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I think that would really help. Coach Lisle recommends it. The momentus is what my girls hitting coach recommends and his kid uses. Of course his 10K lessons, college coaching, high school coaching and is a full time professional hitting and pitching coach doesnt know what he is talking about though.

I saw that Coach Lisle recommends the pro glider and still might purchase this product in the future. What lead me to purchase the speed hitter was the fact that it can be used in my house. This enables my DD's to use this product times a week. Amy in AZ. Super Moderator. May 7, 8, 48 Tucson. My granddaughter has one that is a toy. I find it useful. I do the same drills, though, with my students - using tennis balls and a dog Chucker.

Sep 24, 0 Midwest. Club has owned and used them for almost 2 years. Love them when used for intended purposes that Coach Lisle describes via his online promo. Oct 10, 3, 0. CoachLisle CoachLisle. May 19, 44 0 Santa Clara University. Best tool out there for hitting. Having said that, I don't get a dime for promoting it or anything.

If I had the ability to buy the owner out, I would. It teaches so many things that it probably wasn't intended to do. If you swing too fast too early balls shoots to 1B foul ball side 2 Helps you maintain the front elbow L. Violence And Stress. All-Around Christmas. Modern Club Funk. Youth Dynamite. Shades Of Guitar. Eclectic Cinema 2. Eclectic Cinema. Epic World Drama. Epic Adventure. Epic Fantasy Adventure. Back End 6. Retro Romantic Comedy. Action Adventure Young Male 4.

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Speed Hitter

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Speed Hitter Instructional Video

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  7. Cinematic Emotional Builds. Tech House. Piano Bar. Male Soul. Raw Americana. Euphoric Pop. Unique Beats. Scandi Disco. Wondrous Folk. South Africa Documentary. South Africa Traditional. Attraction: Cool Vocal Pop. Domino Publishing Presents: Ikonika. JGM 44 Grime. Cinematic Electronica. Electronic Atmospheres. Solo String Atmospheres. I'll Love You Forever. Tropical House. Cinematic Piano. City of Sin. World Stories. Edge of Silence. Hybrid Choral Landscapes. Domino Publishing Presents: Electronic. Future Pop. Serious Beds 3. Adrenaline: Dynamic Rock. Cool Electro. Old Skool Hip Hop.

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    Swing Trainers - Momentus Golf

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    Light Intimations 2. Drum Kit: Percussive Styles. Family Adventure. It happens. Jonathon Subia. I read your book the other day. I have only been using some of your Facebook posts to help my daughter with her swing, without understanding the CLS. She used to squish the bug, but had a ton of bat speed and power. She now weight transfers but lost bat speed and power. Can… Robert Donovan. I like what you bring to the hitting world. You speak of things that are not normal hitting talks.

    The way the body works. I coach 12u Softball and Varsity Softball. First thing I have any hitter do is hit 5 their way. With small tweaks that I learned from catapult hitting s… Jared Rehm. My son is 12 and I have used some of the teaching the Hitting Performance Lab are posting on here and my son hit the ball over feet several times already in the game not just practices and also hit the fence on the fly on feet field , so what this guy is teaching work… Sandy Arecena.

    Screw those coaches. My son at 10 90 lbs is highly coach-able. Then all of a sudden around June he started… Michael Parillo. I purchased this book last winter not only to teach myself but also my 5 year old son. Thank you so much for your help through your book T.

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    I am 13 and weigh around and I finally hit my first home-run! The field I was on was in center and in left and right. I think it was going to go further but it hit the the fence on t… J. Like Us On Facebook.