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But I digress. The purpose of this article is to talk about how it is possible to do a marine aquarium on a budget, how you can enjoy the marine side of our hobby without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. The equipment for keeping marine fish has become very effective and simple to use. We know much more about keeping smaller marine tanks than we did even 5 years ago, and most important, there are a wide variety of commercially bred fish and invertebrates that are easier to keep than anything taken from the wild.

In this article, I will discuss some basic rules for putting together an affordable marine fish aquarium , and I will suggest a few different types of tanks that will give you the pleasure of keeping marine fish and invertebrates without breaking the bank.

Medium/Large Aquariums

I will also comment on the best fish and invertebrates for these aquariums. There are a few general considerations for having a successful marine aquarium on a limited budget. Allen has one of the best local fish stores in the country, and he understands the various aspects of aquariums as well as anyone I know. The primary consideration when doing a marine aquarium with limited funds is that you really do need to keep the tank a modest size.

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Also, in keeping with a smaller size, you will save money if you start with a tank that can be kept on a table, desk or other existing flat surface; having to purchase a stand adds a fair amount to the total cost of a setup. Allen remarked that if you spend less money on the equipment, you will have to spend more time taking care of the fish, and this does make sense. This, however, is probably a very good thing.

In general, the more attention hobbyists pay to their fish, the healthier their fish will usually be, as long as the extra attention is not in the form of feeding too much. The marine aquarium on a budget can be as simple as a gallon tank with a hang-on-back outside fish tank filter , a heater and marine substrate. This would make a fine home for a couple of clownfish, some shrimp and a hermit crab.

The bigger expenses of a marine tank really start adding up as you increase in size and want to keep marine animals that require high-intensity lighting. For a marine tank on a budget, large fish and all but a few corals are not in the picture. This brings us to the second factor for having a successful marine aquarium on a budget: Stick to fish and invertebrates that have been commercially aquacultured. There are a nice variety of clownfish, gobies, dottybacks and other small marine fish that are commercially farmed today, and the varieties keep increasing.

Commercially raised marine fish have a number of advantages—they are used to being with other fish, they are usually free of the many parasites that can come on wild fish, and they are accustomed to eating the available prepared foods. They are also usually reasonably priced—well within the modest budget we are talking about. The other important keys to success with a small marine tank all involve simple stocking and maintenance considerations. Of first importance is that you do not crowd the tank with fish. Please remember, the fish you will be buying all of which will, I trust, be commercially farmed are juveniles; this must be taken into consideration when stocking a tank.

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The commercially raised clownfish offered for sale at your local fish store will usually be 1 to 2 inches in size. Their adult size will be more than twice that. A second consideration is that you not overfeed the fish. The temptation is to do this whenever you see the fish begging for food — which will be always. Proper feeding is a tiny amount of food, three or four times a day. Always make sure that the fish are eating every bit of the food you put in there within a minute or two.

Fish can go for many days without food and be just fine; many more fish have died from overfeeding than from underfeeding.

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Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer. Bought this skimmer 2 weeks ago and is working great! I have a biocube 14 that has been cycling for 3 months , I decided to go ahead and purchase this skimmer having used similar airlift skimmers in the past with great results, after 1 week of a breaking in period and a little bit of adjusting to the air flow and the depth the skimmer is picking up skimmate. It fits perfectly in the first chamber of the corralife biocube.

Despite negative reviews this is a great skimmer, those on the negative review side must not understand how airlift skimmers work. Farias Reno, Nevada.

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At first I was a little hesitant to purchase this product because of the reviews, but this is very simple to use. Don't really know whats so difficult about this. Yes the Multi-Language instructions can be a little overwhelming, but just like one of the other reviews said, tear off the language you read and discard the rest. Only 2 left in stock more on the way.

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I wouldn't even consider owning anything but SeaClear aquariums. I just bought my 4th. I'm sure it's only time before they'll be a 5th. Crystal clear viewing.

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Easy to clean. Hold temperatures better. Best thing about them? Earthquakes won't break them. Learned my lesson the hard way with glass. With these, you just just can't go wrong.

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I'll be upgrading to LED lighting. The lights this takes are pretty weak and can only keep a few plants alive.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. The set came well packaged, nothing broken or cracked. My daughter built the stand with no trouble. I am cycling the tank now. The pump is really nice and powerful, really good water circulation. The LED's are great lots of light. The lighting timer is confusing to figure out but we managed, there are several videos on you tube that show you how to do it. You need to add a heater, thermometer and add filter media to the back, it comes with 1 carbon filter. My tank will be a fresh water community tank, so I don't need a protein skimmer, you would have to purchase that separately if you are setting up a salt water or reef tank.

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