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The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.

More than Just a Fragrance

A lady and her unmarried daughter take on paying guests in s London, and the daughter begins a lesbian affair with one of them. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell. The main character, George Comstock, wants to be a poet, but everything conspires against him. The aspidistra, the plant every middle-class family had on its windowsill, stands for giving up.

Such a bitter, hard book to read.

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This starts with a man going to a psychiatrist and saying a leprechaun is giving him strange jobs to do. The psychiatrist is knocked on the head and ends up in an insane asylum. What I love about it is, it sort of makes sense. Read Next. How breastfeeding after the age of 2 can put your kid at r Sign me up for your offbeat awesomeness newsletter!

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Do not automatically apply for a campus debit card. Instead, shop around for a bank account and debit card you can use on campus. But if you give the bank permission to charge overdraft fees, the debit card will keep working even after you are out of money. Almost half 46 percent of to year-olds are charged overdraft fees, according to U. And 61 percent of the overdrafts were for purchases, not ATM withdrawals.

Fifteen percent of college-age consumers paid 10 or more overdraft fees each year — more fees than any other age group, the study found. Banks and financial institutions need your written consent in advance before they can allow your account to dip below zero and start charging overdraft fees.

Decline that option, or revoke your consent if you have agreed to it in the past. If you use your debit card daily, it is even more important to know exactly how much money you have in your account. Three free options for keeping tabs include:.

Parfums Lancome: Where to Buy

No matter which option you choose, recognize that not all purchases are deducted from your account the minute you make them. Some may take several days, or even a week, to clear. Want to avoid problems? Have a talk with Mom or Dad to spell out exactly what the card is meant to cover.

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At least once a year, pull all three of your credit reports and make sure everything is accurate. You often have to pay to view your credit scores. However, some credit card companies, banks and credit unions provide scores for free as a customer service. Years ago, enrollment in college almost guaranteed you a credit card.

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Now, if you are under 21 and want a card, you either need verified income enough to pay the bill or a co-signer. While you may qualify, it is often smart to stay out of the credit card arena until you have actual disposable income to dispose of. In a dorm, you share a communal environment with little space and less privacy. Safeguard your cash, debit cards, credit cards and personal financial information. Also, use private devices and access banking information on secure networks. Never write down PINs or passwords.

Force yourself to log in to financial sites each time rather than saving passwords or logins.

You do not want your bank or card pages to pop up,if someone trolls through your phone or surfs on your computer. And devise a secret hiding place for your debit or credit card. Ever wondered how much of that clothing we consume—and where it all goes? Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff did. The founder of MommyGreenest. Each month. In , online consignment giant thredUP. More than women have taken the Challenge so far in , and the goal is 1,—representing a savings of 6, pounds of landfill waste.

Program participants and VIP guests will learn how like-new consignment can break the fast fashion cycle, and can join the ShopDrop Social Media Scavenger Hunt to win raffle prizes. Prices at thredUP.