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Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals after Dark Series #11)

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Black Desert Online :: Group Announcements

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About time boys! Lets make Warrior great again! Netreiam , Corrus , Rizzly and 3 others like this. Wollbert Ranger 62 EU. Joined: May 28, Messages: 2, Likes Received: The Conjuration. Joined: Nov 17, Messages: 31 Likes Received: They've run out of that weapon exchange coupon money!

Patch Notes - June 12th 12222

Fearless V and Taadjo like this. Joined: Jan 30, Messages: Likes Received: Looks like devs finally deal with balance, this is good news, i am waiting beautiful buffs for others classes. Joined: Nov 20, Messages: Likes Received: Souda likes this. Joined: Oct 31, Messages: Likes Received: Fearless V and TankFu like this.

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Joined: Jun 6, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 4, Joined: Dec 20, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, At my darkest hour PA has shown me light. Some things I would like to highlight. Dark spirit Spider x2: Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire. Dark spirit Wanderer dual swords : lower sands, next to crystal mine. Given the presence of Rupturing Hollows , it's safer to shoot both spirits from the bridge. Quick death and broken equipment. New Enemies Dark spirit Undead Huntsman x2: appear next to a cave with few Rogues , on either side of it, almost blocking already narrow path that leads to Skeleton Lords.

New Enemies Desert Sorceress : on a broken bridge next to a suspicious, but unbreakable wall. Might knock you off the main bridge with a blast of fire. It's enough to burn Bonfire Ascetic to be able to buy that armor set. Destructive Greatarrow x same hall; pull the lever and enter clock tower, wooden chest next to ladder Destructive Greatarrow x Drakekeeper's Great Hammer : dropped by dark spirit Half-Ironclad.

Have fun. Dark spirit Alonne Knight Captain x3: suspended bridge, one spirit is wandering below, two more are found in the forge raging fire doesn't seem to bother them. Dark spirit Alonne Knight : inside a small tower across Smelter Demon 's arena with Pharros healing pool on top. Dark spirit Alonne Knight : Ironhearth Hall bonfire, lava-filled hall past it, a narrow path in lava. Dark spirit Half-Ironclad: just below Eygil's Idol bonfire.

Note that two Royal Swordsmen will appear seemingly out of nowhere when you enter acid pool and given that you'll most likely be naked in order to save equipment, they might pose a threat. New Enemies Dark spirit Drakekeeper Knight : found on top of the stairs leading to the castle, right past two Primal Knights. The spirit wields Drakekeeper Warpick and uses it to perform a highly-damaging roundhouse attack.

Call it a cheat, but bow and magic work best since he has no shield. Twin Pursuers : throne room, formerly empty, is now heavily guarded. Bring Bashful Ray from the storage below to even the odds. The trick with getting cursed by one Pursuer to distract the other and make him disappear until next time bonfire is used no longer works. Dark spirit Heavy Knight washing pole : found next to Embedded Cell, on top of a looong elevator shaft.

Lure them out of her healing range. Dark spirit Butcher : Crumbled Ruins bonfire, find Old Knight nearby and spirit will appear next to him. New Enemies There are no new enemies enough troubles with Insolent Spirits , apparently. New Enemies Dark spirit Painting Guardian non-respawning : Ritual Site bonfire, hiding behind a painting on the left side if facing mist gate to boss. The spirit likes to throw knives from a distance, but doesn't pose much of a threat.

All such spirits respawn like regular enemies. Dark spirit Rogue: cliffside path past the arena. Dark spirit Ashen Warrior halberd : at the bridge leading to the elevator descending to Lowermost Floor bonfire. Wasn't enough trouble there before. Dark spirit Rampart Golem : bridge with ballistae, left end. Dark spirit Rampart Golem : path leading to Inner Wall bonfire, just before it.

Make sure that you farm for healing items, specifically Divine Blessings as they nullify all status effects and fully restore health; they're essentially a better version of the Estus Flask. He can provide upwards of , souls if you wear all possible soul-increasing gear; his arena provides Divine Blessing, and his Great Soul is worth a lot of souls as well; consuming all the collected souls from him in your next cycle seriously boosts your Soul Memory and can help you open the Shrine of Winter early.

The four Old Ones themselves are excellent farming targets as well; they drop both their soul and an Old Soul as well.

Judge NG++ No Spells, No Glitches, Melee Only - Lords of the Fallen

Consume both souls of each of the four bosses in your next cycle and you can easily hit the 1,, SM mark. The Crown of the Old Iron King also restores spell uses. Since one of the rings requires you not to rest at a bonfire, stock up on Amber Herbs, Twilight Herbs, and Wilted Dusk Herbs and equip the sorcery Repair , regardless of your build. Also stock up on 99 Repair Powder from Chancellor Wellager.

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Be sure to also bring in maxed out armor sets, including special sets that specifically reduce certain damage i. There is no turning back, it only gets harder and harder from here; do it in one shot! Alternately, Santier's Spear has infinite durability. The enemies don't just get stronger; more of them will spawn, including some new enemies, particularly more NPC black phantom versions, and a few boss fights are slightly altered.

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