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Vegetable Egg Roll 4 Pieces Crispy fried egg rolls filled w. Fried Shrimp 6 Pieces Breaded shrimp deep fried until crisp. Siopao Steamed Pork Bun 3. Shrimp Dumpling 4.


Tom Yum With Spicy soup w. Tom Ka Stewed in coconut milk w. Yum Kai Chicken Salad Sliced chicken w. Yum Nua Beef Salad Sliced broiled beef w. Yum Woosen Bean thread salad w. Little Dumpling Specials Served with rice. Roast Duck Half Crispy Chicken Half 8. Pork Chop W. Peking Sauce Crispy pork chop w. Orange Chicken 6. Sesame Chicken 6. String Beans With 6. Pepper Steak 6. Vegetables With Mixed vegetables stir-fried with choice of meat. Sauteed Broccoli Broccoli stir fried in light wine sauce. Chicken Lo Mein 7.

Beef Lo Mein 7. Shrimp Lo Mein 8. House Lo Mein 8. Egg Fried Rice 5. Vegetable Fried Rice 6. Chicken Fried Rice 6. Beef Fried Rice 6. Pork Fried Rice 6. Shrimp Fried Rice 7. Spicy Fried Rice Choice of meat stir-fried bell peppers, garlic onions, chili and sweet basil leaves. Spicy Noodle Choice of meat stir-fried with wild rice noodles onion, bell peppers, onions sweet basil leaves and chili sauce.

Kra Prow Spicy Basil Stir-fried choice of meat onions bell peppers and sweet basil leaves with hot chili sauce. Hot Chili Stir-fried choice of meat. Eggplant Delight Stir-fried choice of meat onions, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini and sweet basil leaves with spicy bean sauce. Red Curry Your choice of meat stewed in coconut milk with carrot, bamboo shoots, sweet basil and red curry paste.

Green Curry Your choice of meat stewed in coconut milk with carrot, bamboo shoots, sweet basil and green curry paste. Panang Curry Your choice of meat stewed in coconut milk green beans and Panang curry paste. Pineapple Curry Your choice of meat stewed in coconut milk with pineapples and yellow curry paste. Fisherman Delight Fried red snapper, shrimp, scallops, squid, crab meat, onions, green onions, bell peppers, carrots, green beans and bamboo shoots with green curry paste.

Seafood Tom Yum Delight Fried red snapper, shrimp, scallops, squid, crab meat with tomyum sauce on top steamed cabbages. Cashew Chicken Boba Drink 3. Cashew Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Pepper Steak Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Chicken Lo Mein Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Beef Lo Mein Lunch 6. Pork Lo Mein Lunch 6. Shrimp Lo Mein Lunch 7. Beef Egg Foo Young Lunch 6. Shrimp Egg Foo Young Lunch 7. Lemon Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Sesame Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Kung Pao Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons!

Kung Pao Beef Lunch 6. Kung Pao Shrimp Lunch 7. Mongolian Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Mongolian Beef Lunch 6. Mongolian Shrimp Lunch 7. Broccoli With Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Broccoli With Beef Lunch 6. Broccoli With Shrimp Lunch 7. Orange Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Ginger Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons!

Vegetable Deluxe Chicken Lunch Cannot be used with coupons! Vegetable Deluxe Beef Lunch 6. Vegetable Deluxe Shrimp Lunch 7. Silver Dollar Pancakes. Rate and Comment. I have been making these for years! They are light and fluffy and these pictures are making me hungry for some chicken and dumplings right now lol. No matter how many times I make my homemade chicken soup I still have to look up the recipe for dumplings.

I'm joining many others in asking Betty Crocker Co. I made chicken and dumplings, using Bisquick for the dumplings. I put some herbs and spices in the dumplings. It came out soooo delicious!!! Fluffy and tasty. The next day they were even better. Love this recipe. This is my go to receive for dumplings. Always comes out super. I'm glad there is a recipe for the dumplings using Bisquick, but what about the soup that you put the dumplings on top of?

Would like as well. Both were on the Bisquick box. My mom always made dumplings with this recipe. She recently passed away and I decided to make them. They are so light and fluffy. Love them!! Not as good as mom's of course, but very tasty!! Dumplings were light and fluffy. Added salt and pepper for some added flavor. Please put the dumpling recipe back on the box. I remembered the measurements for ingredients but not cook time requirements. Please put the recipe back on the box. Please put the dumpling recipe back on the box for the benefit of those who don't have internet to look it up.

My Memere always added 1 egg. I've been using Bisquick for over 40 years. I noticed that the "experts" skipped a step. I always mix the milk or half and half in and let the dough rest 10 minutes or so. I get nice, light, fluffy dumplings every time. Been making my dumplings with Bisquick for over 40 years now wouldn't make than any other way love how they come out light and fluffy and my chicken and dumplings are family favorite. I cant believe you redesigned the bisquick pancake bottle and took the little line you used to have on there to tell us how much water to add.

This has taken our easy way to make pancakes into something hard and that we need a measuring cup to use. First time making dumplings and I changed this recipe up a little.

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Made the perfect amount to make ping pong ball sized dumplings that made a layer on top of beef stew. These were absolutely light and delicious! Now I'm wondering why I never made them before!?!?! I've made this recipe for years I roll mine out cut them and cook in broth it's the best recipe I've found. I cook for 12 minutes uncovered and covered I have been making Bisquick dumplings for over 20 years, they are similar to English dumplings, and yes I am British, all my family loves my dumplings!!!

I made mine with smoked sausage but it was hard to keep lit. I have been making this recipe since I discovered it on the box many years ago. Using Bisquick, in my opinion, is the only way to make dumplings. I love the original dumpling recipe, but I am currently on weight watchers. Can the heart healthy bisquick be used in place of the original bisquick for the dumpling recipe?

The recipe specifically references the original. I make chicken and dumplings: boil chicken, cut chicken into pieces, add chicken bullion, corn, green beans, sometimes peas too , and dumplings. Secret: Before I put the dumplings in, get a bowl put a cup of milk and cup of bisquick,stir it, then pour it into the pan. Then I add the dumplings. Just like my mom made it.

This is one way I get my son to eat his vegetables!

My mom did this too and it makes them a little richer. Good without the egg, but it does add something. I absolutely love Bisquick. Tomorrow I'm making turkey and dumplings for my family with Thanksgiving leftovers. Thanks for helping us make memories! My family has used Bisquick for dumplings for years. But you need to follow directions exactly 10 min uncovered and 10 covered. It makes a great biscuit inside and its very easy for a cold winter's night.

My mom would roll them out sometimes and cut them like noodles!

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I agree with Babette I couldn't find the dumplings recipe initially on box, but then went to website. What happened to the recipe for drop dumplings on the box? Anything with Bisquick is awesome, I do add some poultry seasoning into the dumpling mix. Adds a great flavor to them. These are delicious! I am puzzled as to why they removed it from the box! I agree, why did you remove the recipe for dumplings from the back of the box!! These are the best dumplings in the world. And, I've been making them ever since. I switch out most of the milk whole with sour cream and add fresh dill, seasoned pepper.

The dumplings are out of this world! The best dumpling recipe by far, light, fluffy, traditional! Does anyone know if the dumplings can be frozen after they are cooked? I'm used to cooking for a family and never had leftovers of these dumplings! But now I'm cooking for one and trying to find recipes I can freeze and reheat. Home made food with Bisquick mix??? That's not homemade, that's home assembled. I love Bisquick Chicken and Dumplings. I always want more dumplings though so I use 3 cups of Bisquick to 1 cup of milk.

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I also keep the dumplings covered for the entire 20 minutes. The turn out light and fluffy. Tried and true recipe--I have used this for over 20 years and it never fails. I have been making these for years and they have always turned out light and fluffy. However over the last several months, my dumplings deflate after covering with the lid and cooking the last ten minutes. Could it be that the heat is up to high? I also know someone else who makes these, and they do it backwards such as cover the first ten minutes, then uncover for the last ten minutes.

I always boil them in gravy verses chicken broth, but that is how I have always done it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is my son's favorite side dish. Why are my dumplings so thick or heavy? Please email me at kathyaleblanc gmail. Mine do the same thing. It's like they start out light and fluffy, then after I cover them, they deflate and become harder and dense.

They always came out fluffy for me but recently started doing this. The only thing I can think of is maybe I have the heat up to high and they are over cooking. If you switch out the milk and use sour cream and make sure to not overly stir the mix they will turn out light, fluffy, and melt in your mouth! What I do for the dumplings with Bisquick and very little milk and substitute it with soda water try it you might likeie, because my brother Mikey likey's.


Our family has used this recipe for years with great success. The last two times, though, the dumplings came out dense and doughy. Any suggestions for a cause? I've made this recipe most of my life and it's one of my family's favorites. In fact, my daughter has asked me to make it for her birthday and she's in her forties. We wouldn't eat any other kind of dumpling! I have always Loved these dumplings. This is how my mom used to make them. So sad not to see them on the box anymore!

Glad I could find them online! We love love these dumplings, our favorite is with pork and saurkraut.

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It was a great hit at my house to the point it is asked for every week. Love it!!!! This is a simple and quick, but delicious way to make dumplings. I've always loved these dumplings. However, now I am cooking for one. Can I make a batch and put the dough in the fridge until I'm ready to use it.

Brought my first box of bisquick, put these in my chicken soup.

First time will do again! I was relieved to find it here after a google search. Shame on you for removing it Betty!! My grandmother always used Bisquick for her dumplings as well and that was more than 40 years ago. The recipe IS on the box. Check the side - under biscuits and dumplings. The recipe has been on every box I've bought for the past 20 years.

For 40 years I have used Bisquick to make dumplings and they have always been perfect however, for the past 3 or so years the dumplings are not the same as they used to be. Now they are coming out heavy and doughy. I think I am making them the same way. Has the ingredients in Bisquick changed? Am I doing something different unknowingly? Any suggestions? This has been happening to me as well and I can not figure out why. I have done nothing different. The only thing I can think of is I am keeping my heat to high. I have an electric stove and sometimes it's hard to regulate the temperature.

They deflate after I cover them Make sure you continue to simmer with the lid off for 10 minutes before putting on the lid for the last 10 minutes or you will end up with chewy rather than fluffy dumplings. Don't overwork the dough either. Mix it with a fork just until the dry is mixed with the wet. How low do you turn your heat down to after dropping the dumplings. Mine deflate and turn out heavy. They used to come out light and fluffy but lately they are not turning out properly.

We are having "Dessert Dumplings" for dinner tonight! My Mother made these for us many years ago and we still enjoy them. I just use fresh or canned fruit, season with a little spice usually cinnamon and proceed with the dumpling recipe as if it were chicken or stew. Truly good with Peaches, cherries, apricots or berries. Makes a wonderful and economical dessert.

Hooray for Bisquick! My grown daughter who calls me for recipes just called for the chicken and dumplings she loved as a child.