay me to teach their clients. It's too hard to teach someone through email. I did write a hub about 15 tips from the Coupon Lady, which may help you.

I will also say that different stores in different parts of the country have different rules. In the Northeast, we can't do what they do on that show because many stores have rules about only being able to purchase 4 of an item in one trip. I will like to know how to extreme coupon, but i need someone to teach me how. If someone will like to pass on there magic e mail me at lcinf03 yahoo. It's a Zero not an O.

Sure, see if there are any other people in your facility who get the paper and don't want their coupons. Or will give you their fliers when they have taken out what they want. I know someone who lives in a facility and each week she collects all the coupon fliers left behind in the main dining area and gives them to her daughter. She gets at least 15 each week. Also, do you know anyone who might be willing to trade coupons with you I had great luck with that.

I asked a few friends, who actually lived in different states, and we swapped coupons with each other. They had a list of what I used, and I had a list of what they used, and every other week or so, it was fun to get an envelope full of coupons for things I actually use! Congrats on being a great example for your daughter to follow. My daughter is a coupon queen, she did look, learn and listen to me although I was unaware!!!! I am now in a assisted living facility and have an iPad with no access to printing coupons which is frustrating, have 1 paper per week, any suggestions as to how I can garner more coupons???

Thanks , barbara. I have another hub called 15 tips from the coupon lady. I would read that, then read this again, and offer a class at your local library Also, I have another hub about how to start a coupon group in your town. Once you teach a few coupon classes, get a group together and exchange coupons so everyone will have coupons for items they actually use. Economically, our town needs to learn couponing. Food share struggles to meet rising numbers of families who are needing assistance. Elderly are having to make the choice between their RXs or food.

Young teen Mothers have no idea how to budget their money or buy healthy food instead of instant foods. I am overwhelmed, and have tried to get up interest, however everyone looks at me like.. Hey its your idea Im 65 years old and still learning how to coupon I need help or a plan any ideas.

Yes, it is possible to find those people who want to learn. I think if you went out of your current group of friends and acquaintances, and promoted it to the general public, through a church or social service agency who would help you bring in participants. Good luck! I've been couponing for 25 years. Also been talking it to people who claim they do not have time, for the same amount of time. I've always turned down the thought of teaching a class, because of those who say can't, no time, too busy, kids. But you have proved there are more of us out there, where we use to be in the beginning.

Love this article! I found it was best to go start with the Adult Education programs i9n towns surrounding mine. I have taught in 3 different towns. Once you get that up and going, it's easier to set rates and offer classes at social service agencies, women's groups, etc. Yes, it usually is.

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Most people have no real clue about how to really use coupons to the true extent. One or 2 coupons clipped and turned in each week just isn't enough to make a real dent in a grocery bill.

Teach a Coupon Class for Fun and Profit

And while it's true that every little bit helps, why just save a little when with the right tools, you can save a LOT?! Thanks for commenting. I love the idea of teaching a coupon class for profit. Very solid idea and would be so useful for the people who attended. This helped me so much! I fondly remember the days of helping my mom clip coupons and saving those green stamps! The class ends up being so much fun. Mine take 90 minutes - 2 hours by the time people ask questions and although I am tired when done, it gives me a coupon high just having remembered and talked about all the deals I have gotten, and sharing the info.

If you aren't ready to give a class yet, try it out on a group of friends. Thanks to Coca-Cola, we can taste the feeling of savings. In , merely a year after Coca-Cola was invented Coca-Cola became the first company to offer coupons. This smart marketing strategy began with them advertising their product in magazines by giving consumers vouchers for a free Coca-Cola drink. Thus, coupons were born!

While offering a product for free or at discount is a ballsy move for any company, this move really paid off for Coca-Cola. Their product was tasted by many and quickly became a household name. Considering coupons were first established as discount vouchers that were cut from newspapers and magazines, the history of the word coupon makes perfect sense. And, if anyone ever asks you if you can speak any French, you can impress them by having the word coupon in your French vocabulary.

Although celebrities are earning the big bucks, many of them are not so quick to spend them. These celebs may have hit the jackpot in Hollywood, but they have no shame in their coupon game. If Lady Gaga has time to coupon and scour through sales racks, so do you! Many people underestimate the value of coupons, but coupons are essentially free money.

Coupon values vary, but every penny counts. So before you let all those coupons go to waste, remind yourself of how much you could be saving. Fifty cents might not sound like much in the moment, but the amount you can save annually is. But, couponing never existed exclusively for the old folks! In recent years, couponing has become a more popular practice within younger generations. According to a report by Valassis , nearly nine out of ten millennials use coupons. As prices skyrocket, economies weaken, and student loan payments pile up, millennials are given an abundance of reasons to pick up the money savvy couponing habit.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, consumers no longer have to rely on newspapers and magazines as their only source for coupons. Coupons can be found in the palm of your hand by accessing mobile apps and websites via your smartphone. Smartphones are one of the best ways to find exclusive discounts and coupons. And because mobile coupons are widely available and convenient, the use of mobile coupons is expected to rise to over 1 billion users by You will be amazed at all the savings that are right beneath your fingertips.

According to coupons. The residents of Orlando clipped a total of The remaining cities included on this top 10 list are: Washington, D. C, Charlotte, N. S Cities list? In the meantime, pick up the couponing habit for yourself and watch the savings pour in. As coupons grow in popularity, so does their value. According to Kantar Media , coupon values are increasing, particularly digital coupons. In the first half of alone, the average face value of digital coupons increased by Anyone who has gone through years of schooling knows the pain of taking a mandatory class that feels useless.

While we sat in math and learned about obtuse angles, we could have been learning about something useful, such as how to be financially smart. While this may not have been a possibility in high school, it is in college.

Private Classes

If you have always wanted to take a life skills class that teaches you practical everyday knowledge, taking a class on couponing is now an option. Community colleges and large universities alike now offer couponing classes to students who would like to learn the value of couponing. Consumers saved a collective 3. These savings are a 2.

Although a 2.

Extreme coupon deals in Central Florida

One big reason consumer savings spiked was due to food and non-food marketers increasing the average face value of their coupons. In addition to that, non-food marketers also distributed more coupons to consumers. As coupon values and distributions rise, now is the perfect time to join the coupon craze. With that amount of savings, how can anyone possibly say no to using coupons?! And, if marketers continue to increase the value and distribution of coupons, you can only imagine the amount our collective savings will rise to.

It also presents you with the wonderful opportunity to give back to your community. And by scoring great deals and building stockpiles, couponers are able to donate many useful items to those in need. Steinberg started couponing as a young teen and never looked back. Since her early couponing days, she has created her own non-profit agency, Our Coupon Cares. Many of the extreme couponers on the show are given deals that were orchestrated for the show only.

Another form of special treatment given to these extreme couponers are cashiers who happily scan and accept each and every coupon. In the real world, you might not be as lucky. Some stores may even prohibit you from redeeming too many at once. You can still save money by giving it a try! Although expired coupons appear to be useless, they actually provide a special use that not everyone is aware of. While expired coupons are no use to everyday citizens, they are useful for those in the military.

Coupons that are eligible for this exemption are manufacturer coupons that are less than 30 days expired. Coupons also must be sorted into food and non-food categories. Bear in mind, that the most important coupons troops need are for food essentials.

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So, next time you go to throw expired coupons away, think about sending a coupon care package to a military family instead. Being wise with your money is sexy!

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Whether you use a coupon on your dinner or have a free movie ticket, the use of coupons shows that you are responsible with your money. We are all trying to make ends meet, and coupons are a great way to stretch your budget. With the increase of coupon values and the popularity of coupons today, we can only imagine how much an hour of couponing might be worth in Before your next big shopping trip, you should take an hour to coupon and see how much it saves you.

And, Benjamin Franklin would be proud that you used your time to save some benjamins! Sources: worldofcoca-cola. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site.

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