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American Bar Association, " Stanley Report, at See Newsday , Feb. They have done so notwithstanding the fact that the American Bar Association has sent an ambiguous message to the bar by reversing its position at least twice on the question of lawyers operating ancillary businesses. See generally William B. See discussion in Chapter 12, Section 1. The District of Columbia has permitted nonlawyer partners in law firms for several years. The Mintz Levin firm was one of the first to create subsidiaries to provide nonlegal services to clients.

ML Global LLC, formed in , advised clients on airport and seaport ventures, real estate issues and international business strategies. ML Strategies Inc. These two wholly owned subsidiaries were merged in January New York in , Cincinnati in , Cleveland in , St. Louis and Chicago in , Memphis and Nashville in , and Boston in Dates of the initial organization of state bars:. New Jersey.

Wisconsin Missouri. Some 75 lawyers from 21 states and the District of Columbia came together for the organizational meeting of the ABA in the upstate New York resort of Saratoga, in response to a call of the Connecticut Bar Association based on a resolution adopted a year earlier by the American Social Science Association that had commended the future of the legal profession to the emerging law schools of the country.

See Goetsch, Essays on Simeon E. Baldwin , , cited by R. Carson, A Good Day at Saratoga Seavey, The Association of American Law Schools in Retrospect , 3 Journal of Legal Education at the requirements for Association membership: 1 accept students for admission only who had a high school or equivalent education; 2 require 10 hours-a-week of instruction for at least two years; 3 only graduate students after an examination; and 4 provide students with access to a law library having reports of the state in which located and of the U.

Supreme Court. Stevens, supra at and Seavey, supra at ; cf. Reed, Training for the Public Profession of Law Stevens, supra note 5, at fn. Stevens, supra note 5, at If the applicant for admission were a college graduate, it was common to require a year less of "law" training.

See ABA Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions Requirements, at ; in Alaska, a clerkship program is provided for by statute, but has not been implanted by the University of Alaska in recent years. Michael I. Abel, American Lawyers 45, 90, , On barristers, see , e. Solicitors, although subject to court discipline, have now owed much of their regulation to judges, who of course were never solicitors themselves.

United Mine Workers v. Jay Feinman, Economic Negligence, ch. Thomas D. Rotunda, Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility Superior Court , P. Code of Civ. Skouras Theatres Corp.

Hopp , A. QVC Network , A. Friedman , U. Charles Wolfram, note 4 supra, at , For perhaps the most extensive set of statutes, see Calif. England and France, where circumstances are different, have recently passed far more comprehensive legislation. Courts and Legal Services Act c. See David B. Wilkins, Who Should Regulate Lawyers? Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. See Richard L. Abel, note 3 supra, at See Model Rules 1. Canons 33; Model Rules 5. Susan D. Code of Prof. Responsibility, DR A 6 , ; Colo. Rules of Prof. Conduct, rule 1.

Responsibility, DR ; N. Rules Prof. Conduct, rule 5. Michael J. Lamborn, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility ; authorities cited note 15, supra. Clinical Education for the Law Student See Deborah L. Compare Geoffrey C. Sutton, Jr. Coquillette, Lawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility Andrew W. Robert M. Legal Ethics , ; Leslie C. Paul A. Charles W. Lexis 94 S. Forum ; Hedvah L. Legal Ethics billing fraud by large firm lawyers. Michels, New Jersey Attorney Ethics Bauer , F.

Bruce A. Manuel R. Kwiat , N. Nesbitt , S. Legal Ethics Ward , U. Jenkins , U. Theatre Corp. Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc. Team I , N. United States , U. Wilkins, note 19 supra. Richard H. Robert Stevens, note 32 supra. See 2 Robert T. Peer Review in Law Firms , 66 U. Katzmann ed. Powell, note 3 supra ; Terence C. State Bar Journal. Lathrop v. Donohue , U. Keller v. State Bar of California , U. State Bar of California , Sup. Wieder v. Skala , N. But see Bohatch v. Douglas E. Kentucky Bar Assoc. See Carey, supra ; Alistair M. Preston, et al. Conway, Minn. Shapiro, Cal. The continued vitality of these cases is questionable in view of the Agency Practice Act, 5 U.

Erwin N. Wallace E. Bates v. Arizona State Bar, U. See also Ibanez v. Florida Department of Business Regulation, U. Edenfield v. Fane, U. Ohio State Bar, U. Georgia State Bar, F. Jeffrey E. Andersen Worldwide , 98 Civ. SDNY Drolshammer, fn. Public Accounting Report fn. John T. Public Accounting Report, fn. Lanning, fn. KPMG International, fn.

See Subcommittee, A Staff Study, fn. Colin Boyd, fn. Id ; a Professor Boyd, in a similar vein, suggests that the phrase "one-stop shopping" erroneously implies passive selling, in contrast to the active marketing by the Big Five that lies behind the rapid rise in their sales during the s. Boyd, fn.

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For a detailed comparison between lawyer rules and those applicable to accountants performing attest and nonattest functions, see Harold Levinson, Regulation of Multidisciplinary Practice, ch. See U. But see special regulation of the compilation function, infra. Hedvah L. In summary: A CPA who prepares and issues compilations while working for a nonCPA firm must sign the compilation report as an individual. On the concept of "affiliated entities," see discussion of alternative practice structures, infra.

Brown, et al. See Chapter 9 , infra. Lynn E. Anderson, Esq. Falk, Exch. Act Rel. See fn. See Chapter 9, Germany, infra. Voicemail recording at , October 27, On the other hand, various representatives of the Big Five firms cooperated in the preparation of Chapter 9, and references to this effect are found in that chapter. See Legal Times, February 3, Interview with Irene Dorschak, April 3, Lawyer Statistical Report for The National Association for Law Placement "NALP" , in its surveys of graduates of the law school classes of and , divided graduates taking positions in accounting firms into two categories: "accounting legal" for which a law degree is required and "accounting - other" for which a law degree is not required.

The surveys indicate that approximately 1, JD graduates nationwide found jobs with accounting firms split between the two categories. Journal of Accountancy , September , at Bowmans, Accounting Report, Vol. Letter dated March 7, of Louis F. Duffy to Robert MacCrate. December 13, at C5-C Carole Silver, Globalization and the U.

Dezalay and B. See the text at Chapter 9, note 21 below. These U. Court of Appeals. These specific commitments are annexed to the GATS, country-by-country. Under Annex By way of footnote, the CCBE Position on MDP stated that it was not addressing the subject of in-house counsel, because in-house lawyers have a position that "is distinct from that of lawyers serving the public to such an extent, that the two cannot be considered within the same context.

This possibility was referred to, e. The relevant section is "6. Mixed Practices" at It is summarized below at the end of this section on France. The legal profession in France is fragmented, which is why the French and the Nallet Report use "professions" in the plural. These associated French law firms are Archibald Andersen; H.


For the term "associated law firms," see, e. See also the Nallet Report, at This limitation was finally abandoned later in the s. By , only a few French firms had an international reputation e. See Zimmerman in Contribution Intersyndicale, at The vacuum was also filled in part by foreign law firms established in France, as well as by French legal and tax consultants with law degrees who were not members of a French Bar but were giving advice or preparing documents in matters related to business, commercial, corporate, and tax law.

The title is recognized by Law of December 31, Contribution Intersyndicale, at See Contribution Intersyndicale, at Letter dated Sept. The letter claimed broad support from the professions of avocat and conseil juridique. See note 42, infra, and accompanying text for a discussion of Article 67, paragraph 3.

See the Nallet Report, at 30, and Contribution Intersyndicale, at Nallet Report at.

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Fidal, Rapport de gestion du directoire , Accounting year ending Sept. The profitability of Clifford Chance, France, was 9. In comparison, the same ratio for Clifford Chance in France was 2. The amount, if any, of remuneration contributed by the non-legal practices, and any differences in remuneration between the regular French partners of a Big Five law practice and those partners who are also members of international entities grouping various practices like Andersen Worldwide in Switzerland are likewise not published.

In , Fidal had a total of 1, employees, and total operating expenses in respect of salaries of ,, FF. Fidal If it had paid its associates and other non-partner employees at the lowest market rates , FF a year for a first-year associate was the base salary recommended by the relevant syndicate in Paris; the legal minimum wage in France in was approximately 90, FF a year , Fidal would have paid its partners on average a yearly salary of less than 1.

These figures assume full-year employment. They may understate non-partner remuneration and overstate partner remuneration. Chambaz, at , gives the following legislative history. Different versions of the text appeared during the parliamentary debates. There were several attempts by supporters of the Big Five to amend the wording of the text. The text ultimately adopted was in fact taken from an amendment submitted by a supporter of the Big Five, which were thus successful in imposing their views to a certain extent.

(355 reviews)

Their wording not only gave them a five-year period of status quo, but also generated a debate on its interpretation on which the Big Five have been relying to prolong enforcement of the provision beyond the period of five years. Chambaz, at , quotes Dominique Saint-Pierre, in his report of June , for the proposition that legal practices within MDPs would not be permitted to use the names of the MDPs; and quotes Michel Pezet, the Reporter of the Law Committee of the French National Assembly, as having stated that the purpose of Article 67 was to guarantee the independence of the avocat within an MDP.

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For this statement by Michel Pezet preceding note see Chambaz, at 13, Contribution Intersyndicale, at On Nov. This decision was a source of confusion that enabled the Big Five to maintain the status quo. The decision to merge was reportedly taken at the global level by the accounting and counseling practices and imposed on the legal practices, which had to adapt to the situation created by a fait accompli.

On the other hand, as regards Fidal, it should be noted that, in his report to the French Senate on Oct. The relevant portion of the decision is found in Art. This document is found in Chambaz as Annex See the Nallet Report, at PricewaterhouseCoopers is the only one under the jurisdiction of the Paris Bar. In France an attorney after being sworn in must work for a period of two years under the supervision of a more senior attorney, generally a partner in a law firm, in order to gain access to the Grand Tableau the list of practicing attorneys who have completed their two years of stage.

This decision was effectively ratified by the decision cited in note 51, supra. The document was Juri-Avenir note 61 supra. Juri-Avenir , at 5, calls MDPs the most efficient vehicle for the development of French law internationally, designed "to reinforce the status of French Business Law against the threat of Common Law hegemony. Juri-Avenir , at 6. Juri-Avenir , at The following enumeration and summary are not found as such in the Nallet Report. See the Law Society Gazette , Nov. The Courts and Legal Services Act Minutes of the meeting of the Law Society Council, Oct.

Shortly thereafter the U. Chancellor of the Exchequer reportedly supported this observation: "Chancellor Gordon Brown was not specific and little guidance was being handed out by the Treasury, but he announced that the Government would look into whether the working codes of professionals impaired competition in any area. There was speculation last night that Mr.

Brown was referring to the Law Society rules which prevent lawyers from forming partnerships with any other professions, for instance accountants. Post, Nov. Law Society letter of 4 Feb. As mentioned, there were only responses to the questionnaire. The British legal press reported favorable reactions by members of the Big Five to the position taken by the Council of the Law Society on Oct. Lawyers will be getting involved at the strategic business stage. Our lawyers will be able to share profits and become partners in KPMG. Law Society Gazette , Jan.

The principal law firms in the U. A series of articles have appeared in Commercial Lawyer to the effect that law firms sponsored by the Big Five in the U. In its Oct. In its Dec. On Jan. Law Journal, Jan. I would be surprised if any of the others would immediately.

I have no particular desire to practice in an MDP but I believe there should be as many business opportunities open to lawyers as possible. Algemene Raad van de Nederlandse Orde van Avocaten. Samenwerkingsverordening Sept. Case Nos. Decision by the Dutch Council of State on Aug. Articles 3, 4 and 6 of the Regulation. Article 9 of the Regulation. In the Dutch court proceedings, the Council of European Bars and Law Societies the CCBE had attempted to intervene on behalf of the Order, but the Dutch court did not permit it to do so on the ground that the Order could adequately act on its own behalf.

Gebhard v. A news article has reported that one of the plaintiffs in the litigation before the European Court, Price Waterhouse now PricewaterhouseCoopers , has announced that it will integrate its Dutch legal practitioners into its legal services division called Landwell on July 1, , without waiting for the decision of the European Court. The article is not altogether clear, however, as to whether Landwell in The Netherlands would be in a form inconsistent with the Regulation.

If it is not consistent with the Regulation and the European Court supports the action taken by the Order, the latter presumably would then proceed to seek compliance with the Regulation. Bundesgerichtshof hereinafter "BGH" , the highest German court in civil and criminal matters. Bundesverfassungsgericht hereinafter "BVerfG" , which has jurisdiction over claims that basic constitutional rights have been infringed by public authority. Kurt Ehlers et al. The lecture was followed by a controversial discussion which revealed divisions within the German legal profession between reform-minded business lawyers and other practitioners with smaller practices.

Organ der Rechtspflege. More recently, several universities e. Raupach I, at Raupach I, at ; Oppenhoff, at also stressing the importance of tax law. In a nine-partner partnership was the largest, and only Even in only A BGH decision in held the partners of such combinations to be jointly and severally liable. Oppenhoff, at Typically, such a partnership consisted of two lawyers who differed in age by 20 to 30 years. The younger one worked for several years as an employee, then as a partner "for" the older one.

The younger partner was normally not entitled to the same share as the founder of the law firm. Only the residence requirement was abolished in The other provisions are still in force, but are interpreted in a way that allows for partnerships having offices in different cities and countries.

Neither commentary questions the compatibility of the three professions, which are classified as being "of a similar kind". Werner Kalsbach, Standesrecht des Rechtsanwalts , at 74, written by a judge on the disciplinary court of the British Occupation Zone. Although this proscribes anything compromising their integrity in the eyes of the public, having a second profession was not deemed to interfere with their independence and objectivity.

See Henssler I, at Notaries are fully trained lawyers who have to pass strict entry requirements. There are two different regimes regarding notaries. In parts of southern and west Germany, the notaries are not allowed to be lawyers simultaneously. The rest of the country permits Anwaltsnotare, notaries who are simultaneously lawyers; they must follow certain rules to safeguard their independence.

Citing Art. Regarding accountants that question was already touched upon in the BGH case where the contract included the possibility of the sharing of offices by lawyers and accountants. The court held that that possibility was not a sufficient ground not to admit the lawyer to the bar. Lawyers and tax advisers are required to be members of their respective local professional organizations, bar associations and chambers of tax consultants, which enjoy self-regulatory powers and supervise compliance with professional rules. They are also subject to the disciplinary courts.

Deutscher Anwaltstag. Fritz Schmitz, Diskussion , AnwBl, at chairman of that committee. Oppenhoff, at , The Oppenhoff paper was presented as the main speech at the Deutscher Anwaltstag. In , besides some lawyers, 40 non-lawyer professionals accountants, tax advisers worked at this firm. Astrid Gerber et al. Zutt, at stating that the successful modernization process of business law firms is also shown by the possibility of retaining the same name after the name partner left or died, and the possibility of having a firm with offices in more than one city.

Oppenhoff had touched on those points in his speech in The seminar covered delimitation of tasks, firm name, profit-sharing, professional liability insurance, partnership agreements. The two notaries groups are the Bundesnotarkammer and the Notarverein. See Stephan Weth, Art. Debate surrounding the impact of that decision was finally settled in when the legislature changed the wording of Art. Probably ever since the enactment of the RberG questions have been raised concerning the illegal rendition of legal advice by accounting firms, firms of tax advisers, and individual practitioners in those professions.

Court decisions relating to the problem have been handed down every year since at least the early s. BVerfG, Zip Beschl. BVerfG, ZiP, at , Grundsatz vom Vorbehalt des Gesetzes. In mergers resulted in, e. See Astrid Gerber et al. See Raupach I, at Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaften mbH. The partnership is the traditional form for joint professional activities by the legal, accounting and tax advisory professions. I Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. Article 12 GG, which establishes the Freedom of Profession and limits state interference therewith.

Partnerschaftsgesellschaft hereinafter "LLP". The LLP, created especially to meet the needs of the liberal professions, combines elements of the partnership and the corporation. Until , only LLPs involving lawyers had been formed. Reluctance to make use of the LLP is probably due to its tax treatment as a partnership and resulting limitations with regard to pension reserves. Forms available to other professions but not to lawyers are the Aktiengesellschaft [AG] corporation , Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien [KGaA] combines limited partnership and company limited by shares and has at least one general partner , Offene Handelsgesellschaft [OHG] general commercial partnership , and Kommanditgesellschaft [KG] limited commercial partnership with at least one general partner.

Thus, the list is limited to professionals subject to strict rules like those governing lawyers, and subject to supervision by professional bodies similar to bar associations. That provision would thus allow an integrated MDP that included physicians and pharmacists. Certified firms of accountants or tax advisers may not include patent attorneys, however.

They could only join such firms if they fulfilled certain requirements exceptional permit, professional activity in the firm etc. The StBerG requires active involvement only for those professionals who do not meet certain qualification standards. For partnerships the same follows from the requirement that that all partners engage in joint professional activity.

Tax adviser LLC: Gehre, at Henssler II, at 5. Such double-qualified professionals are counted both as lawyers and as accountants. See Meurers, at They all allow multinational partnerships. Their files must be protected against seizure, and their function must correspond to the German profession in question. Accountants can associate themselves in a certified firm only with foreign accountants.

Their profession and appointment have to be regulated in a similar way and they have to be granted an exceptional permission by the competent authority. The prohibition of fee-sharing is only directed at persons outside the professional entity. Partnership: BT-Drucks. The rules for patent attorneys are similar. All three professions are regulated on two levels.

First, the codes include professional duties. Second, the duties prescribed in a given code are spelled out by professional rules enacted by the rulemaking assembly of the respective professional organization. Henssler IV, at 16, Maxl, at Legal matter is to be understood in a broader sense than just the claim at issue. Elapse of time and change of personnel do not always substantially change the legal matter. See Hartung, at A special rule applies when a professional changes firm.

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The new firm is only subject to the extension of the prohibition if that professional was involved in the matter of conflicting interest. Hartung, at That provision is applicable to lawyers and patent attorneys who are entrusted with the legal matter. Members of the same entity who are not actually involved are treated as being entrusted. BGH, BGH Strafsachen , at 15, ; Hartung, at 86 mentioning in particular the confidence of the public in the integrity and trustworthiness of the Bar.

These regulations are not included in the codes, but only in the professional rules. See also Henssler IV, at 16 a lawyer may be a managing director of a consulting firm, but a tax adviser or accountant may not. See Henssler IV, at To find those MDPs the web-site www. This method did not reveal all existing MDP web-sites; moreover, many small firms might not have web-sites. JUVE Ranking , at Classification as multidisciplinary refers to whether the entities include non-lawyer professionals without regard to lawyers having dual or multiple qualifications.

Control is measured in terms of number of professionals. Arthur Andersen: since January , Andersen Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH one of the ten largest German law firms by number of lawyers. According to its web-site the firm offers legal advice in all business-related fields including tax law.

Juve ranking , at They have few non-lawyer professionals and do not engage in audit or compliance work. Bruckhaus and Hengeler in particular are listed as leading firms in a wide variety of business-law areas. See also Raupach II, at Raupach II, at 33 audit and compliance services may be out-sourced to affiliated entities. Although these firms differ as to how many non-lawyer professionals are partners or associates, their web-sites and the characterization in JUVE suggest that they follow the MDP approach. Some also have affiliated firms which provide accounting and tax services, including compliance and audit.

Interview with HHP partners Drs. See Raupach II, at Interview with Dr. The Big Five and their respective affiliated law firms are listed supra in note Veltins see two notes above. Also, a majority of the managing directors must be lawyers. Raupach II, at This feature of no majority requirement was criticized in Hellwig Presentation, at 7. GP The requirements regarding a written contract including the prohibition on fee-sharing are in Article 3.

The provisions that must be incorporated by reference are Articles 4 professional ethics and independence , 5 conflicts of interest , 6 permitted and forbidden references on letterhead etc. Danovi, Associazioni professionali multidisciplinari , Dottori Commercialisti , No. See The American Lawyer , June , at One commentator who is generally skeptical about successful legal practice by the Big Five seems to consider Garrigues-Andersen to be a success.

There are very few independent law firms in Sweden with 25 or more lawyers, and only three with more than Much of the information herein has been taken from these deliberations. See note supra.. According to Robert P. Armstrong, Q. See Earle, note , supra , at The Report and Recommendation resulted from a study undertaken pursuant to a letter request dated June 24, from the Attorney General of New South Wales.

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Report and Recommendation, at 13, referring to rules The law firms that employ professionals from different disciplines are not always large. Personal Injury firms may employ health care workers to aid in the assessment of injury. Environmental law firms may employ engineers. The website of Charles F. Moore says that the AARP is not endorsing lawyers, but he says, "We go through the process of choosing a lawyer that you would do if you had the time. The Legal Intelligencer , June 2, Testimony of James C.

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