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Start taking advantages of Serendipity Prom promo codes. Make an excellent deal right now! Join thousands of smart shoppers. So the article is saying that gays are at all levels of society, from elites to lowly blue-collar workers. My father used to work for a very dry and boring trade newspaper. He enjoyed winging humourous headlines through the Humorless Filter. The NYT article is great. You can search the NYT archive online. From many of the articles are free.

However this early travel guide from January 25, has a wholly unexpected, casual if discriminatory throwaway comment about gay bars. Alison, you hafta hafta hafta throw us a bone for Inauguration Day. Why is Martina wearing glasses while at a game? Why not wear contacts??? Is there a reason? This is going to bug me! Bookbird — yeah, I figured it had a different meaning then vs.

And I knew that someone at this blog would tell me what it was. What an interesting tidbit. Seems like just another way make someone feel uncomfortable or dirty. Or maybe my sex drive is so low that all these things everyone else sees as sexual slip under my radar. There is, of course, nothing particularly wrong with the original headline. Rather, what I find humorous is —not the headline itself— but the fact that the newspaper felt obligated to make the change in the first place which, in turn, only pointed out a reading of the original headline to which most folks would never have otherwise given a second glance.

I took a look at the NY Times article. What is also interesting is the subtly subversive nature of the article. Although purporting to be neutral, it accepts pretty much all of the comments from the Mattachine Society at face value, and, although also presenting statements from various religions, is surprisingly unquestioning of pro-gay statements. And, of course, any gay man new to NYC would have a far better idea of where to go to meet others after reading this article.


On the subject of wet women, I have no useful comment, except to note that in London we used to have a Lesbian Strength march the weekend before Pride, which was apparently invariably rained on. The rumour I heard was that one of the organising committee was an avatar of Inanna, the goddess of rain and love and war. Just the other night, an episode of Craig Ferguson was on, and he was musing about something. Very funny!

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Maybe glasses are more secure. A nice review in The Stranger, a Seattle weekly. New deal us please! That was hardcore funny. LondonBoy, really there were only two wet Lesbian Strength marches, they are just the most memorable. I wrote a report on one which began, three miles is a long way to walk when your shoes are full of water….

Style: Stella Couture By Serendipity 17201 ( 1pc One Shoulder With Bow Trumpet Gown )

Wanna see photos? Pam I: Thank you. I loved looking at the pictures of the old marches. It was one of the first times a purely straight interest-group with nothing in common with us built bridges to the lesbian and gay community, on the grounds of a shared philosophy. Of course, both of these citations use gay following the use of homosexual. And nothing like dyke pride march pix do bring some warmth to the throes of freezing New England winter temps.

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Thx Pam I.! A lot of herstory was left out of the story, but I thought it was surprisingly good. Birka, I would LOVE to participate in that tomorrow, but I also have collection agencies hounding me for unpaid medical bills. I know, excuses, excuses. Traitor to the cause? So, since Friday, about people have been taking turns occupying the building. Dang, I love to see labor strike back. Alex K, not only did I enjoy that link, but the book involved will be a perfect gift for a friend of mine.

One Christmas gift, down. Time to order it from the public library, me thinks…. And I keep hearing BoA implicated in so many of these loan foreclosures. There was one in Boston — they refused to accept the terms of a reasonable agreement with a homeowner so she could stay in her home. I took yesterday day off. Hey, Alison, I keep hearing terrible weather news for your area.

My parents are glad they have a wood stove this week…. Gotta order one for myself, now…. Or should that be a-stop-stop? The ice was worse the farther south and east you went. North was mostly snow and way south and near the coast —like around Boston— was apparently much rain. The radio reported 36, without power in VT, , without power in Mass mostly western MA and , without power in NH forget how many in Maine. Here in Vermont on the Mass border we lost power at Midnight Thurs night, and its still off now Sun evening.

A couple days without phones. This is me typing at the library. I suspect my local —very rural— area may have been triaged.

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Lots of local schools and fire stations have opened shelters to help folks without power [fortunately we have a generator]. I would also like to share an author that many here might like: Catherine Friend.

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I figured with the new book, worth repeating and getting the word out. How pathetic am I? Both comments and pings are currently closed.