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We're not sure which gondola to choose--Banff or Jasper?

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What are your thoughts? Also, which hot spring to go toBanff Upper or Miette? I can get reward coupons for the above, and need advice and which to choose. Is a daytrip to Drumheller sufficient or should we stay overnight? Whichever one that you reach on a sunny day. As is the case with Grouse Mountain, there's no point in going up there if the mountain top is socked in by cloud. That said, if you are willing to do the extra little hike to the top of the mountain, I think the Jasper tramway is better.

If folks are not willing or able to do the extra hike, then the Sulphur Mountain gondola just outside of Banff townsite is better, because it goes to the top of the mountain. It depends what day of the week you go. Mondays through Thursdays are a bit more sane, and a day trip should suffice. On those days it's better to go there as soon as the doors open at 9. Either of those work-arounds is easier to accomplish if you spend a night in Drumheller.

Agree with Judy on choices. They are two completely different sights. We also liked Athabasca Falls when they were that ageokay, still do. If I understood your question, you are based in Banff for the 7 days.

In that case, a day trip to Drumheller would be a stretch as it's at least a 3 hr drive from Banff. You could choose to stay overnight in Calgary on the way back to break the trip upunless your visit is during the Stampede, in which case you'll have trouble finding accomodations.

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The Columbia Icefields are fantastic and definitely worth a visit. Just wonderingdo you have accomodations booked in Jasper? Thanks so much, Judy and Tobie for your very helpful responses. Judy, I'm wondering why you recommend Miette hot springs over Upper Banff? How far is Miette from Banff? I'm thinking that if we're going up the Banff Gondola , then it would be more convenient just to do the Banff hot springs? With two kids and an 82 yr old mom, and two adults in need of rest : , we're trying avoid hopping around too much What are your thoughts on this? My husband is thinking of not going to Jasper at all.

Would we be missing too much? We would, however like to go to the Columbia Icefields. How far is that from Banff and Jasper? We are taking two days out for Drumheller , leaving us with only three whole days in Banff--the other two will be taken up driving from and to Vancouver , and we want to make sure we have enough time in Banff to enjoy it without tiring ourselves out. We'd really appreciate suggestions on how to best use our time in Banff.

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Thanks to all who contribute your ideas! We are taking two days out for Drumheller , leaving us with only three whole days in Banff --the other two will be taken up driving from and to Vancouver , and we want to make sure we have enough time in Banff to enjoy it without tiring ourselves out. Okay, 7 days in total is much different than 7 days IN Banff.

With the range of ages and energy levels you should limit yourselves to either Drumheller OR Jasper imo. It sounds as if Drumheller is already a "must see", but with the drive to and from Vancouver within those 7 days, I honestly think you're being a little ambitious. People with 2 weeks holiday plan to take in Jasper, Banff and Drumheller.

I hope your kids and grandma are great little travellers, but I'm with your husband on thisyou can see the Icefields for a day trip, but obviously he doesn't want to feel like all he's done is drive for 7 days. Choose one or the other, not bothsorry. The Columbia Icefield is a bit of a ways from Banff , although it is a beautiful and scenic drive all the way. But it would mean you would spend one of your three days in Banff driving. From Banff to the Icefields is about a 2.

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