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When contrasting and comparing different knife brands, it is essential to compare apples to apples, and in this case, it means comparing forged to forged and stamped to stamped knives. The knife handle is the most expensive component of a forged knife.

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Usually, aesthetics and ergonomics drive handle choice. You may select a handle that visually appeals to you while someone else chooses by the grip. Both Wusthof and Henckels make knives with a wide variety of handles, all are top quality. While most of the blades from Henckels and Wusthof look relatively similar to each other, there are some distinctions.

First is the hardness of the steel.

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Henckels has a hardness rating of Rockwell, but on some collections designed by Bob Kramer some are Japanese is 61 Rockwell. Wusthof is rated at 58 Rockwell. The higher the number, the harder the steel so Wusthof is likely to hold its sharpness longer, while Henckels knives will be a little easier to sharpen. Another significant difference is the angle to which the blade is sharpened.

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There are a few other differences in these forged German knives. Henckels International Forged is made in Spain. The bolster is the part of the knife that gets thick just before the blade meets the handle. Most bolsters for German knives look like the one seen here show image of HK This small, handy knife with its short sabre-shaped, curved blade is also called a paring knife and is particularly suitable for peeling and cleaning round vegetables and fruit.

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  7. Thanks to the special blade shape, potatoes and apples can be peeled quickly For the chef looking for a large storage block, this item is big enough to house your collection. No kitchen should be without this manual food processor. It is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. Slicing, mincing, dicing of all kind of food.

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    Perfectly balanced, an extension of your hand. Magnetic bars offer an off the counter option for your knife storage.

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    Choose your length based on how many knives you own or plan to own. Contemporary look with this 35 cm Tired of sending your valuable knives out for service? With two sides, one can recondition a well used edge with the grit side then fine tune with the grit side. The most versatile of all parers: for mincing shallots, onions and herbs as well as cleaning and cutting vegetables.

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    Cut everything from bagels to tomatoes with the Classic Ikon 5-inch serrated Utility. The serrated blade cuts easily through tomatoes and the small size makes cutting bagels a pleasure.

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    The serrated edge slices even the ripest tomato as thin as you like. The forked tip is great for serving.