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Military bases. Coupons from unauthorized intermediary agents will not be accepted. All applicable IRS reporting requirements, including obtaining an appropriate taxpayer identification number must be complied with. Reasonable Postage Retailers who sort and submit directly will be reimbursed for reasonable postage indicated on the package received. Retailers using a retailer clearinghouse or billing agent will be reimbursed at a per thousand rate that covers the cost for the transportation of the coupons.

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Coupon reimbursements may not be deducted from invoices or purchase orders. Any lawsuit involving coupon processing or payment disputes shall be brought within 18 months of the original date of coupon payment or such claims shall be deemed extinguished. Instant Redeemable 3.

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Coupon Processing Clearinghouse for Retailers & Manufacturers

Newspaper Run of Press Electronic Checkout This calculation was adjusted for the volume of coupons redeemed. The data crunchers at coupon clearinghouse CMS, accounted for the difference in coupon volume of each of the vehicles by indexing the percent of coupons misredeemed to the percent of coupons by overall distribution method.

Using a base of , the relative index for FSIs was , with the next most misredeemed vehicle, instant redeemable at 56, and Internet coupons at There have been several well-publicized and hotly discussed incidents. In fact, just 6 months ago, Kroger and Publix in the Atlanta area said that they would no longer accept computer-generated coupons. Most people interviewed for this article agreed -- the concerns surrounding online coupons are so high that, even though the incidence of fraud is low, one or two cases that hit the media have a disproportionate influence on the perceptions of retailers and marketers.

Tactic 1. You will need to give your name, address, email -- the works. Some sites will also ask you for demographic information and purchasing behavior. The goal is to be able to connect the coupon, through its lifecycle, to YOU. Tactic 2. Extra piece of software This is also a requirement. You will have to download and install usually in one combined step a small application. This application governs the printing of the coupon. Tactic 3. No on-screen Coupon After you have registered and installed, you will get to print your coupon. Once you say, "go," several separate files are sent to the printer.

They are assembled at the printer there and the printer spits out a coupon. You never see the coupon on your screen. And, therefore, have less opportunity to capture and manipulate it. You also can't print-screen and print out multiple copies. Tactic 4. No repeat prints If you try to print the coupon more than once from the site, you will be greeted with a message that thanks you for your interest, but reminds you that you have already printed the coupon your allotted number of times.

Tactic 5. Trackable back to individual consumer The coupon will have your name on it, often expresses as "household" or "family" for privacy reasons.


For example, the coupon would read, "The Smith Household. So, if you went to the copier machine and made multiple copies and tried to redeem the coupon, your fraud would be flagged when those coupons showed up at a coupon clearinghouse. Then, the manufacturer or online coupon technology provider might send you a nasty warning letter.

In addition to these technical features, we recommend the following low-tech best practices: Tactic 6. Make sure there is a clear, large product shot and logo. Be very specific as to what product brand, product, sizes and flavors the coupon is valid for. Tactic 7.

Digital Couponing Is Here! Are You Ready?

The coupon should have a hard-to-reproduce watermark in the background. Tactic 8. Include an expiration date that is easy to spot. Tactic 9. Save these for a medium over which you have more control, like direct mail. You pay a fee for the ASP-type solution, and a per-print cost, and then you can allow consumers to come to your site, select offers and get coupons. They then show your offer to their users who print your coupons.

Here's some basic info on the four best-known vendors in the online coupon vendor space.

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They're listed in alpha order. We have listed costs, however, as each vendor reminded us, every campaign is different. In , the NPD group reported that Coolsavings. Now, Matt Moog, Coolsavings. The company also provides licensed-technology option. To run an online coupon program to Coolsavings.

In February, Coolsavings. Coupons, Inc. They do not distribute or promote coupons to consumers directly. In , when the company went public, it acquired BrightStreet, a vendor of online couponing technology. This could be a single coupon but distributed over the course of a year. While these programs are only in the piloting stage, he says costs are running 4 cents per printed coupon. We provide content not only on SmartSource. The major problem with traditional coupons, however, is that I have no idea who I sent this stuff to.

The question is, if I built a database of consumers that buy product, how many consumers do I need to move a similar amount of product? I need 5 million names in my consumer database to gain a similar lift as with an FSI," Bragg says. I'm saving plus million dollars. After FSIs, why would you use another method that is more expensive than online coupons and where you get no data or analytics?

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