Smartsource coupons will not print

The good news is that for most online browsers, there is a fix that will help to solve the problem.

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Read on for browser-specific tips. Here is how to adjust the links to match your browser. The following link is the primary example:.

Early 5/12/19 Coupon Insert Preview, SmartSource, Retail Me Not

For example, if you are using Internet Explorer and you click on a "bricks" link, and your printer seems to hang up and not print, look at the link and see if it has to be changed. It is set up for those using Firefox.


You will need to change the "wg" to either "wi" or "vi" to print the coupon. If you are still experiencing problems, try downloading the program used to print the coupons again and then rebooting your computer. The Balance Everyday uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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By Donna L. The entire link would now look like this:. Example: If the link looked like this:.

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Many printers will stop when low on ink and paper. If you are using an ink cartridge and you realize that you are out of ink, try removing the cartridge , shaking it and putting it back into place.

Common Coupon Printing Issues (And Resolutions to Fix Them)

This trick may work a few times, but you will need to change out your ink cartridge as soon as possible. On some printers, any printing issue will automatically place your print jobs on "pause" without you realizing it. If you don't have the very latest Adobe the print can fail due to security reasons Press F12 and go to the 'Console' and look for errors. It downloads scripts and stuff from a ton of different places, then you download a PDF that has code in it to connect back to smartsource.

What a mess. I think I might have found my problem out though I need to do more testing out.

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I had in adobe "ink toner saver" checked. Once I unchecked that the coupon that just failed to print anything out printed.

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  4. I tried everything else before trying this "ink toner saver" checkbox. But this is what solved my problem. Thanks man! Thank you so much.