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Then, decide if you want to create a coupon for the current course, or for all courses and pricing plans on your school.

Implementing Your Own Coupon System for Standalone Charges | Stripe

If you create a coupon for This Course Only , you'll be asked to fill in the following information:. If you create a coupon for All Courses , you'll be asked for the same information as a course-specific coupon, but the discount must be a percentage. Also, as this coupon will apply to all courses and pricing plans, you cannot specify the pricing plan to be discounted.

Subscriptions and Payment Plans will have the coupon applied to all billing periods. In each case, once you've finished creating the coupon, click the Add Coupon button. To create single-use coupons, click the Bulk Coupon Generator button on your course's Coupons page:. From there, choose to create a coupon for This course only or All courses. You'll then be promoted to enter the same information as when creating a multiple-use coupon, as well as the Number of Coupons to be created.

However, as each coupon will have its own unique coupon code, you will not have to specify one.

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Doing so will download a CSV file to your computer. Use any spreadsheet application e.

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The first column contains the unique single-use coupon code—this is what your students will enter in the Add Coupon field during checkout. Percentage-based discounts will be calculated against the remaining price, after prior discounts have been calculated. Percentage-based discounts will always be calculated against the original item price, before other discounts are applied. The bottom line is that we allow you to specify the period length for count-limited recurring coupons to prevent coupons from applying for too long in the case of multiple products with varying intervals. We advise you to pick the interval of the subscriptions that you expect the coupon to apply to most of the time.

If you set an expiration date, the coupon can no longer be added to subscriptions after the end of that day in your time zone.

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Recurring discounts, however, will continue to apply even after the expiration date. Note that if you change the time zone for your site, coupons will continue to expire at midnight in the original time zone. Use the conversion limit field to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used. Note that if you add additional codes to the coupon, this number will apply to each code separately.

This is the most frequently used conversion setting in Chargify. If you set a conversion limit to 1 , that coupon can be used exactly 1 time across your entire site.

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Once a coupon has been created you can add additional codes to the coupon in order to make the code unique. These codes behave exactly like the main coupon code.

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However, they are generally un-guessable combinations of letters and numbers that you can distribute to customers to make your coupons more secure. Next, enter the additional codes into the text box, with one coupon per line. Select Import Codes. To create codes, please enter no more than one code per line. Once you have manually entered your codes, hit save and Chargify will confirm the codes that have been successfully added.

This will immediately remove it from the your account.

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  • Because the charge amount may change depending on an entered coupon, it is best to refrain from displaying the amount in the Checkout modal. On the server, you want to verify the validity and value of the submitted coupon, then update the amount to be charged before sending the charge request to Stripe.

    Implementing Your Own Coupon System for Standalone Charges

    You can then look up the user-submitted couponCode in this hash, and apply any discount accordingly. Note that in keeping with the Rails tutorial this example builds off of, a customer is created first and then charged. You can just make a charge directly too. Noting the coupon usage makes it easy to see at any later point that a coupon was used on the charge.

    For the above code to work, you want a hash that stores all of the coupons, and a mechanism to retrieve their respective discounts. Some normalization of code is performed, like stripping whitespace, before looking it up in the hash. If the user submitted a coupon but it was not found, no coupon is returned, and the calling code creates a Coupon code is not valid or expired. Next, build an order confirmation page that displays the subtotal, the discount applied, the savings, and the total amount charged. In this basic implementation and the subsequent more advanced one, the user will not know the final charge amount before they submit their details via Checkout.

    This is because the discount is applied after the stripeToken is generated but before the charge call is made to Stripe. See the end of this recipe for a possible approach to improving this workflow. The coupon system outlined so far is relatively inflexible.

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    Adding new coupons or removing expired ones requires a code change and a deploy. It would also be valuable to track coupon redemptions. With a bit more effort, you could improve the system by moving the coupons into the database.