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Speaking of discounts, there are a bevvy of bargains to be had when homeschool traveling. Check out the local Convention and Visitors Bureau CVB to see if they offer a city pass for discounted attraction rates. Often admission to attractions is free or significantly reduced for homeschoolers on these designated days.

Your membership locally may allow you free entry to countless museums as you travel. If you need a helping hand getting started with your travel, there are resources available online to assist. Search for a homeschool travel club in your area or a site like Group Experience , specializing in homeschool travel opportunities in exceptional destinations.

Homeschooling is the perfect conduit for learning through travel. These moments with your kiddos are fleeting and filled with possibility. Take advantage of precious time and the educational opportunities each adventure presents! Kaleidoscope Adventures is a full service tour company specializing in student group travel. Our primary emphasis is developing festival and performance tours for middle and high school bands, choirs, and orchestras.

We also specialize in senior class trips, dance and theater as well as educational tours for science and history groups. For more than 25 years, Kaleidoscope Adventures has been a leading innovator in the student tour industry. Our expert team works closely with educators to create a unique and enriching travel experience that will enhance their classroom curriculum and bring the classroom to life.

Kaleidoscope Adventures Grand National Dr. Phone: Toll Free: Fax: Email: info kaleidoscopeadventures. Hi Rosalyn! You may have solved this already, but this is a tricky situation. I would hazard a guess that you should technically file a homeschool form with VA, since that was the state that last considered them students. I hope that helps give you a place to start asking questions and getting this sorted! Best of luck! Great Blog!!!

Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us. The curriculum is also too interesting and very useful for any homeschoolers. Thanks keep writing such great blogs. This is an incredible resource of information! Thank you!! Six months is going to be an incredible adventure, and your child is the same age my niece was when we traveled—it was a great age and we had a wonderful time integrating the fascinating places we saw into our writing and history work. Best of luck and let me know if I can help with anything!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and all of the resources contained within this post! I am just wondering how you, and the other families who have replied here, have funded these excursions? I have a son with an interest and talent for photography and film.


Are you aware of any grants, scholarships, or other sources of funding for travel schooling? Thank you, Heather. Heather, I am so sorry I never saw this comment until now. I hope that in the interim many months that you have found some programs for him. If not, I know that some high schools, church groups, and things like that will offer international trips where the students work together to fundraise a large portion of the funds.

Besides that, I would look at instead of the entire world, which interesting places are most accessible from where you live. So, for me as a Floridian, I decided to take my nephews to the Yucatan for a monthlong trip to see Mayan ruins, cenotes, and Mexican culture. Flights from Florida to Colombia are also affordable from Florida, so this would be a natural consideration for me if I were looking for an affordable overseas trip.

The plane flights are a huge part of the expense, so you could look into which airlines have affordable flights from your hometown to Central America or elsewhere if you are on the West coast, sometimes you can get to China for a bargain. Hey All. We are a bit in confusion as to which road to go. Recently my Wife went back to school and is finishing her degree. At that time we are to report to Atlanta, GE for 3 months then spend up to 18 months at up to 3 different locations before she will get to choose her final facility anywhere in the U.

We anticipate all of us traveling with her as it is an option and the company is paying everything u through the final move, including her salary proof that hard work and perseverance really does pay off. I even emailed the Ohio Dept of Education asking for information. The reply was insultingly shy of 3 whole sentences. We think that we would like to have them do online public school during this time, rather than bouncing from one public school in one state to another. I imagine once we settle they could very well go back to public brick and mortar.

A possible problem is that to attend a states online public school, you have to have an address in that state. All other online public schools are very costly. We have spent some time performing google searches only to be several pages drifted from the original search with no clear direction. Tonight, I reworded a google search and found this page. I intend to scour the entire article and links in their entirety.

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Yet I ask for your opinions, recommendations and suggestions. Any information as to which direction we could possibly go. I am sorry for the delays getting back to you, but I wanted to be sure I can give a thorough answer. Good question.

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Out of state online tuitions are pricey, so the trick is to keep you on one system for the entire time. If the youngest is in middle school, then you have even more options as most online programs are more flexible with middle and high school students versus elementary. Her legal residence was still FL, so she was a legal FL homeschool student with rights to our public education system.

You are a resident of your current state until you register your student elsewhere. Does that help generate any thoughts on how you can make this work? Interesting Shannon! I think we have the most experience worldschooling through travel, since we have been on an open ended world tour for the last 8 plus years to 46 countries on 5 continents to raise our child as a fluent-as-a-native trilingual global citizen.

Our reason for our world travel is just to educate her and have more time together and it has been an amazing blessing and I think best education in the world. How many kids get to travel their entire primary years, have deep friendships in 3 languages, endless time exploring the world with both parents and feel at home everywhere? Starting at 12, she began her own entrepreneurial business teaching her 3 languages to adults and kids on 3 continents and writing a series of books about each country she has visited…so homeschooling middle school and high school she is already taking high school and college classes looks like it will be even more fun around the world!

What a wonder it was to go to China with a blond child who could talk to everyone and read everything…helped us all connect so deeply! Soon we are back to France and Tahiti as she adds French and she can already test out of the Mandarin and Spanish AP classes for both high school and college credits!

At 12, she recently finished an advanced senior year in high school music theory course through Johns Hopkins Univ.

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She also just got paid for her first singing gig…singing in Mandarin at a huge Chinese wedding in Asia…the only Caucasian there.. She recently was the youngest presenter at the Global Education Conference and said that soon many would have primary years like hers and I think that is true. Our 21st century kids NEED the benefits through travel, culture and language immersion in our shrinking world! So good on you for sharing the experience with your niece and leaving resources for others too!! This kind of homeschooling leads to full scholarships to places like Harvard and Standford and they will be tomorrows leaders with a better understanding about just how connected we all are!

Oops, sorry about the typo…twas late here. So happy to see your passion for this topic as clearly it is one of mine too. You three have been on an amazing journey these past years! I loved meeting your daughter in Jordan — she is such a bright and happy child. Coupling the travel with such early language and music learning is incredible, and I know she is super creative and passionate with those skills she mastered at such an early age.

Hellos and hugs to Mozart, and hope you guys are doing wonderfully! I totally agree with this. Our daughter is only 6 months old but we are already on our journey. We are a 3 language household, so our daughter is already learning English, French and Icelandic and we have bought a house in Sweden which will become our home base so she is learning a fourth naturally. However, we both want to teach our daughter the joy of learning and creative thought things which traditional schools does not.

I think the life you are building for your daughter sounds wonderful Ashley! You will give her a gift so much greater than just structured knowledge. Like you, I thrived and excelled in school, but I also saw firsthand how my niece was able to absorb so much from the world around her. Shannon this is so great. I use a number of these, but many are new to me and I look forward to checking them out when I find some decent wifi.

Hi hi! Glad some look useful, a few are fun and worth the signup fee for maths and whatnot if you have internet to make it useful to have time on them. Ana and her brother really dig the game aspects. Hello to the kiddos from us both!

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Your Main Options for Educating Kids on the Road Great amounts of grey-areas exist between these two types of homeschooling and there is no exact science to either one. What did we do? Why Consider Long-term Travel and Education This is a topic I care about and read up on often as new research and theories come out. Hirsch On Documenting Education For US residents, every single state has different education requirements; some states are very homeschool friendly, while others are quite strict and require stringent documentation.

High School A big concern for many leaving while their child is in high school is a fear they will not get a diploma or enough credit to qualify for University admission. This is a list of homeschooling families as of They would make good research and email contacts to see what they are up to. Road-schooling : This road-schooling mom has a wonderful, detailed post on how she educated her children during very long-term, perpetual travel and has resources for every age level.

She has a strong formal education bent, while diving deep into her philosophy on world-schooling as well. Lots of resources and her personal site is also great.