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The Gluten Free Jubliee is going on through October 24th! They expire November 15th, and the new movie comes out November 9th. Mike and I are planning our date night now. Arizona has 22 sovereign Native American nations in all, and more tribes that aren't federally recognized. If you look at a map of metro Phoenix, the Salt River community is to the east, at 3 o'clock. At , the Gila River Indian Community appears. At 6, one of the Tohono O'odham Nation's four parcels shows. Native American lands make up more than a quarter of Arizona.

Arizona's Native Americans number more than a quarter-million. Even now, in , some subsist in part on fry bread. You can find fry bread in homes on these lands, and in shacks, stands, dives, and restaurants throughout metro Phoenix. Fry bread goes back years. It began when the American government, hungry for expansion, gave natives flour, salt, lard, baking powder, and other meager rations for confinement and forced marches.

Today, Native Americans in many parts of the U. That natives took these alien ingredients and made them into the food most identified with their culture today speaks to resiliency.

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Fry bread, though not Native American, has become Native American. Sun scorches The Stand's cactus-rib shack. The top has been thatched from palm fronds and arrowroot gathered from near the Salt River, the same Salt River that, back in the s, led Jack Swilling to found the farming community that would become Phoenix. Frying in metals makes for puffier bread, she says.

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Mix flour, salt, baking powder, and vegetable shortening "never lard". Knead until everything comes together. Let dough rest for ten to fifteen minutes. Shape pieces into discs. Dunk them in molten canola oil for 15 or 20 seconds on each side, depending on the oil's heat and the dough's coolness. She forks a fry bread disc from its oil bath.

Grease streams back into the fryer. The dough is puffed and ridged, pocked with moon-like crags and dark brown patches. Cindy recommends topping her fry bread with red beef chile. When you add a topping like red chile to fry bread, it becomes an "Indian taco," and your snack becomes a meal. Cindy estimates 75 percent of her clients are Native American.

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Others come from as near as Scottsdale and as far as Japan. Michael says that The Stand is a spot where natives meet friends and family, often by accident. The Stand's fry bread is hot and light, almost like a disc of savory funnel cake. With red chile sauce, it has a heft and blunt spice that feel good, in a kind of strangely beautiful way, when combined with the broiling heat of the desert summer.

The Salt River Reservation recedes in the rearview, a patch of green, blue, and dirt-red.

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You can almost picture the land as it once was: green corn and cotton, fields of beans, squash, and sugarcane, the stone jewelry and clay pottery, hunters going after quick jackrabbits and javelinas. The rural picture disappears in a rush of concrete, glass, and strip malls: Arcadia. The walls are red and yellow brick, stucco and cinderblock. A man eating lunch with his family slowly rises, walks to Carlos. He just devastated an "Indian taco" as big as my head. Maria learned Peralta's recipes, including fry bread. Customers can ask for fry bread soft or crispy. Maria and Carlos both prefer crispy.

To achieve this, Maria fries her dough longer. A rich fry bread results. You can upgrade that fry bread to an "Indian taco" in many ways—shredded chicken or beef, carne asada, red and green chile. There's also a breakfast fry bread with chorizo, eggs, and potatoes. And there's a dessert fry bread with honey, powdered sugar, and cinnamon.