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Battery life is decent, though not as long as it is on the Max. Wireless charging continues to be useful and convenient. The phone comes in Silver, Space Gray, and a lovely gold color. The gold is more subtle champagne and rose in tone, and it looks fantastic. Glass is fragile, so go get one of our recommended cases! The iPhone XS is an excellent phone that is well worth the money — especially if you can get a good trade-in deal at your carrier.

Although it is expensive, it will last you for years, so it is a solid investment. Pros: Good size, great processor, gorgeous design, latest and greatest hardware, fantastic cameras, FaceID, wireless charging. Cons: Expensive, glass is fragile, no headphone jack or adapter in box. If you've always wanted a massive screen on your phone, look no further than the iPhone XS Max. The device is the same physical size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but the bezels are gone. In their place is nothing but a gorgeous, sharp OLED screen.

The large screen is perfect for watching video, sharing pictures with friends, and playing mobile games. You simply won't want to look away from it. The only downside to the large size is that it's hard to operate one-handed unless your hands are large. We recommend a PopSocket grip or a good grippy case to help you handle this phone. As always, Apple's latest A12 Bionic chip is lightning fast and there are no delays, snags, or long load times with the XS Max. Apple has also improved the dual megapixel cameras on the back of the iPhone XS Max to ensure better performance in low light.

We love the 2x optical zoom on the Max and the option to continue zooming in to 10x with software zoom. Battery life is quite a bit longer on the Max than it is on the XS, given its larger size. The iPhone XS Max is an excellent phone that is well worth the money — especially if you can get a good trade-in deal at your carrier. Although it is as expensive as a high-end laptop, it will last you for years, so it is a solid investment. Plus, with all that screen and all that power, you have a phone unlike any other.

Pros: Huge screen, great processor, gorgeous design, latest and greatest hardware, fantastic cameras, FaceID, wireless charging. If you don't care about the dual cameras or the OLED screen, though, it's better to wait for the XR, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper and has a newer processor. The stunning OLED screen measures 5. The result is a sexy phone that's all screen and fits comfortably in your hand.

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Unlike the iPhone 8 Plus, it's a manageable size to hold, because it's only a bit larger than the iPhone 7. Both the back and front of the phone are covered in glass, so be sure to pop a case on for protection and grip.

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As usual, the cameras are impressive. The dual cameras on the back of the phone support zoom and wide-angle shots, too. One of the coolest tricks Apple pulled off with the iPhone X is facial recognition for Face ID, the phone's new method for secure unlocking and payments. Your phone will recognize your face and it can't be fooled by masks, makeup, hats, glasses, or other changes. The A11 Bionic processor is still fast and benchmark results show that it is nearly as powerful as a laptop computer.

Apple also started storage off at 64GB, which is excellent. Tech geeks will want to go up to GB, but most of us will be happy with 64GB. It's also got wireless charging and water resistance. Pros: Gorgeous design, huge OLED screen, no bezels, wireless charging, portrait mode on both front and back cameras, fast processor, facial recognition to unlock.

Cons: Expensive, unproven Face ID unlocking tech, glass is fragile. It may not have facial recognition or the fancy portrait mode camera on the front, but it is still an excellent device. It's a year old now, but it's a good buy because it's on sale at many carriers. It looks pretty much like the iPhone 7 Plus, so it's a large phone with a big 5. The only real design change is that the iPhone 8 Plus has a glass back to allow for wireless charging. You'll want to put a case on it to prevent damage and add extra grip — especially since it's a large phone physically.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is still on the front of the phone and continues to act as a home button.

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The dual cameras on the back offer zoom, wide angle, and Portrait mode, so it will take excellent photos that are slightly better than the ones you'd get from the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus is a great phone that will make most people happy. It's a good way to save a few hundred dollars if you're not a tech geek who needs the bleeding-edge iPhone XS tech.

Pros: Fast processor, wireless charging, dual cameras, big screen, fingerprint sensor. Cons: Large size is hard to hold, glass is fragile, not as high-tech as the XS. The iPhone 8 is the best phone for people who want to save money on a smaller phone that's easy to hold. It lacks the dual cameras of the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and other Plus models, but it has all the other features that the iPhone 8 Plus has, including wireless charging and a good processor.

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From the front, it's the spitting image of the iPhone 7, so it's a smaller phone with a 4. The only real design change is that the iPhone 8 has a glass back for wireless charging. You'll want to put a case on it to add grip and protect it from breaking. Since it's the smaller model, it doesn't have the dual cameras or Portrait mode, which is a shame. Still, the single rear camera is very good and takes lovely photos.

The selfie camera is also quite good. The iPhone 8 is a lovely smaller phone with most of the key features you want in an iPhone. However, the iPhone XS is about the same size with a screen that's nearly an inch bigger, dual cameras, and other great features. So if money isn't a problem, you'll get a compact phone with better tech and a bigger screen. Pros: Easy to hold, wireless charging, new processor, more affordable than the XS and the 8 Plus, fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 7 doesn't have the fancy dual cameras, and it's not the most recent iPhone, but it is still a good device.

Even though we don't recommend you buy it, it will still last you a year or two before you need to upgrade. We don't think it's worth it, though, as the tech is aging. Since it's a smaller iPhone, it has a 4. It's more manageable to hold in your hands, and it is water resistant, so you don't have to worry about spilling water on it or dropping it in the tub. There's no dual camera setup on the back, but it still takes great photos and the selfie camera is good. Smaller iPhones typically have worse battery life, but the iPhone 7 is okay. It's not as good as the iPhone 7 Plus' battery life, but you can usually make it through a day of moderate use.

The iPhone 7 can easily last you about two years before you need to upgrade again. If you want an iPhone on the cheap, wireless charging doesn't thrill you, and you don't mind having older tech, it's still a fine buy. Also, the iPhone XS is about the same size with a screen that's nearly an inch bigger, dual cameras, and other great features.

Pros: Good cameras, smaller size, good processor, fingerprint sensor, metal housing, more affordable. Cons: No headphone jack, not the latest processor, no wireless charging, no dual cameras. These phones can still get the latest software update of iOS 12, but it is likely to be the last software update they will ever get.

That means you'll have an old version of iOS and any security problems that come with it. Your device will also slow down and crash occasionally because the processor and RAM are from three-to-four years ago, and therefore unequipped to handle new software and apps. Your battery life is also likely to take a hit because the phone will be working harder to accomplish even simple tasks like connecting to your cell network.

I know from experience. I had an iPhone 6 Plus that I had been using for about six months last year just to see how it runs. It stutters often. The battery doesn't last as long as it used to, either, and it doesn't always find my cell network right away. It works decently on iOS 11, but it is slower than it was on iOS You'll be spending hundreds of dollars on a phone that won't last more than a year or two.

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It's a bad investment. You are much better off getting a newer iPhone model or buying a brand-new, but cheaper, Android phone. As a tech geek, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the oldest iPhones I'd consider buying, because, at one-year-old, they're a good deal. They will last you three years at least. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are also fine choices if you don't mind upgrading in one-to-two years. Android phones are also great, so if you're not totally committed to the iPhone, take a gander at these comparably priced options.

They also support wireless charging. Spec for spec, it's more or less on par with the iPhone XS or Max. Check for deals at your carrier. The OnePlus 6 boasts a beautiful, , 6. It looks quite a bit like the iPhone XS from the front because it has the same small notch for the megapixel selfie camera. A new version called the 6T is expected to launch in a few months. The Moto G6 is the best budget phone for most people with its low price, solid camera, and clean Android software.

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It's an impressive budget phone that ticks all the boxes: glass design check , solid cameras check , fast processor check , great low price check. The iPhone XS and Max may have just launched, but there are a lot of iPhones out there in an array of sizes. It can be confusing to figure out which case will fit your phone let alone find out if the case you found is any good. We've tested hundreds of iPhone cases over the years, and there are a few brands that just stand above the rest.

The best iPhone cases are made with exacting care so that they fit your phone like a glove and offer good protection against life's knocks. All of the case companies we recommend really stress test their cases and design them well. Whether you want a fancy leather case, a folio, a rugged case or a basic no-frills one that gets the job done — we have a pick for you.

We also have advice on how to figure out which iPhone model you have and which cases will fit it here. Subscribe to our newsletter. Find all the best offers at our Coupons page.

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