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Go at the End of the Day Image source: static1. Therefore, if you shop toward the close of the market, you may find that prices have been reduced. Just keep in mind that the remaining selection may be rather picked over. Join the Team Image source: media.

It takes a team to make each market happen. See if you can volunteer to help with these efforts. As a thank-you, you may find yourself blessed with free produce now and then. Favorite customers may find bonuses in their shopping bags from time to time. Are you a farmers market bargain shopper? I love to scope out the best deals in my market.

How do you save money on produce purchases?

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Leave your advice for farmers market shopping in the comments. As always, please share this piece on your social media pages. Do you know about Amazon Warehouse Deals? Recipe Rating. The Budget Diet is all about showing you budget friendly yummy recipes and life hacks that shrinks your budget and earns you money. Investing Recipes. Image source: www. Become Familiar with Seasonality Image source: upload. Pin Share 1. Related Posts. More often than…. Items rotate frequently and I often find really great prices on tropical fruit like pineapple, kiwi, and even mango. Most of the veggies are pretty cheap too.

The regular chocolate chips and baking chocolate are so-so. But good news—they have a wonderful selection of specialty chocolate! These bars are delicious and often European chocolates read: no wax and creamy amazing texture. The canned veggies are such a great deal at ALDI. I like to bake from scratch, but I know there are people who rely on a mix. And if kids are in the picture, having a few boxes of mixes on hand gives little ones a chance to test their culinary skills.

But ALDI has a lot of great options for smaller-quantity items like baking powder and cornstarch. Sweet peas? White corn? ALDI has them! I like to keep bags of frozen veggies on hand to bulk up a dish that needs a healthy addition or so I can slip an extra handful in a meal as a side. Pillsbury crescents, biscuits, and cookie dough regularly go on sale and are frequently coupon-friendly items at most grocery stores. This is, again, a coupon issue. You can find great deals on cereals when you buy in bulk or when they go on sale, which is often. So what about you? ALDI products and deals can vary from store to store.

What ALDI items are a great deal in your area? I buy canned goods and some produce there, but my two favorite things are their brownie mix and pasta sauce. I like the idea of a quarter deposit for a cart. It gives people incentive not to leave it where it can roll and damage a car.

I lot of times at Aldi, people will give you their cart for a quarter or nothing if they were going to return it anyhow. I had a cart roll into the side of my car once so you can probably see why I wish people would put them back or at the very least place it somewhere it will not roll away. You would be surprised how fast a cart rolls on a windy day or down a hill. Its an amazing thing to see. Not just damage to a parked car, but also to people. I also buy bananas at Aldis…I dehydrate them so when Aldis has overripe ones I will get lbs at a time.

Family loves them! I buy bananas ar Aldi every week. Never noticed a problem, but with anything, you can get a bad batch. I saw it in my store today with grapes, tomatoes and bananas. They have always charged by the pound. Grapes are. No price change. It gives me more flexibility, and the price per pound will be the same, so…. How is this bad again?

I like picking out the bananas, not having them already packed in bags. This way go could buy how many you want. I love Aldi! There products are first rate. It can be hectic at times, but WELL worth the trip. As a vegan. I must have a sizeable quantity of vegetables fruits, and nuts. I just could not do better in the chain grocers her in Saint Louis. I am grateful that I have the Aldi option! It seems that each time I go, generally times each month, there is a new discovery. I was stupid! Their own label products have no artificial ingredients, or funky colors thst cause cancer. Pasta, is exactly the same as store brands, including Walmart.

Just know that going in! Rolled oats is mostly the same as Quaker…rolled oats most of the time is rolled aats! You know? I can get a coconut spread butter substitute , my almond milk, beans, organic Italian extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, chia seeds, and on, and on! I live alone, and shop very carefully. I am an environmental advocate, and bring my own bags as a matter of course. They do have VERY GOOD, nicely large fabric shopping bags for purchase, but many folks seek out the big bins of readily availble cardboard boxes to carry their loot home.

Bring your bags, save trash! They are a model of efficiency in action, and their employees are fast, friendly and do every task in the well-run store. The same concept applies to Aldi, albeit that their employees are decently paid, WITH good fringe benefits, health insurance long before a mandate. They work hard, are paid well, and are extremely helpful, because each employee knows every square inch of that store, and its contents.

Try it! I forgot to mention that they also carry a great line of reasonably priced wines, and very fine German beers too. Oh, when you get the hang of it; you too will be a convert! How they pack all of the greatest food in that smaller space, I will never know! Aldi pizza the fresh one is great. This can only be a ploy stunt by a big box over charging pizza parlor I would assume like that Italian little C chain that advertise one price 5 dollars but charges 5. I shop a lot there and my favorite secretin is the organic mixed greens, cheeses, almond milk and mineral water! Never had a problem with eggs from Aldi.

I mainly buy their organic ones. I go through a dozen a week. Really good, actually! Their shredded cheeses are good too and my son, who makes his own pizza, loves the shredded Mozzarella. Staple in my house, my son 13 loves it and will actually come and help do the shopping and onload so he can get a pizza. Organic eggs are fine. Love their chips and prices. Their organic whole bean coffee is excellent. I grind it fresh and brew it strong. Their organic basil pasta sauce rocks. ALDI has special deals in Germany, too. And sometimes they sell clothes. And I can tell you, they are very low quality.

Aldi is a typical German system store i. So he said all oils comes mixed in a box so in the mean time if I want oil I can take Eucalyptus oil but no tea tree oil.!!!!! Something else to remember dear Aussies…Aldi gets limted number of items….. As long as their shareholders are happy, then we should all be happy!

Actually their peanut butter claimed trans fat free but ingredients listed were hydrogenated oils. That is just a longer word for trans fats so be careful. Everything else is ok and I find green bananas not ripened or over ripened bananas at my local Aldi. I have bought many non-food items and been totally satisfied with them. This past summer, as I was outfitting my twins for college, ALDI had a Dorm section which rivaled the selection at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for many items, and everything was a lot cheaper.

Like magic! LOL They had only 3 on the shelf and I have certainly learned that if you want it, get it because it will be gone, so I did. Plus it is programmable, which my other one was not. I am an ALDI fan through and through. Fan for life! Oh yeah — and the food is pretty good too! Fine with not buying clothes at Aldi or really most retail stores. Now, they look great, and people at work would have no idea they are used shirts — they came clean, ironed and folded. I do have three kids and we need a lot of sporting cloth — things get lost in Germany, too ….

Just last week I bought myselfe a pair of sandals for about 8 Dollars. They will not last for more than a season and this is not the best way for the world Nachhaltigkeit but if I had bought them at a boutique they would have cost a lot more and there is no garantie they would last any longer. In Germany, there is nosupermarket without this carts. And we have never had someone to pack our things in paper or plastic. I lives in the States for a while and those where things I really missed when I returned to Germany.

The gum, cereal and crackers did not make the cut with my family. My family loves Aldi here in Oklahoma. Never had a problem with the eggs. I have had a few fruits and veggies that seem to have gone bad very quickly but over all they have been awesome. We love the chocolate bars, breads, produce — fruit — veggies. Organic peanut and cashew butter. Ice cream and almond milk. She did not save money but wasted a pk of fresh meat on this very gross tasting mix. I have shopped at Aldi for years, and noticed a great reduction in my spending.

Now that we are retired and living about 8 miles from the nearest store, we continued to do so. However, the last time we shopped there, I have come to consider changing my mind. My husband has severe back pain, along with Parkinsons disease. I have considerably back pain, and we are both elderly.

In our small town is an independent IGA grocery store, where we can buy what we need. I have back and knee problems. I found it difficult and tiring to bag my own groceries. I like Sprouts; they have a better selection, their prices are good and they bag it for you. Aldi is a good concept, just not for me.

But worth a try for sure. It is all sold per bunch or per piece. Therefore, bananas are usually sold at 44 cents per bunch vs. Furthermore you mentioned couponing for brand name cereals. What you failed to mention was that those brands are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. By the USDA standards that would make them better than organic. Not so pricey when you look deeper. I agree! Is essentially the same as a conventionally produced food from Europe, only much cheaper!

No it is not. Check Consumer Reports articles on labeling. And you trust the FDA? We all know how that policy failed. So, I would say that conventional food in Europe is indeed much like organic produce in the US! In Michigan it is sold as packaged or each. Here they are pre-weighted. The bundles of bananas have a weight and price on the tape that holds the bundle together. I work for aldi, regular bananas are sold per pound. Normally, where I live, they are 39 cents per pound.

The packages have weights on them, you just need to look for them. I am a regular shopper at Aldi and have been for a some years. The veggies and produce are sold in packages and the price is based on the weight of the package. So if you look at it both statements are correct. They are sold per pound but they are also sold in packages most of the fruit. Either way I love the saving we get shopping the to feed a family of 6.

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I especially like the fact that their eggs have scriptures on the cartons. Just an added plus for me, a Christian! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I saw the scriptures in their egg cartons too! Makes me want to buy them even more because everytime I get an egg I read the scripture and smile.

And eggs. Drive from from Tyler to Longview every week but new store is opening in Tyler in couple weeks. Love, love Aldis. Omg, I need to move. The little mom and pop store I had mentioned often has eggs for 59 cents. And they also have a deli with homemade salads, cheese, and a bakery brings cakes and cookies. One thing I appreciate is that teenage boys carry my bags out to my car. There are a lot of senior citizens live in the area and need this kind of service. The egg producer that prints scripture on its egg cartons is one of numerous regional vendors to Aldi in different parts of the country.

We like it!

Getting a Good Deal on Produce: What and When to Buy | Clearpoint

There are very few things that I pass up at Aldi… I agree with the cereal and their cream cheese is not great… most everything else is fabulous. They sell Dukes mayo at our s in stores in pa and it is very good! Our grocery store would have been double if not more!! You are right about the coffee. I forgot to mention that in my earlier comment. I am pretty much a coffee snob and if you get the right blends, they are absolutely fine. They also have seasonal blends like caramel creme or pumpkin spice which are pretty good as well. I also like their teas — English Breakfast which is really excellent, Herbal Peppermint and Herbal Lemon and Ginseng hit the spot as well.

Their Brioche rolls and sliced Brioche bread are a staple with us, along with the Croissants and Breakfast Breads — cinnamon crunch, apple fritter, and pumpkin cobbler. The Breakfast Biscuits they are comparable to Belvita are favorites. This store is so Famous in Germany. I was about to mention this! I buy tons of Aldi cereal because there is no HFCS and they use no synthetic colors so they are all plant based. I am a relatively new Aldi shopper in CT and eager to learn the ropes.

I rely high fiber cereals. Any suggestions? You are right.. I buy the bran flakes and they are perfect and very healthy. Their raisin bran and shredded wheat is very reasonable and good. Their whole wheat bread is much cheaper than elsewhere. I also find their frozen garlic toast just as good as name brand for half the price. Shredded cheese and blocks of cheese are also cheaper.

Deals and Coupons for produce in Baden

Having lived in Austria for two years and knowing what a really good milk chocolate tastes like, I can once again enjoy that same quality with these Aldi chocolates. I have to disagree about the coffee, though. The Keurig-compatible coffee cups 12 to a box are very affordable. The cheapest ones, I confess, taste bland and watered down, Pay a little more for the dark roast set and the taste is so rich and wonderful.

I drink at least one of these from my Keurig every morning…sometimes, with a bit of Aldi chocolate! I agree about the coffee! I am a coffee snob. Pay the extra dollar for the Fair Trade coffee and your taste buds will thank you. It is still cheaper and tastes just as good as the Fair Trade coffee I buy in the spendy stores. The comment on the coffee can go either way. I have bought a reusable K cup insert that you fill with your own coffee and that to me seems to be the most economical option. I disagree about the coffee as well.

Best coffee hands down? Whole bean and ground dark roast 3. Guatamalan roast is good too. I save so much money at Aldi! This article is right on target. And yes the coffee is not good. But the dairy case is fabulous and I have found the chips and crackers to be great at my store. Love the specialty flavors.

Chocolate Brioche bread is delicious, I look for it often. And when i see it came in I buy a few. My kids love it. I like the prices on the french fries and the bread selection is good. I will buy a few more if they come back again. The pizza dough did not rise that was disappointing. That chocolate brioche is really good. But I am going to plan a trip for Wednesday meat day, lol. Apparently, their father owned both stores and split them up maybe upon death?

If I am remembering properly, lol. Anyway, thanks for these great tips! I love dark chocolate! My favorite is the Moser Roth brand at Aldi. They vary according to the competition in the area. But, I recently have moved to South Dakota and there are no Aldi stores nearby. Although I love my new home state, I really miss my Aldi store! Please pass the word on to them that we really need an Aldi store here in western South Dakota! And I miss Trader Joes too. I disagree with the chips…1. I also love the dairy and the bar cheese at our store is the cheapest around.

Agree on the Kettle cooked chips, sea salt and cracked pepper. Produce can be a deal but you have to compare ads. Cereals are cheap but limited variety. Dairy is very well priced. They stand behind their products. Only complaint, bring up any discrepancies in quantities against receipt before exiting. Once we were charged for an additional item but the clerk acted as if we were trying to scam her. Was in a bad neighborhood so maybe it happens often there. Also, look for special buys. I bought an unusual item one card to start tried it and went back for more.

It was fried apples, and they are lower in calories, sugar, etc. When I had company awhile back, I dished some warm fried apples into dessert cups and topped with vanilla ice cream! I plan to make apple crisp with some of them. Walmart is way higher. Every dollar counts! Great list! I agree with your list of to buy and not to buy there. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! My favorite item is the sea salted chocolate caramel chews. Our store does take debit cards. The only problem is I forget they are there and end up buying everything at Walmart!

Going to try and shop there first on my next trip. Thanks for the tips! They have seasonal sales too. Like right now, they have spiral cut ham that is really good. I also buy the iced tea mix. Just as good as Lipton. I always shop Also for the produce and their orang juice not from concentrate is very good. I will not buy meat there as it is fatty, also their pizza is not good. Our Aldi takes credit cards. I agree with most of this list. However in recent weeks I have started buying more cereal here. While there is not a huge variety, Aldi has done something that the major and my local store brands have now..

That is HUGE for us. We also tend to buy most of our snacking and baking nuts here as I have not been able to find a better price locally on them. We have shopped at Aldi for years! We tried their fair trade coffee last week and were not happy. For everything else—ALDI! I live in Germany and everyone shops at Aldi! No matter what their economical status, and love the organic produce. I started shopping at Aldi after I quit my full-time job to stay home with my kids. I really like their Simply Natural brand and I was ecstatic when I found affordable grass fed ground beef!

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Our store has pretty good produce and I like their k-cups. My new routine is to get what we can at Aldi and then drive down the street to BJs to pick up the rest in bulk, like cereal. Thanks for this post! Like chocolate!! I agree about the shrimp. That means I look at the info on every product before it goes into my basket. However, I love the savings I get from the other products I buy at Aldi.

Yes, I picked up some fruit in a glass jar a few years ago at Aldi.. Paid more for it than the canned, got home and realized it was from China. I wish they had organic free-range eggs.. I still go to a larger store for organic eggs unless I get some from a local farm.. They do have organic eggs now! I bought 3 lbs. It is so fresh and never been frozen. Love Aldi! I agree with most except for the cereal and the coffee.

I live in ireland and shop in Aldi. They also carry pasta from Germany, Spain, and Italy. Studies have shown some very disturbing results regarding GMOs. With our GMO vegetables who wants our vegetables? Not me. Would rather have fruits and vegetables where the country cares about the citizens health. I still do the rest at Walmart. We do buy the chips, crackers, cereal, baking supplies, can goods, frozen meat, milk, eggs, cheese, canned biscuits and breads, regular bread, paper towels, produce and several other things.

There are a few things we have tried that we did not like but overall, we do not find a big difference in quality or taste. The biggest difference is in cost! I do not use coupons and their prices by far beat out anyone else without using coupons. Most of their produce is fresh, at least at our store. The one thing I do disagree with is the fish or shrimp but I rarely buy that anywhere anymore because of this — most of it is Farmed and from China or another country.

If it is wild caught, I will buy but I always check the labels. Aldi is a great store, in my opinion! It is wild caught from cold pacific waters in the Northwest US. But it says Product of China. If it quacks like a duck…. Love Aldi!! One other item that is a Maybe Buy is brand name items they have sometimes. However, if you know prices or use an app for another store to do a quick comparison, they are not always a good deal. I have recently rediscovered my love for Aldi. Especially since they have TONS of organic options.

But I have to mention.. And we consider ourselves coffee snobs! I have discovered that their Clancy brand chips are identical to Frito Lay. I would recommend giving them a try. The chips at Aldi are a fantastic deal. ALL bags of chips are half air. I love Aldi, and I always go there first. But there are some ingredient issues at Aldi that you have to watch for. Carageenan is in Almond Milk there and it is an ingredient to avoid if you can.

I probably buy every organic item I find there, but the non-organic produce depends on whether it is on the clean or dirty list. Carrageenan is an additive often found in almond and coconut milk. The research is not conclusive but shows some link to intestinal and digestive problems. I just bought almond milk at Aldi and there is no carrageenan so I feel good about it! Other vendors in Sweden and France were also affected. Good list. In item 7 in your first list, did you mean to say grass-fed beef rather than grain-fed?

I have really been a fan of shopping this year as my husband and I try to make every dollar stretch. I only partly agree on the produce, it seems to depend on what it is. I got peaches there once, in season, and they were still terrible. That being said, hardier vegetables like carrots or celery have been fine. Three other things that are a great buy are the evaporated milk, pudding and cool whip…two things I use for desserts and there is no taste difference and the prices are a lot less! I do not recommend their crackers but love their baking supplies and dairy.

One time I bought Chocolate Almond Mild, but they have not had it for awhile. Love, love you site, Ruth….. I buy fresh toppings such as flavor intense baby bella mushrooms, tangy green peppers and sweet onions to customize an already very respectable product. Get these pizzas while their available. We have been to MANY wine tastings, festivals, and wineries. The Winking Owl pinot grigio is pretty good also. I love their chocolate, smooth and tasty. I steer clear of any baked goods, we think they have a funky artificial flavor. Something else to think about.

Nobody at my table has ever questioned the quality of meals made with Aldi products. Why pay up to twice the price for basics like flour, sugar, butter, crushed tomatoes, pasta and the like? For example, as you walk in the door, the enty aisle will greet you with some specials, bagged snacks, wine, nuts, cookies and crackers, baking essentials, sweet snacks, condiments and cereals — in that order.

Coolers for dairy, other refigerated goods and meat can be found along the outside wall from the rear onward. Then on to the frozen coolers on the outside of the far aisle. Center aisles have the nonrefrigerated and canned groceries, baked goods, household and paper goods, produce, frozen items, and special buys. Regular supermarkets aim to keep you there as long as possible and sell you stuff that you had no intention of buying. Aldi works with its customers to make essential shopping quick and painless.

I agree with you that Aldi is a great place to save. But, you are completely wrong about the coffee, chips, and cereal. All are delicious and a great buy. The coffee is fine. The cheese is terrible…weird aftertaste for the blocks. The deluxe singles are fine. They always seem like the customers are all such a bother. I think brand items and the first one we tried — same day — in a dish I make often was Cream of Mushroom soup.

Absolutely vile, had to throw out 2lbs of chicken because the soup made it a dish nobody would touch. Not food!! Huge waste of money we thought.. Maybe we missed something? Similar experience for us as well. Seeing that people prefer them over other brands and enjoying them is a big compliment. Aldi is pretty much the only place I shop for groceries. I cannot find goat cheese or other specialty cheeses as cheap as Aldis anywhere.

Lunch Break: Best Produce Deals

The only thing I wish our local store would add is whole wheat flour. I do not use white enriched flour for anything, so I have to go to another store for that. But usually after I say something to anyone about what I would like to see at Aldi it eventually shows up there. Evelyn Parker I wish you would stock apple pie filling all the time. Sure wish you would start stocking it on a regular basis.

I also buy milk there. And I feel like Aldi is the Dollar Store of food because the prices are so reasonable and it feels like everything is squashed together visually in the store similarly to a Dollar Tree store. Food is food and will get consumed no matter what. I cannot say the same for all Dollar Tree items. I have to disagree on the chips. I think their flavored chips are the best off brand I have ever had. There is plenty of flavor on each chip and I have not had a problem with them being all broken.

I go there specifically to buy milk and chips and produce. Best prices on produce I have found. I have always wondered where their meats come from so would never buy it. Also, where do their canned foods come from? Overall, this column was helpful. The 2 stores are similar, but prices on some items vary. Both accept debit cards, but not credit. Personal taste varies, as noted by above entries. I eat almost exclusively their frosted flakes with granola.

When we shop at Meijers I have to smile when I see others paying much more for milk and other items in their cart. We watch quality of fresh produce, as specials are often items that need to be moved quickly, but most produce is a good buy…for example mini carrots for reg. We like their chips, nuts, and many baking items. The price on frozen juice is far below competition. We buy chicken elsewhere on sale and use our freezer to save for later.

We avoid non-grocery items in the second isle. After shopping there for more than 20 years, we have learned which items we prefer…you will too! I love the list of what to buy. I am an Aldi part time shopper. They do not take credit cards. This is a downfall fall for me. I wanted to share, the potato chips are awesome. All of them. I am pretty sure all under 2. In fact all the chips and snacks are great. Again pretty sure all under 2. Tortilla chips for parties 1. Canned cat food 0. My biggest complaint-their fruit and veggies mainly come from Mexico.

I have a huge issue with that. I try to only purchase items that are local or US fruits and veggies. Many also have the black flies around the areas they are shown. Similar to any store brand which is what I would buy anyway. They do have some not so great products but overall I love their stuff. One big thing I do not like about my local Aldi is the way you cannot see the prices of your food as it is scanned. There is no display facing the customer. How often have you found mistakes on your receipts?

The customers behind you in line, who care about their time as much as you do about yours, will appreciate it. My point is.. Are you suspicious of wrongdoing and errors on their part? They are expected to be extremely productive and also to respect your time as a customer — not making us or the people behind us wait. Checkout mistakes at ALDI are rare compared to elsewhere. And as to rectifying any mistakes, providing refunds and replacements, etc. If something needs fixing, they help you as soon as they complete the current transaction, or call a colleague over to assist. You say that your time is important to you.

Mine is important to me as well. I stand at the end of the lane, where the cart that they put the items in, stand on the other side of the cart and you can see each thing as it rings up.

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  4. I have had mutiple errors on my receipts, often the mutiple barcodes scan mutiple times for one item. It was embarrassing for me to interrupt the line to get my money back. The employees were always very nice, but I hated it. My one pet peeve is — the lack of prices of things on the center aisle. At least one would have an idea of the price. I would buy more from the center aisle if they were prices. I like the chips. In fact at my aldis store I stayed away from the meat. I would have to disagree on the chips and paper goods. The roll toilet paper AND Boulder 8-pack paper towels are the best!

    I go nowhere else for paper goods because I find these to be the best value for the price. They are as good as Ball Park, and way way better than store brands. My husband is an english muffin lover, and prefers these. Their German cakes are wonderful. The special buys are good, but sometimes you will fall in love with something and never see it again.

    Their Cara Cara oranges were 3. Oh, and their bagged salads try the Caesar for a treat are now 1. Agree that their Caesar salad kit is superior to those at higher-priced stores. Their kale citrus salad kit is divine! Their croissants and brioche rolls are the best!! I love eating them, or their pretzel rolls, with Aldi chicken salad and swiss cheese — one of my favorite lunches or snacks.

    How long do i cook specially selected fusilli pasta? Instructions say minutes, which seems absurd. I like pasta al dente and usually cook it half that long. Nothing hard here. Standard cooking time for fusilli is in the 8 to 10 minute range. Start with that and test by spooning one out and biting into it. If necessary, then add time in increments of a couple minutes until it tastes al dente to you.

    Just like seasoning a dish — taste and adjust. Particular chefs use package directions only as a suggestion. Good luck. I did it. I bought a pack of Serra Ladies modal panties a few months ago — great buy. I think they were something like 5. They are much more of a Victorias Secret style than those cotton Hanes multi-packs. Great News! As of March , all Aldi U. We just got Aldi in Simi Valley, Ca. There produce quality has been great, their chocolate is fantastic, and their line of organic seasonings, exceptional.

    We wish they would carry an organic coffee. All and all, pretty good quality and rock bottom prices. I shop at Aldis and am getting more frustrated. The new store is far away so returning items can become expensive. I am a senior who does not feel that well to drive mush less have to drive to return items, also not cost effective. I think each store should have seats for the disabled to rest on at the back of the store. Their chocolates are very good and Christmas specials are a treat. I have come to the conclusion that if I buy vegetables and some spoil quickly, the price I have paid is still cheaper than some local super stores.

    You have to know your prices, and check their produce and vegetables over well as it seems they are not as fresh compared to other local stores. They do have some imports that are a real bargain. Be a wise shopper and complain to the management when necessary. I agree that there should a place to sit at the back of the store. I mean, you do that in the store; You have to stand in one place and think sometimes.

    What I end up doing is simply squatting by the carriage until my heart rate and vision normalize. I guess I could just buy one of the folding chairs Aldi sells. Almost everything I have purchased was wonderful. Big difference in the price though. The Appleton cooked ribs are yummy. You can cook in microwave or regular oven. There are only a few items I do not purchase there as I am basically happy with everything.

    They do take credit cards now in the U. I do miss the Specialty Select spaghetti sauce I used to buy as it was better than the popular brands. Some items are seasonal-such as pumpkin pie filling in the can-therefore you have to go to the grocery store to purchase. If you like saving money-make Aldi your one stop grocery store.

    I do wonder about their meat. I denounce the horse meat thing because of the response about it not being in the U. Is something added to make it red? I have found it to be less fatty than any I have purchased at the pricey stores. Anyone research that? Horse meat? The chances of finding a slice of Old Dobbin on an Aldi cooler shelf in the U. You may be surprised to know that the bright red color of packaged meat in the U.

    Customers believe that bright red beef is fresher and thus not spoiled, which is only partially true. Airproof plastic wrap prevents oxygen from reacting with the red blood cells and the meat from turning brown, even though it continues to be fresh and unspoiled despite a color change. Consumers should always check the expiration date on the package and not judge freshness by appearance alone. Aldi has by far the best green grapes.

    They also have these dove style chocolates that are awesome. I am really impressed by their Village Bakery apple pies with cinnamon. Their seasonal soups in the can are very fresh tasting. Try their vegetable soup or potato soup, and you will be surprised. Specialty chocolate Candy bars are the best. The pack of 3 different colored peppers are cheaper than any other store. Fruit is much cheaper, but look before you buy.