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A few days later I wrote them an e-mail telling them how upset I was that they lied about the price they were going to charge me to get my business then upped the cost after the appointment was scheduled. I also expressed my dissatisfaction with the work that was done and they did not e-mail me back or call me back.

My overall experience is that they were unprofessional, didn't care about the quality of work, and did not care that I was upset in the slightest. I do not recommend this company.

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I have used many cleaners over the years and would like to state that Adelman did an outstanding job. The two guys worked hard and were very knowledgeable.

I will use Adelman for my next cleaning. Our family spend a lot of time in our family room and our furniture takes a beating. It is always a hard decision to hire someone to come into your home. I cannot be more happy that we chose Adelman.

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We offer coupons from national brands like Stanley Steemer and Sears, as well as reputable local companies. Whatever printable coupon you choose, there's no time like the present to give your carpet a deep clean.

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