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Coupon crime is always a hot topic on Coupons in the News. And from counterfeiting to coupon theft, this year offered plenty of examples click here to read a selection of them. But one of the most audacious coupon crimes of the year involved a quartet of Walmart shoppers in Florida. All four have pleaded not guilty to charges of organized fraud and dealing in stolen property.

Their next court date is scheduled for February.

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Coupon fraudsters put on notice. And the top coupon story of the year involves new industry efforts to crack down on coupon crime. In a pair of exclusive stories this year, Coupons in the News revealed just what was going on as Facebook coupon groups suddenly started disappearing in droves , and why newspapers across the country began offering rewards for information about who was stealing and selling stacks of Sunday coupon inserts.

The Facebook groups disappeared because investigators working on behalf of the coupon industry reported them.

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Members were and in some cases, still are sharing information about how to fraudulently use high-value coupons on low-priced products for which they are not intended. But those who steal inserts to sell them to you, or openly advocate stealing from stores by engaging in coupon fraud, are now put on notice — the industry is watching, now and in the year to come, working hard to find and stop the offenders.

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So consider yourself caught up! Will the coupon industry crackdown continue? Will coupon values get better or worse?

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Will all of the upstart printable coupon sites and savings apps survive for another year? Stick around and find out! Your email address will not be published.

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Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Did you read them all?? Blame the couponers! Walmart entices price shoppers From the introduction of ad match, to its former Receipt Comparison Tool , Walmart has been looking for ways to cement its status as the low price leader. Share this! Tweet this! Tags: CouponsInTheNews. One Comment O says: December 31, at pm. Then there are bearer bonds, the old-fashioned kind that my year-old cousin Lou owns. Like silver dollars made with real silver and stock tickers that spit out prices on strips of paper, these bonds are relics of an earlier age.

They are impressive-looking documents, printed on fancy, perforated colored paper.

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In some ways, bearer bonds are like cash: the holder is the owner and the bonds need not be registered, a feature that makes them highly appealing to tax evaders and to criminals looking to steal them from their holders. Worry about theft explains why Lou did not want his last name or photograph used for this article. Bearer bonds even worked their way into a Hollywood script. In the first "Die Hard" movie, the villains tried to steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth of them. Many holders leave their bearer bonds for safekeeping with their brokers, who every six months clip the coupons that are attached to the certificates and collect the interest payments.

They also keep track of bonds that are called or retired. Lou, though, keeps his bonds locked in a safe at a bank and clips the coupons himself. A feisty native New Yorker, he ran a small business in Manhattan, and he still likes to handle his own finances. But as Lou has discovered, bearer bonds aren't long for this world. The bonds are the victim of tighter tax laws and the growing digitalization of the financial industry, which increasingly shuns paper pushing.

Since , when lawmakers passed the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act partly to foil tax evaders, few bearer bonds have been issued in the United States. They remain popular overseas, however. As a result, American bearer bonds will all but disappear when the remaining and year issues come due.

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The D. That's a far cry from the situation in , when the company handled 21 million bearer bonds, or 42 million coupons a year, and employed people to get the work done. Since no new bonds are being issued, the number of bonds in the D. While the company has a well-honed system for dealing with bearer bonds, investors like Lou are having a harder and harder time handling them on their own.

In the mid's, he bought a bunch of them at a discount -- about 50 to 60 cents on the dollar, because their coupon rates of 5 to 9 percent were considered low at the time.

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