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Under the care of an experienced doctor, carefully screened candidates with reasonable expectations and a clear understanding of the risks and alternatives are likely to be happy with the results of their refractive procedure. There is a lot of competition resulting in a great deal of advertising and bidding for your business. Do your homework. If you want to know more about advertising ethics, do's and don'ts, or want to report on false advertising, explore the nearby Useful Links.

What are the risks and how can I find the right doctor for me?


What should I expect before, during, and after surgery? Some patients lose vision. Some patients lose lines of vision on the vision chart that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery as a result of treatment. Some patients develop debilitating visual symptoms. Even with good vision on the vision chart, some patients do not see as well in situations of low contrast, such as at night or in fog, after treatment as compared to before treatment.

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You may be under treated or over treated. You may require additional treatment, but additional treatment may not be possible.

You may still need glasses or contact lenses after surgery. This may be true even if you only required a very weak prescription before surgery. If you used reading glasses before surgery, you may still need reading glasses after surgery. Some patients may develop severe dry eye syndrome. As a result of surgery, your eye may not be able to produce enough tears to keep the eye moist and comfortable.


Dry eye not only causes discomfort, but can reduce visual quality due to intermittent blurring and other visual symptoms. This condition may be permanent.

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  6. Intensive drop therapy and use of plugs or other procedures may be required. Results are generally not as good in patients with very large refractive errors of any type. You should discuss your expectations with your doctor and realize that you may still require glasses or contacts after the surgery. For some farsighted patients, results may diminish with age. If you are farsighted, the level of improved vision you experience after surgery may decrease with age.

    This can occur if your manifest refraction a vision exam with lenses before dilating drops is very different from your cycloplegic refraction a vision exam with lenses after dilating drops. Long-term data are not available. LASIK is a relatively new technology. Additional Risks if you are Considering the Following: Monovision Monovision is one clinical technique used to deal with the correction of presbyopia, the gradual loss of the ability of the eye to change focus for close-up tasks that progresses with age.

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    Finding the Right Doctor If you are considering refractive surgery, make sure you: Compare. The levels of risk and benefit vary slightly not only from procedure to procedure, but from device to device depending on the manufacturer, and from surgeon to surgeon depending on their level of experience with a particular procedure.

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