Coupons for loyal customers

1. Encourage repeat purchases by offering discounts on the next purchase

This is a good option to increase the sale of certain items and clear your stocks. It can be used to empty old items in stock, less profit is much better than a loss! Discount based on Delivery Location: Use these if delivery to a particular location is easy and cheap, most of the time a flat discount is given to adjust the delivery fee. Loyalty Based Coupon: If you are still figuring out a loyalty program for your restaurant.

How To Keep Customers Loyal With Coupons

Or you do not support a loyalty program? Use these coupons instead. Rewarding your regulars will definitely increase repeat business and improve your customer retention rates. These are effective in converting customers who do not visit your restaurant frequently. Social Media Promotion Based Coupons: Social network platform links are generated and the user who promotes it maximum like maximum likes on Facebook gets a discount or free dish.

Mobile coupons drive loyalty, customer engagement

Payment Method Based Coupons: Most of the time it is used for promoting payment gateways, but restaurants can use this to avoid a particular payment gateway due to high processing fees. Grocery coupon : These coupons are used for upselling and cross-selling purpose. Specific Code Based Coupon: To understand if a marketing campaign is successful, different coupon codes are promoted on different platforms. After an analysis, restaurants start shutting down unsuccessful campaigns and focus on what is working for them.

Small Business Spotlight

Event-Based Coupons: Many Restaurants organize events on special occasions, they follow up their regular customers and invite them to these events. During such events, new menus are launched, new dishes are brought forward. The customer loyalty is increased significantly and it also contributes to the publicity of restaurant through the videos and images are shared across social media for promotion.

Coupon Gifts: Many restaurants are launching coupon gifts, a person can buy these and gift their friends so that they can enjoy their meal on discount or free. Payback coupons : By using these coupons, customers pay the full amount and the discounted amount is awarded as the loyalty points which can be used to get discount in the next order. This ensures that customer will order again! Catalinas coupons : These coupons are awarded for the next order at the end of first order completion.

Again this ensures the loyalty of a customer. Brands must ensure they are finding the sweet spot when it comes to brand communication to eliminate the high unsubscribe rate and allow customers to be in-charge of demand. Generic marketing content - that all too often comes across as spam - is a thing of the past.

Win Customer Loyalty with These 12 Great Email Coupons

By providing consumers with particular coupons and deals through mobile messaging, businesses can speak with consumers, not at them. In fact, a Yahoo study reported that consumers are finding personalized content to be more engaging 54 percent , educational 52 percent , time-saving 49 percent and memorable 45 percent than general-audience advertisements.

By delivering mobile coupons that feel natural, seamless and integrated with messaging, consumers will be more apt to engage and spread the word. While some consumers are skeptical of mobile offers, one thing is certain: consumers trust word of mouth from family and friends. With this in mind, businesses can no longer overlook the option of personal sharing in messaging. By giving consumers the opportunity to share personalized offers via messaging or social media, companies can not only attract new customers, but will also see an evident rise in coupon redemption.

The time is now for retailers, especially small businesses, to transform their mobile marketing strategies to keep pace with the next generation of messaging. Mobile payment adoption just might be on the verge of a breakthrough.

What is customer loyalty?

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