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Then head back up and grab yourself a voucher to use on your next trip for a delicious burger or two. The words Willy Wonka himself you be saying if he were munching on these for brekky.

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Right now. All the way until 17 December. Perfect if you and a mate are a little hungry. Feel like passing on the drink and nuggets? Crispy chicken surrounded by lettuce, tomato, and mayo — otherwise known as their Tendercrisp Burger. All these coupons are making us hungry. Click here to download them. Launching nationally in all stores except Townsville, the new Penny Pinchers menu is being released. Grab yourself a Whopper Jr. Hungry Jacks Vouchers in August Still paying full price? Save your cash. Get notified when new deals are released. Go to the deal.

Go on, give it a shot next time you pass by.

Fast food, but cheaper No crap, only deals. Expired As many active deals as there are, we like to keep a record of all the coupons that once were, for historical purposes. What a deal. Only at participating stores. Different strokes, different folks. These are my favourite onion rings at the moment. Maybe my local HJ has an onion ring lover manning the deep fryer. Always crispy with real onions. Fair enough must be my local, but I found that it was really slushy with oil when you bite in. Was it the same for you?

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Nope, mine have been crispy with no extra oil residue. I haven't had a bad lot, yet, since they've changed to battered. Phone is fine. Still pretty good. Price increase is normal. Always get free stuff from shake n win. Hope they don't go bankrupt. They keep increase the price. Still good value but the price increase sucks….

If my favourite meal gets another increase on the next set of coupons, this will be the last upvote HJ's coupons get from me and possibly the last time I buy my favourite meal since Domino's is now cheaper. You need this , my dear sir!

You can get it as grilled as well, so if you don't like the tendercrisp, you aren't entirely out of luck. I'm pretty sure it's the real deal. I also think the exact same product is used by Mcdonalds.

Hungry Jacks Vouchers / Coupons (August 12222)

I even saw maccas' logo on the box. But I'm not certain of this. In the last few months, the HJ near work and near home has dropped substantially in quality so much so that it's been taken out of rotation. Price jacks only help it stay out. Hardly going to pay more for it. This is found to have many fights at the local store- as it is many people put up an argument when they're not given what they asked for in the first place. I was told a while ago that you could substitute the patty on a whopper for a veggie patty, but each time I try it, they charge something ridiculous to 'upgrade' to a veggie patty.

Nice to see the vegan burgers finally added to the coupons, but I don't think I can squeeze in two of them in one visit.

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Going with partner. If they argue, you can point out it clearly says it can be substituted. I haven't had to do this though.

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Only tried it once, was super dry and lacking sauce. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Go to Deal. Various offers, pretty much the usual ones.

Valid from the 25th of June untill the 19th of August Hungry Jack's. Really, that's great. Never knew that was an option after they changed it to a drumstick. That sucks. Went in today to try.

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I tried a different sauce added to existing. What are the new prices on the stunner deals? I checked the app and theyre the same as always. Where is it? One-time use only!

Hungry Jacks Vouchers in August 12222

At least it's on there though!!! Try another location :. Many complaints unto the restaurant and they allow it to continue till this day. It's different picure what I see. New vegan burger look like have 2 veggie patty. Wait, you're right. How dumb is that? It's a separate offer at a higher price. And now one per customer. I just eat whatever has the most kJ.