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Police said Wilson ran from officers and tried to reach into his pocket against police orders, prompting the Taser shot. July 14, — Lafayette police clear Harris after an internal investigation.

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March 31, — A federal judge dismisses all claims against Harris, Schultz and Lafayette. Terms of the settlement are not disclosed. Wednesday — The U.

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Lawyers for the family, including mother Wendy Wilson and father Jack Wilson, argue that their son posed no threat to Harris when the officer fired his Taser at him. They claim Ryan Wilson was shot in the back of the head or neck by the Taser.

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In , a federal judge dismissed the case on summary judgment. Andrew Nathan, argued that Wilson was disobeying orders not to reach into his pocket, where a folded knife was later found. For that reason, discussions in this course may refer to those products and their incumbent technologies. This course is not a product endorsement.

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The goal of this course is to provide information that will equip you to safely and effectively use your electronic control device in a defensible manner. Material in this course is not legal advice. As always, seek legal information and recommendations from your department's legal advisor. Logout Confirmation Are you sure want to logout from the system?

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In , Harlan was pulled over by officers for suspicion of either speeding or drunken driving the reason remains unclear. Harlan appeared to cooperate with police, but within seconds multiple cops grabbed him and walked him off camera. He was then stunned three times and entered cardiac arrest, according to a police handout obtained by CBS News. Moments later, Harlan's body was dragged back into view of the dash cam. Officers attempted to wake him up during the next 14 minutes, but it was too late. Harlan died of cardiac arrest in front of his home and his screaming parents.

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Screengrab of dash-cam footage from the Moberly police department showing the events that preceded the death of Stanley Harlan. Courtesy of Nick Beradini.

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Still, the Smith brothers contend in the film that the Taser is perfectly safe and simply cannot do any serious harm. Taser International trains master instructors with devices such as the X26 stun gun.

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Those instructors then train police officers in departments around the US. In their depositions, as well as in a Canadian Parliament hearing on the matter, the brothers assuredly deny all assertions their product can kill. When asked about a specific instance involving a death by Taser, Rick Smith responds, "What I'm saying is that to the best of our knowledge it does not appear that the direct electric effects of the Taser would be the most likely cause of the cardiac arrest. Rick's brother echoes this later on: "In terms of the studies that have been done we have not seen anything conclusively that has come back scientifically that has said a Taser has killed.

According to the company's running tally , of the more than 2.

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In , however, Taser International updated its training procedures to include that officers should not aim for the chest.