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They were having a conversation with a male on a phone which was placed on speaker phone at an obnoxious level. The topic of the conversation between the employee and the male on the other end was regarding his dating life, Tinder dates, and taking home drunk "chicks". As I was asked if I had a return, I was barked at about where they go with no offer of assistance or any sort of acceptable level of customer service.

As I returned to the counter to get my receipt, I stood there for some time before "Stephanie" even looked up and acknowledged me.


She was deep into an extremely inappropriate conversation. By the time she felt like assisting me, she continued her phone conversation while taking breaks to try and assist me. When I was asked for my name, I provided it. I was more than slightly annoyed at this point and was just interested in moving along with my day and gave a very direct answer.

Not rude, not commenting on her lack of professionalism, but concise. The employee stated "you're serious" to which I replied "yes". Upon being told to chill and asked if I was having a bad day, i was still not actually being helped. No transactions being completed at this time.

Asked again if I was having a bad day in a snarky tone Told the employee to just take care of the receipt. The employee went on to ask when I was leaving the island. Mind you, when the helpful and polite male employee rented me the equipment, they ask for your name and where you are staying.

Are you kidding me???

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What kind of people do you have working for you? I told her to finish what needed to be done. She reluctantly decided to do her job while making off the wall comments saying that it didn't matter how much money someone has As I was handed my receipt, I turned and walked away last several customers that had arrived in the time it took her to fly off the handle. While walking out "Stephanie" than began mocking my shirt and the text that was on it. This was a shirt that was clearly honoring the sacrifice that law enforcement officers have made to their community. Perhaps this was the reason for the hatred in the first place.

Boss Frog's, you have some work to do. Being threatened by an employee with horribly inappropriate behavior leading up to it is unacceptable. Feel free to reach out for more information. I can provide you with the receipt number if needed. Whoa- buyer beware! I am a certified scuba diver that dropped by to inquire if they sold neoprene snorkel strap wrappers- very common to use to switch out from the uncomfortable factory strap. The salesperson proceeded to give a line that she would need to see what type of mask I had and would need to price accordingly.

Uh, no, that's not how it works. Novices, please steer clear.

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We visited Boss Frog's Snorkel this evening and had an awesome encounter with Katie. She was super helpful, personable and knowledgable about the in's and out's of snorkel gear. Ended up with a Cressi mask, snorkel and flipper set and couldn't be happier! Toll Free - Lahaina HI You can split dinners or have appetizers.

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Eat big breakfast, or lunch Driving around the island only costs gas.. ONLY ha ha. Doesn't cost much to relax See ya there!! Hey Sydneycat awesome cat by the way :- Around how much does it cost to rent a car? That I havent checked into much. Also plan to buy a cooler to use. Hey islands.

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The Embassy includes breakfast and happy hour. Go to Costco and load up on booze and lunch stuff. The only meal you need to go out to is dinner. Great takeout food mahi mahi in lemon caper sauce you can bring back to the Embassy. I have seen people posting about it tho Just remember, once you bid and accept bid, it is money spent and no cancelling with Priceline. BUT, if you go with a crappy car like a geo metro no offense to you Geo Metro owners and if you like to do nothing but sit on the beach and drink, you could do it.

Luckily, in maui most of the cool things to do are pretty much free as they just involve admiring the beauty. Since it sounds like you have a Costco card, check the prices at Costco. Plug in one of their coupon codes as well. We always go with Alamo even though we've heard about problems with cockroaches and long lines. Never had a cockroach and really the line goes pretty fast. It will go even faster if one of you dashes off the shuttle and into the line and the other watches the luggage.

This family of 4 doesn't spend nearly that much but then again, we don't drink alcohol with young kids to supervise. We also have other beach rental items such as chairs, umbrellas and coolers. This website can serve as a great starting point to help you prepare for your Hawaii vacation — we have all the Maui info you need. We feature a huge selection of snorkeling beaches pages with tons of useful information, pictures and great video for you to view. Snorkeling tours are one of the most popular activities. Located just 3 miles off the coast of Kihei is Molokini Crater.


Molokini is an extinct volcanic caldera. It is home to may different species of marine life and coral. It is also a bird sanctury and marine life conservation district. The water visibility is over ft year around.