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Our pricing policy is very straightforward. You pay hourly plus travel time on local moves and flat rate pricing on long distance moves. There are no hidden fees, no surcharge, no mileage charge, no staircase charge or no charge per pound. We are happy to provide you FREE shrink-wrapping material for your furniture and delicate belongings. Also we provide you FREE wardrobe boxes that is available to use during your move.

Our Fleet is well equipped with 5 Ton and 3 Ton Trucks loaded with heavy duty dollies, blankets, supplies and piano skids. We have all the equipment to move your belongings safely. Our movers and office staffs understand that our core value is to provide a stress-free experience to our customers. Our team is very friendly and is happy to accommodate to your needs. Although the company started with just a small truck, we are now equipped with three equipped vehicles to cater to all your moving needs.

Our workers are friendly, professional, and well-trained movers that all tend to exceed the expectations of most customers. We have provided various types of professional moving services to meet your needs. We specialize in all types of local moving ranging from office buildings to apartments, houses, condos, and high-rises. Our moving teams are professional individuals that are fully equipped to handle any situation.

Hey there! Do you need to move across Alberta or British Columbia? Maybe across the province?

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Our service entails a variety of long-distance services that can get you, your family and your belongings moving in no time. Local moves are priced hourly with no hidden fees or charges. However, long-distance moves require logistics. No sweat! Our professionals are available to help you budget, plan, and deliver your belongings on a Flat-rate price without any stress.

The best time to move to British Columbia is in summer. Although the heat might seem deterrent, it is easier and quicker to load and unload withour snow and ice. Be assured that your belongings are completely safe with us during the move. It will surely give the rest of the mind on your belongings. We have a fantastic packaging crew that will not just save your time, and they will also make sure all your belongings are completely secure and safe during the move.

Serving the Okanagan for 15 Years. Professional Kelowna Movers. Get Quote Now Call us at or Name required. Your Email required. Phone Number. Moving From. Moving To. Moving EST. Professional Kelowna Moving Companies. Kelowna Local Mover Whether you are looking to move homes, loft, apartments or condo, we can help you at a very reasonable price. Learn More. Packing Service A good packing crew not only saves you time and effort, they also ensure that your belongings are safe and secure during the move.

Why Choose Us? Residential and Commercial Movers Our office staff and movers are well experienced with all types of residential and commercial moves. Insured Your belongings are well insured during the move. Straightforward Pricing Our pricing policy is very straightforward. There is no surprise on your bill! Complimentary Supplies We are happy to provide you FREE shrink-wrapping material for your furniture and delicate belongings.

Equipment Our Fleet is well equipped with 5 Ton and 3 Ton Trucks loaded with heavy duty dollies, blankets, supplies and piano skids. Friendly Staff Our movers and office staffs understand that our core value is to provide a stress-free experience to our customers. See all reviews Write a review. Our partner moving companies are individually vetted to ensure that they meet these high standards and hold the proper insurance necessary to replace your items if they are damaged or vandalized.

If you need storage options, get a free quote today to see how affordable it can really be! If you are moving long-distance, no matter if it is intrastate, interstate, or across the country, there are quite a few things to consider that make the option of hiring a professional mover more attractive. Why are you moving? The type of move matters a great deal when weighing whether to hire a mover.

For instance, if you are moving due to a change or promotion in your career, you may find that managing your move while settling into a new office is too overwhelming. If your employer is paying for or reimbursing your move, you should consider hiring a professional to hammer out the complicated logistics for you. The nature of moving cross-country or even hours away in the same state creates the potential for damage to occur. There are also many logistical concerns when it comes to moving long distances such as the how to pack the moving truck or where to find a safe place to park the truck overnight.

Hiring a professional mover to transport your possessions places these concerns in the hands of certified, insured, and bonded professionals that make it their business to ensure safe delivery of your valuable and cherished belongings. Statistically speaking, the longer you are on the road, the more prone you are to have an accident. Our partner companies comply with all state and federal DOT guidelines to ensure safety on the road and prompt and efficient delivery of your valuables.

They drive large moving trucks hundreds of miles every day, so they have the expertise to safely deliver items to your new home. In the unlikely event that an accident does occur, out partner companies carry the proper insurance to reimburse you for any damage. Moving on your own is massively stressful. Successfully completing a long-distance move by yourself means thoroughly thinking through every detail of the transition, while you still juggle everything else in your life. Hiring a pro mover will allow you to relax and have peace of mind knowing that the only thing you need to worry about is getting yourself to your new home.

You can leave the rest to the professionals. If you are faced with an out-of-town or across-the-country relocation, get a quote from our properly vetted, licensed, bonded, and insured professional moving specialists and make sure everything from your home makes it where it needs to go! Moving scams come in a variety of forms. These scams usually occur when rogue movers engage in activities like low-balling estimates, holding goods hostage, or demanding cash-only payments.

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At Great Guys, we know that moving is a stressful season of life that can be further complicated if you hire the wrong moving company to assist […]. Many people moving long distances, especially those moving across the country or out of the country, choose to sell most of their belongings before the move. This saves on time, the cost of renting a truck or hiring movers, and can put extra cash in your pocket for unexpected expenses along the way. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you have the flexibility to examine your environment and buy what you need for your new space instead of trying to make old belongings fit in a new location.

The downside to selling your belongings is that you may not get your asking price. Additionally, more than likely, you will not receive the true value for your goods, especially if you get rid of items in a hurry. There are a few nationwide companies that rent out long-distance moving trucks for DIY moves. Furthermore, if you are doing all the work on your own, you must contend with stops along the way, plus food, supplies, and equipment rentals. While renting a moving truck for in-town moves can be a very affordable option, you may find it just as costly as hiring a professional mover for a cross-country relocation.

Additionally, you may not have anyone to help you unload when you get to your new home.

These factors, along with not having to deal with the stress of a DIY move, can make hiring a pro the more attractive option. A cargo trailer attaches to your personal vehicle via a tow hitch. Renting a moving container is a relatively inexpensive and reliable method for moving long distance. It is an especially convenient moving solution when you need temporary storage during the move.

Moving container companies typically allow customers to have a storage container dropped off at their residence on demand. Then, you can pack it at your leisure, request pick-up, and have it stored in a climate-controlled facility until you are ready to have it delivered to you. This may cost less than a full-service move and is sometimes cheaper than renting a truck. Just as with a rental truck, finding people to help you unload a truck hundreds of miles away from your new home can be challenging. If you have a long-distance move ahead of you, hiring a professional relocation service may be your best option.

In addition to eliminating the headaches associated with the logistics of moving a household from one state to another, hiring a professional can ensure that your belongings are safe and secure during the moving process. Additionally, legitimate moving companies are licensed and insured, which means they assume full responsibility for your things if something does go wrong. After you consider the costs associated with other methods of moving, you might be surprised at the relative affordability of hiring a full-service moving company.

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It never hurts to explore all your options when tackling a relocation of this magnitude. Price out your options, so you can choose the most affordable and convenient solution for you! Great Guys Long Distance Movers allows you to request free moving quotes from licensed and insured interstate moving companies. We can also help you get quotes on renting moving containers or auto transport services. With this information, you can make an informed decision about your method of moving.

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During a long-distance move, there are many ways to save money, depending on how you choose to make the move. Each move is different, and you may require certain services that other people may not. For instance, you may find a professional mover that is able to offer you a package price on a full-service move that is cheaper than many of the other options available. However, if you are not looking for a full-service option, consider the following strategies to trim expenses off the total cost of your move:. This advice applies whether you are renting a truck, storing your goods, or hiring a full-service professional mover.

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By getting competing quotes from multiple services, you can compare prices, services offered, equipment used, insurance, and every other facet that is important during a move. Great Guys Long Distance Movers can help you save money on your move by providing you with multiple quotes from professional movers, all of which provide multiple levels of service and options, including full-service moves, storage rentals, and more.

If you are hiring a moving company, consider packing your belongings yourself instead of opting for a full-service move. If you are not familiar with the best practices for packing for long-distance transit, you can find free tutorials online to ensure that your items are packed in a manner that will keep them safe during the move. Packing yourself can save you hundreds of dollars!

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Not only can reusing boxes save you money; it is also environmentally-friendly. It takes heavy machinery and lots of resources to manufacture the cardboard used for boxes, even when recycled products are used to make them. If a box is not damaged, and the corners are intact, you can reuse a cardboard box many times over before it loses its integrity. If you are a price-conscious and green consumer, consider asking friends and family for their used boxes or sourcing your boxes from businesses that discard boxes from shipments.

Not only does this save you potentially hundreds of dollars in fuel costs but is also prevents adding unwanted wear-and-tear to your car or truck. Even if you are hiring a professional mover, many companies offer vehicle towing as an option as well, in case you wish to use alternative means of travel, such as flying, to reach your destination while your belongings are in transit. Moving companies are typically slammed during the summer months. During this hectic time, not only are moving services priced at a premium, but it may be difficult to find movers who can work on your schedule. If possible, try to book your move during the slow season from October through April.

Most of us have unwanted or unused items stockpiled in closets or lurking in the back of cabinets and drawers. Not only do these things clutter your home, but they cost money to move! Have a garage sale, post stuff on Craigslist, or donate to a local thrift shop. If you are preparing for a cross-country move, you may be thinking about getting long distance moving company quotes from movers for help with this process.

Few will argue against the fact that a long-distance move can be an exhausting, stressful task. It often requires several days or more to load all your belongings up […]. When preparing for a move, professional movers offer three primary types of estimates when preparing quotes for customers. These include:. A binding quote is the most accurate type of quote. With this type of quote, the moving company gives a price for the services required, and this price does not fluctuate. A binding quote is the best option when it comes to protecting yourself from unscrupulous scam artists, as it is a set-in-stone price and does not allow wiggle room for the mover to add unexpected expenses.

The difference here is that the price given is the maximum cost for the move. This is the most favorable type of quote for a customer. A non-binding estimate is an estimated price to move your belongings that is subject to change. Non-binding quotes are generally given when the moving service does not have all the information needed in order to give a more accurate binding quote.

They are usually the first type of quote given before the mover has had a chance to completely analyze the extent of the services a customer may require. Non-binding quotes are subject to change, and this means that they are also subject to abuse. While they are a good tool to give you a general range, you should always follow up and request a binding quote before you sign any contract, or you may find yourself getting charged for services way outside of your original quote range.

You should always be skeptical of a moving service that will only provide you with a non-binding estimate, as any professional should be able to give you a binding quote after having a physical look at your current housing arrangement and the services required to get you to your new home. Preparing for a long-distance move can be stressful.

Unlike with a local move, where you can literally load up a rented truck and do most of the work yourself within a day, a long distance move takes careful planning and ample time for execution.

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Here are some of the steps you should take when preparing for a long-distance move:. Will you use a professional mover to perform a full-service move or will you simply hire someone to drive your possessions to your new out-of-state home? Do you prefer packing a storage container at your own leisure or will you allow the moving company you hire to pack, stack, move, load, drive, unload, and set-up everything? The first step you should take when preparing for a long-distance move is determining the services you will need. Once you have done this, you can move down the list.

Whether you use a handy pre-made checklist or if you simply write everything down in a notebook, creating a home inventory is a must during a long-distance move. Any time you are going to have a stranger handling your belongings, making such a checklist is essential. By taking inventory of your belongings, you document everything you own as well as the condition it is in before any professionals enter the process.

This protects you from theft and damage. Consider snapping photos of your expensive or cherished possessions to supplement the checklist as well. This inventory can come in handy in the future for insurance claims as well. Saving money during any big life change is always desirable, so taking the time to get multiple quotes from different long-distance moving companies is always something that is worth the effort.

Whether you are using a service, such as Great Guys Long Distance Movers, to get these quotes or not, you should always take this step to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. When shopping for an estimate, you can prevent unexpected expenses by giving the moving company or broker as much information as possible, including your home inventory, so that the quote can be as complete and as accurate as possible.

It is very likely that you have special or sentimental items that you do not want to put in the back of a moving truck or entrust to the hands of strangers, no matter how professional they are. Taking a second to rescan your belongings and your home inventory to determine what you want to carry with you during the move is an important part of making sure your most important belongings make it to your new location in one piece.

You may need to plan sight-seeing games and activities or movies if you have in-car entertainment , pack snacks and drinks, and even an extra change of clothes for your kids if you are moving a long distance away from your current home. Regarding your pets, if you are going to keep them in a crate, making sure that it is large enough to accommodate your beloved pets is a must.

Keep in mind, you will have to stop to allow your animals time to stretch, eat, and use the restroom. Make sure to plan these stops into your itinerary so that you are not behind on your trip. The last thing you need is to stop for gas, only to be told by the station attendant that the credit card machine is down.

Anytime you move, you already know that you must transfer your utilities to the new address or cancel and start over with new service providers. When you are moving out of state, this can become a great hassle, because you may not be dealing with the same providers when it comes to electric, phone, cable, internet, natural gas for heat, etc. Spend a little time on the internet researching the providers for these services on your own, and when you have finalized your moving plans, make sure to give these utility companies enough notice beforehand to have the services active on the date of your move-in at your new home.

This step will save you a ton of headaches. For instance, relocating from Los Angeles to Sacramento or from Atlanta to Savannah are both intrastate moves. Movers that specialize in intrastate moving generally have all the same services available as interstate movers and local movers but may not carry the insurance or bonds required to move across state lines. Also known as a cross-country move, an interstate move is the most stressful type of move. A relocation company that specializes in interstate moves will generally have to carry licensing, insurance, and bonding in the state where they are headquartered as well as any other states that they provide services in.

Additionally, interstate moving companies must meet federal Department of Transportation requirements. A moving broker will generally offer quotes and perform research into the companies that they connect consumers to, making the process of moving more convenient and safer. This is also a more expensive time to move as moving services are in high demand. For most moving companies, peak moving season is typically from May — September.

To save on costs, a professional moving company may combine shipments onto one truck, carefully separating the contents, to be delivered by the same crew. This term refers to a shipment that takes place for the purpose of relocating a single load or a single customer. Items moved in a dedicated shipment are destined for the one end location for the one client. An estimate may change during the actual process due to unforeseen events or circumstances that arise. It is a legal document that acknowledged receipt of the goods to be moved by the carrier relocating the goods.

A bill of lading serves as a contract and a title document for the goods in transit. This is a vital tool when hiring a moving professional to relocate your cherished belongings. Several major insurance companies offer blank home inventory templates with instructions. Shipping Volume : Shipping weight relates to the heaviness of an item being shipped; whereas shipping volume related to the amount of space the item being shipped takes up.

The final cost of your move is typically determined by the shipping weight. For instance, in Florida, the agency responsible is the Florida Department of Agriculture. In other states, the responsibility of certifying scales may fall to the state transportation authority. Certified scales are inspected for accuracy and calibrated at intervals determined by the legislature or regulatory agency for the state in which they are located. Just as in any industry, scams exist in the moving industry.

Unfortunately, you will find that there are unscrupulous rogue agencies who stand ready to separate you from your hard-earned money. Hands down, the best way to prevent falling victim to a scam is to make sure that you are only doing business with a licensed, insured, and bonded relocation specialist with a great reputation.

Great Guys Long Distance Movers can help you stay safe during your next move. We only deal with properly vetted professional movers, and we do the work of ensuring that each partner company that we connect you with has the legally required amount of insurance, the proper licensing, and the required bond to operate as a professional mover.

Here are some of the common scams and pitfalls that customers commonly encounter with rogue moving companies:. This is the most common scam you will come across among professional movers. Dishonest operation can run the gamut from the company lying about the amount of insurance they have to outright illegal, unlicensed operation. If you fall victim to an illegal moving company, you may not even know it. However, if your goods are damaged during the move, you will quickly learn that you have little recourse in recovering funds for damaged caused, which can be devastating. By ensuring that you only work with properly vetted professionals, Great Guys Long Distance Movers can help you avoid this potentially expensive scam altogether.

Hostage holding involves the rogue company refusing to give you your cherished possessions unless you hand them large sums of cash. With this scam, you might be given a reasonable quote before your move only to get a much higher bill at the end of your move. The company might add extra charges to your final invoice, such as charges for supplies that they never used or an overcharge for mileage that they never traveled.

It is very common for people to back out at the last moment. The security deposit ensures that, after you have made the choice to hire the mover, you do not back out and cost them money in the process. Rogue movers will artificially inflate the security deposit, asking you for a huge sum up front before disappearing. If you are not careful, you could be out hundreds of dollars paid to a company you will never be able to locate again, as fraudsters involved in this scam almost never give their correct identifying information.

This is another scam that Great Guys Long Distance Movers can help you to avoid by only giving you quotes to reputable movers. Furthermore, accessing company information through the BBB or FTC can also limit the possibility of falling victim to this costly fraud. I just texted you. Get a Moving Quote By Text? Text "move" to for an instant response! Recent Posts.