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Knowing their problems is important, making a clear claim to the improvement you offer in the outcomes is even more so. Precise language has more power than generalities. For example:.

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You may not be able to say with precision what the actual performance will be for that company, but you can speak in specifics about what you have done for similar companies in similar circumstances. Those claims need to be stated, or you will be delegated. Anchor your claims with names. Few want to be first, but no one wants to be last. When you are looking to sell your biggest deals, your buyer will want to know that your claims have happened for other credible buyers. This is a time when name-dropping is not crass; it's crucial.

Make certain that the examples you give are relevant to the buyer. Getting the engagement of a dealmaker starts with his or her problem, not your offering. Understand the language of buyer's problems and you will get to the real dealmakers. Reduce overall energy spending by more than 10 percent within the next year.

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In fact, many mediocre salespeople are closing more deals than the top performers in their industry. So what sets those successful salespeople apart? The answer is average sale size. The key to closing those massive deals lies in selling to much, much bigger companies. Read on to learn five keys to closing huge deals at large companies, then implement them to crush your competition and rise to the top of your industry. Most salespeople are nervous or uncomfortable trying to sell to really large companies , and they let that fear hold them back.

Successful salespeople, on the other hand, understand that those large corporations can actually be easier to close.

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Second, they actually have the budget to really invest in a premium solution. When you first start looking at bigger corporations, you may be overwhelmed by all of the fancy titles.

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Should you sell to the CMO? Chief Happiness Officer? Brand Director? What do those titles even mean? Cut to the chase by going straight to the top of the chain. When looking at a big organization, identify the highest-ranking person relevant to the problem you solve, and start there. Before going after a high-level prospect, sit down and plan out an organized prospecting campaign, complete with unique, value-adding packages that you send via FedEx.

Why FedEx? Well, even C-suite prospects open their own FedEx packages -- the curiosity is just too much to resist.

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Each time you send a letter or package, follow up with a call or email. Be prepared to repeat this strategy over and over until you finally get through. After all, this will be a massive sale, so you can afford to put a little more time and money towards getting their attention and establishing a connection. While small mom-and-pop operations often rely on one decision maker to choose a solution, the decision-making process is often more layered and complicated with a bigger company.

Instead, ask your new customer for introductions to others in the company -- or outside of the company -- that they think could benefit from your product or service. Have you ever closed a huge deal with a massive organization? If not, how will you use these keys to close your first one? Check out this free 1-Minute Sales Strengths-Finder Quiz to learn more about how to improve your sales approach.

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