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Over the years, the company has been purchased a number of times, and it is currently a property of web. Although Network Solutions is no longer the dominant player in the tech world that it had been in years past, this is still a brand name with plenty of recognition and trust in the minds of consumers. Visiting the Network Solutions page today will reveal a number of different products and services which are available for purchase. Of course, they still offer domain registration, which is where they first made their mark.

However, there is also web hosting, custom website design through web. If you are serious about building a major presence on the web, and you want to work with a company that can cater to all of your needs, opting for Network Solutions would be a logical choice. When it comes to social media, the Network Solutions brand is closely tied to the parent company web. In fact, on Facebook, you will only have the option of following the web. However, over on Twitter, there is a specific Network Solutions account that you may choose to follow web.

The web. If you are looking for an active social media account to follow, the Facebook page will be your best bet by a big margin.

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Although the Twitter account is updated periodically, there are only a few tweets to review each month. The story is different on Facebook, where new posts are made available most days. Information and education articles make up the majority of the content that is posted to Facebook, so you will likely enjoy this account if you like to read articles which relate to you as a website owner and operator.

With regards to YouTube, the good news is this — Network Solutions has a channel which contains plenty of informational videos. On the downside, however, is the fact that all of these videos are at least three years old. So, while some of them will remain relevant today, many of them have fallen behind the times.

On July 7, , Plaintiff filed several claims against Defendants in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court, including: 1 detrimental reliance; 2 unjust enrichment; 3 unfair trade practices; 4 trade secret violation; 5 trademark infringement; 6 breach of loyalty, good faith and fair dealing; and 7 tortious conduct doc. As a result of Defendants' refusal to cease their alleged illegal activities, Plaintiff claims that it has suffered significant financial harm.

In addition to alleged customer confusion, Plaintiff asserts that current and potential investors have abandoned the company for fear that Plaintiff will be unable to maintain differentiation and a separate commercial identity in the presence of Defendants' website "www. Defendants removed the present action to federal court based upon 28 U. Prescription begins to toll when the plaintiff becomes aware of the general facts or circumstances that constitute a tort action against them, be it actual or constructive knowledge.

Louisiana Dep't of Transp. Employers Ins. Absolute knowledge of the harm is not a prerequisite for the running of prescription, but rather, constructive knowledge exists when the plaintiff "possesses information sufficient to incite curiosity. Dow Chem. Perkins, So. Moreover, in the absence of evidence indicating a specific date of injury, "the objection of prescription must be decided on the facts alleged in the petition".

Bracken v. Payne and Keller Co. Quality Distribution, Inc. Time Warner, So.

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Plaintiff contends that the aforementioned claims are not time-barred by the state prescription period because, although Mr. Abraham knew of the existence of Defendants' website in April , it was not until October that Plaintiff had actual knowledge of any injury doc. As such, Plaintiff asserts that the prescriptive period did not begin until October However, Plaintiff's contention is largely diminished and defeated by his own allegations in the original complaint.

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According to the original complaint, Plaintiff attempted to contact Mr. Plaintiff's memorandum in opposition to the present motion appears to factually augment the complaint timeline. In such, Plaintiff asserts that the previously mentioned contact was not attempted until October , five months after the time in which he became aware of Defendants' entrance into the Internet coupon business doc.

However, Plaintiff's specific date of contact with Defendants is immaterial. According to the original petition, Plaintiff had actual knowledge of the alleged harm following the discovery of the implicated website in April or May of Moreover, Mr.

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Abraham's knowledge of Coupon Network's presence in the Internet coupon business obviously incited the requisite curiosity and inquiry necessary for a showing of constructive notice. Indeed, this knowledge was apparently a substantial impetus to compel an "immediate" cause for contact with Defendants following the April 27, meeting doc. A reasonable person could infer a cause for action after discovering the markedly similar website name and allegedly identical business identity that emerges mere days after disclosing "confidential information" doc.

Plaintiff's claims I detrimental reliance , II unjust enrichment , VI breach of duty good faith and fair dealing , and VII tortious conduct are subject to a one year prescriptive period under Louisiana law. Therefore, because Plaintiff did not file the present action until July , several months past the expiration of the one year prescriptive period, claims I, II, VI, and VII are dismissed as time-barred. Defendants submit, and the Court agrees, that although La. CamSoft Data Sys.

Electronics Supply, Inc. July 27, noting the "strong line of Louisiana jurisprudence" denying application of contra non valentem to LUTPA claims ; see also Glod v. Baker, So. Although La. Kling Realty Co. Chevron USA, Inc. Accordingly, the Court has recognized four factual situations for application of contra non valentem:. Marin v. Exxon Mobil Corp. Delta Development Co. Perque Flooring Covering, So. In order to delay or suspend a liberative prescription period under contra non valentem one must establish that there is: 1 continuing action, and 2 continuing damage.

Nat'l Council on Comp.

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Quixx Temp. Services, Inc. Tucker, So. Texaco, Inc. Doe, So. Thus, a continuing tort "is occasioned by unlawful acts, not the continuation of the ill effects of an original wrongful act". Crump v. Sabine River Authority, So. Defendants contend that contra non valentem is inapplicable in the present case because Plaintiff has failed to establish a plausible claim of ongoing and repeated harm doc.

Moreover, Defendants assert that the type of tortious conduct alleged is inappropriate for application of the doctrine Id. In the case sub judice, the Plaintiff's contentions fall within the fourth judicially crafted category of circumstances justifying the application of contra non valentem. However, Plaintiff has failed to satisfy the first element of contra non valentem, as the existence of a website does not constitute a continuing, damaging action.

The present case is analogous to Crump v. Sabine River Authority, where a property owner sued the river authority claiming that a canal dug on the authority's property diverted water from the bayou flowing over the owner's property. However, the Court held that the continuing ill effects from the presence of the canal arose from a single tortious act, not the compilation of perpetual and contextually related acts.

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  7. John the Baptist Parish, So. Similar to Crump, the ill effects alleged by Plaintiff are incident to the initial creation of Defendants' website. Although possibly damaging, the mere existence of Defendants' website does not constitute repeated, continuous, and inherently related tortious acts. Plaintiff has offered no substantial evidence to show continuous tortious conduct from Defendants; and further, the type of conduct exhibited by the creation of a website is entirely similar to that of the defendant in Crump.

    Moreover, Defendants' duty to remove the allegedly damaging website from operation would stem from its obligation under La. Code article to repair any damage caused by tortious conduct. However, as the Louisiana Supreme Court in Crump noted, "the breach of duty to right a wrong and make the plaintiff whole simply cannot be a continuing wrong which suspends. Thus, because Plaintiff has failed to satisfy the "continuing action" element of contra non valentem, the doctrine is inapplicable in the present case. Accordingly, contra non valentem does not delay the prescription of Plaintiff's claims, specifically, claim VII tortious conduct.

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    Pursuant to Fed. Rule 12 b 6 , a defendant may move to dismiss a plaintiff's complaint for "failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. Rule 8 a 2 , which provides, in relevant part, that a pleading stating a claim for relief must contain "a short and plain statement of the claim showing that the pleader is entitled to relief. A court's review of a Rule 12 b 6 motion to dismiss "is limited to the complaint, any documents attached to the complaint, and any documents attached to the motion to dismiss that are central to the claim and referenced by the complaint.

    The complaint must state "enough facts to state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face.

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    Twombly, U. The Court is tasked with determining whether Plaintiff has stated a legally cognizable claim that is plausible, not evaluating Plaintiff's likelihood of success on the claims. Lone Star Fund, F. Under the Louisiana Uniform Trade Secrets Act "LUTSA" , a plaintiff is required to show that: 1 a protectable trade secret existed; 2 the plaintiff made reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of its alleged secret; and 3 the plaintiff and the defendant had a contractual or confidential relationship imposing a duty of non-disclosure upon the defendant.

    Guidry, F.