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My new shopping assistant Do you use coupons? If so, do you remember the days when you'd get coupons with expiry dates well into the future? I'm guessing that what I've been experiencing is pretty much the same around the world, but whenever I get paper coupons these days, most have to be redeemed within a month or so. Also — generally speaking — most discount offers in the current marketplace are in the form of digital coupons linked to store loyalty programs that are only valid for a specific day or week.

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Outmoded coupon organizer wallet This new normal means that the coupon organizer wallet that I've been carting around for the past many years — shown here, looking a bit worn out — no longer serves a useful purpose. I don't have enough coupons to merit putting them into categorized slots. And I welcome the opportunity to lighten my purse by one less item. That said, I still do have occasional coupons to keep track of, but the problem with putting them away in a wallet is that they are hidden from my eyes and are more likely to expire before I can use them.

Therefore, necessity was once again the inspiration for my latest project. I needed to make myself something that allows me to carry my coupons with me when I go shopping in such a way that I will always see them Check out Craftsy's latest promos Lately, I've been keeping my list on small notepad sheets, paper-clipped to my current coupons.

And then everything would get all wrinkled and torn as I stuffed it in and out of a purse pocket.

Limited Edition: Grocery Coupon Organizer Binder & Coupon Holder Damask Pattern - jofybuzi.gq

Let's just say that the whole situation was begging for a more elegant solution! Like this: The perfect gift for your favourite grocery shopper This is a double-sided sleeve that holds a shopping list on one side and coupons on the other. Both pockets are made out of see-through vinyl for visibility and convenience. At the top is an optional tab with a grommet that can be used to clip the unit to a lanyard so that it can be worn around the neck or secured to a shopping cart or the inside of a purse, as it is in my case.

Food is the basis of my grocery shopping, so this was an apt fabric I used this Bon Appetit fabric for the project. This was part of my gifted stash and apart from making aprons or oven mitts, I didn't know what to do with it. This is as good an application as any. Materials Required As a scrappy sort of project, if you have remnants of coordinating fabric, you're set. I would suggest staying with quilting cottons, although this might be a good project for laminates too. Specifically, you'll need: 1 piece of fabric, 8" high x 9" wide 1 strip of coordinating fabric, 18" high x 1.

Finished size is approximately 4. Draw a line with a pen from this mark to the top left corner. Slice away this triangular portion and you should then be left with a piece that is 5. The keeper has one main pocket but I created dividers out of card stock to help me sort the coupons within the pouch.

I literally just cut squares out of card stock and glued on taps to the top. Simple, quick, easy, and effective. Just my kind of project!

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I would love to be able to afford a real meal to go with all that wine! Ha, ha… yes, being an adult is expensive.

How to Make a Coupon Organizer

Your coupon holder looks easy to make, Nicki. Featured today…. I have learned to save a lot of money by couponing. Jenny does an amazing job helping newbies learn how to coupon! The inside is Moda black and white polka dots, and I used an Alexander Henry fabric with yellow lemons on it for the binding.

I wish I would have used a solid-colored binding, but oh well. The divider tabs with the sections i. Bread, Canned Goods, etc. Pattern Pieces — There is a pattern piece for the main panel of the organizer, and the sides and dividers are rectangular cuts. I have to say again, that the actual design of the. The photos, text, everything is just beautifully done. The instructions are very detailed, and not only that, but there are helpful tips along the way, as if someone is standing over your shoulder and offering a suggestion.

My favorite part was sewing all the dividers together, it came together so nicely. As noted in the pattern, sewing the binding along the sides of the organizer was a little tricky, but I just kept along slowly and it was fine. The magnetic snaps I used were a little heavy-duty for the fabric I even used a small piece of interfacing inbetween the layers to enforce the snap , so I would probably go with the smallest snaps you can find.

Conclusion — An intermediate sewer should be able to get through this with no problem. It looks a lot more complicated than it is. I had a good time sewing it, I doubt I would make another, but it was a fun project and no one has a coupon binder like mine. So happy to see that it goes together well.

Love how yours turned out.