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Is that an Atom is see in one of panaramas? Send a private message to that7guy. Find More Posts by that7guy. Good eye, yes it was. They drove from Atlanta in my group to Nantahala in the rain and cold weather. Related Topics. Need help - Stock Balancer and Fastforward overlay pulleys. Koni Coilover Kit. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Email this Page. Mountains and Mystic Colors. Photo: mrszoomzoom.. Still going thru that gallery! Them rotary boys on the mountains out in dgrr. Smoked an armadillo on the way to DGRR, of course They will not replace them. You have to buy a whole new bumper. Three Rotors of peak Mazda is up for auction on Thursday.

The Eunos Cosmo is the only triple rotor car ever. This one has less than 40k km and looks to be in very good shape. Message us to bid today. Very good looking, like time capsule!

Deals Gap Rotary Rally Coverage

Hands down the best rotary event in the US hosted by herblenny and his team. Some photos from the event earlier this month and I can't wait to go back already angelmotosports mazda r. Love this one with the best old school rx3 at the event and rx7vargas repu. I just love when mrszoomzoom takes photos of all our 8s mazda rx8 rotary dgrr dealsgap dealsgaprotaryrally stickshift girlswhodrivestick Thank you Courtney! Getting the new tires broken in on the tail of the dragon , P. Cruising with friends of the same interest is the most exciting part of owning this car.

Haven't messed with the FC in a few days, got alot of life going on. Next time I post about it, I hope it's a video of me driving it lol. Just gotta install the clutch master, get a coupler for the intercooler piping, and install some guages. Some of my favorite 'other' cars at dgrr Was really cool to see some peoples cars and to meet people I've been seeing on the forum for the past 19 years.

Deals Gap Rotary Rally 2018 - Atlanta Caravan

Thanks to herblenny dealsgap for an awesome event. Hope to make it back again.

Images by dealsgap

Next year, year of the 20Bs. View from the back of the line dgrr fontanadam mazda rx7 rx8 rotary dgrr latergram. New video out! Last day of dgrr I fixed the link in the bio so it's now clickable. Had to show the truck some love while I was down at dgrr chevrolet chevy hd silverado duramax diesel yeeyee doitfordale lb7 rollincoal sota kyrptonite airdog efilive ridgerunner tailofthedragon. Nature is beautiful. Hanging out at the end of the tail.

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Cooling down for another pass. This was the event i could not go this year due to unforeseen circumstances. So much freaking brappin at one time. New video! This shot makes me smile. Not just because I love grey FDs with gold wheels — but also because my buddy Gene is grinning ear to ear in the passenger seat as they blast around the Dragon. One of my favorite RXs is this silver stone FD3S, not to mention he won Best of Show and runs it as a track car which only goes to further validate why I like it so much!

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Running a single turbo GR67 , the car made hp at I love the overall look and stance of this subdued track car. The silver paint accentuates all the curves of the FD and the flow of the Vertex front bumper. I just happened to catch him at the turn-around lot on the Dragon as he let his motor cool down. The last photo I will leave you with is the same beautiful FD blasting past me as everyone headed back to the village.

I just managed to pop out of the passenger window in time to set up a nice pan before the rocket ship disappeared around the next corner. While this past weekend may have been one of the most sleep deprived weekends I have had in a long time, I sure as heck will be going again next year! Hanging out the passenger window with a seat belt wrapped around my waist taking photos as we wove through the Dragon was an adventure all in its own!

What is the abbreviation for Deals Gap Rotary Rally?

Those Prodrive wheels are one of my favorites right now. Need to save up my pennies and snag some for my WRX.

Rotary fanatics make their annual pilgrimage to Deals Gap to tackle the Tail of the Dragon.

The best rotary meet on the east coast by far. Over people attended and more than angry bee rotaries were ripping it up on those curvy North Carolina roads. The shot you took of the white S4 FC was clean. A little lower and I would have sworn he was Risky Devil influenced for sure. I spotted the corolla parked next to it too, was it rotary powered as well? But yo, thanks so much Scottie for this post, as I told you a little while ago, the only info and pics I noticed prior to your coverage was via RX7club.

Definitely proud when seeing this. The silver FD3S with the prodrives had a nice finish. Man, can you just imagine the experience as you negotiate those dragon tail turns? I also like the subtlety of his stock metal fender pull too. Overall, great story and fun pics. Rotary exposure mission accomplished. The white FC belongs to Allen Gibbs.

Super clean car, and a super cool guy. Ed — The corolla was non rotary, but never looked to see what motor he actually did have.