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One of the main limitations of the Pixie is that it cannot froth milk. To start with, the Pixie occupies very little horizontal counter space. It has a ounce water reservoir, which is enough for a machine of this size. The container for holding used capsules holds 10 capsules.

Like the Citiz, the Pixie also has a foldable dip tray for accommodating tall cups. In fact, the Pixie is very similar to the Citiz, minus the Aeroccino frother and the ounce water tank.

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So, you can go ahead and take advantage of the significant price difference. For those who seek even better economy, Nespresso presents the Inissia. Like the Nespresso Citiz and the Pixie, the Inissia also has a bar pump and one-touch brewing function for espresso and lungo. And, the shot volume for both the drinks is user programmable.

The ounce water tank is of the same size as the water tank on the Pixie. The capacity of the container for holding used capsules is the same in Citiz, Pixie, and Inissia. But, the Inissia is the most compact of them all. Well, the difference between these machines becomes most apparent when you contrast their external shells. The proportion of metal parts to plastic increases as you move from the Inissia to the Pixie and from Pixie to Citiz. Fortunately, they did not shortchange anything that affects the taste.

The Inissia is the 1 bestseller on Amazon and has hundreds of favorable reviews.

So, with its popularity, cost, and capability considered, the Inissia is a good option. For instance, the water tank on this model has almost the same capacity as the Nespresso Inissia and Pixie.

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And, the container for holding used capsules can carry 10 to 12 used capsules. You can make espresso or lungo on this machine. The shot volume for both drinks is user programmable. So far, the STA sounds like a great deal, right? Well, the features are good. But, the way the model is put together is not. When you turn the machine on, the plate where you rest your cup begins to vibrate. Then, you should salvage it from the container for used capsules. However, these are the usual things one expects from a low-cost model. Fortunately, the model delivers a tasty brew of espresso. Now, this machine is right for temporary situations.

In such a situation, a cheap machine like the Mixpresso STA will work well for you. But, if you want something durable, you should stretch your budget. We will begin by checking whether buying a Nespresso machine is the right move to make. Lastly, we will point you to some notable brands in this category. At the end of reading this article, you will have all the information and understanding you need to act immediately with clarity and certainty.

10 Best Nespresso Machines for Every Coffee Lover out There

In all purchases, you exchange money for value. When the opposite happens, you feel dissatisfied. Based on the points for and against the Nespresso machine, you should choose whether it is the right equipment to satiate your love for coffee. The red Krups XN Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine uses the popular Nespresso capsule system, offering 22 varieties of espresso and lungo, and two cup sizes.

The white Krups XN Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine features the popular Nespresso capsule system, offering 22 varieties of espresso and lungo, and two cup sizes. Pod coffee Milk frother Tank capacity: 1. Pod coffee Milk frother Tank capacity: 1 litre bar pressure Auto shut-off Top features: - Make espressos and lungos at the perfect temperature - Nespresso capsules let you make drinks with ease - Energy efficient design includes energy saving mode Make espressos and lungos The Krups Essenza Coffee Machine is Holds up to 40 capsules Store your coffee capsules neatly in the Krups Nespresso Capsule Holder.

Coffee with style Alongside your Nespresso coffee machine, this chrome capsule holder brings style to your kitchen. It holds up to 40 of any of the Nespresso capsules, so Top features:- Compact and modern machine fits on any countertop- Nespresso capsules for a fresh tasting coffee- Velvety crema thanks to the 19 bar pressure system- Aeroccino for perfectly frothy milkCompact and modern machineThe Nespresso by Top features: - Enjoy Nespresso capsules for the perfect cup of coffee - Energy saving design with automatic shut-off - Removable water tank with easy to use features Enjoy Nespresso capsules Create the perfect cup of coffee with the The diverse machine offers you amazing choices between various coffees and espressos.

You can also select the size of your cup and taste some of the best flavors of Nespresso. The soft texture and delicious taste make it the another great coffee pod machine.


Believe it or not but this machine is so good that we even consitered putting it in our coolest technology gadgets list. It offers mouth-watering, aromatic espresso within a few minutes. The Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine is a beautiful machine made to express your style and beautify your kitchen with the vintage-inspired modern look.

Sage Nespresso Creatista Uno. The Sage Nespresso Creatista Uno is the perfect coffee machine for all coffee lovers out there. There are three temperature options for heating the milk, and you can make four different recipes from the same machine. Moreover, there are various videos online which can help you try out beautiful and artistic latte designs like a professional. We know we have already given the title of the most amazing Nespresso machine for a latte to Creatista Uno but this versatile and compatible machine offers multiple choices for you to make your best creation.

The Nespresso Lattissima offers you three milk and two coffee options so you can get exactly what you want. The machine creates amazing coffees in a limited amount of time, therefore, it is best-equipped for dealing with the morning rush.

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Though not in this list, the Evoluo is another one of the best works of the company. Nespresso Lattissima One. Since this is the second time we are mentioning the Nespresso Lattissima on our list, you would now know how good these machines are. It allows you to get espresso, lungo, latte or cappuccino from the same machine. What more can any coffee lover wish for? In the race to become the Greatest coffee machine, Creatista Plus is putting its right foot forward.

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Its strong milk frother creates amazing frost and the steam wands make it extremely easy to create beautiful designs. Nespresso Vertuo Plus. Nespresso Vertuoline is the most popular coffee makers line of Nespresso. And VertuoPlus is one of the most amazing Nespresso Vertuo machines of the company.

It has a fast heating system making it super efficient. Its fast-heating technology gives you ready-to-go coffee in just a few minutes, and the machine automatically switches off after 9 minutes. Moreover, it is such a good upgrade from the K-cup coffee makers.