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Well had to talk to someone and they told that only a Vip person could help. I was on hold for overAn hour and half. We did manage to strike a deal if you want to call it that!

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I think we are going to have to part ways! Ruku might be in my best interest. I agree their customer service is horrendous. I called to get a new receiver. I paid and when I received the new one the receiver was all scratched up and was 3 years old according to the manufacture date sticker. I was on hold with customer support for 30 minutes just trying to return it without having to go to a UPS or FedEx store. I felt since they sent me old damaged equipment they should schedule a pickup for me. I asked to speak to a manager. I water another half hour to talk to a manager.

He got on the phone and was incredible rude to me for no reason. He then hung up on me. I then went on chat. I was promised by the rep I would be helped. I explained my issue. I told her that I had explained my issue 30 minutes ago and she transferred me to someone else with no warning. The next person on chat said since I was being disagreeable he wasn't going to help me.

I told him I used to be a customer service rep years ago and would have been fired for saying something like that. I could not believe it!!!! I dealt with Directv customer service a year ago before they were purchased by ATT and they were great! And they were in the country!

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  • Once my promotions run out I an getting rid of directv. Boxes are not guaranteed to be brand new.

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    They are refurbished and can last for many years. That being said, refurbished is supposed to put it into like-new condition so being scratched up would not be normal. DirecTV never schedules a pickup for anybody. Boxes are shipped back. The return is faster, plus no worry about a lost return kit if went to a wrong address common when people moved if sent back to the old address , or if delivery left it on porch and someone walked off with it or was damaged in bad weather.

    If they have to transfer you that is fine, but should only do so after informing you first. Cost of delivery, box being refurbished, and return procedures were normal as they are for the rest of us. However per the box sounded like it wasn't properly refurbished and the issues with how you were handled by the prior agents, I would call DirecTV back and request to speak to a supervisor.

    It should be about customer loyalty. Even when I really couldn't afford it but managed to figure it out. I called and no promotions were available but they tried to convince me to stay. I asked a simple question. Why would I stay loyal to DirecTV when they'd rather gain new customers than retain old ones? Also, i'd like to see numbers on the statement claiming they couldn't afford to offer intro rates to all customers.

    There is a difference between can't afford it and not willing to risk share price or share holder value to do it. If COX wasn't just as bad i'd switch to them for internet. Maybe one of these days the fiber companies will come into the suburbs. I called directv back I. December to renegotiate a price to retain me as a customer.

    We agreed on a price and I thought everything was great. When I called customer service they could not or would not explain to me what a balance transfer fee was. Hold for 20 minutes I was told no that price was no longer valid and I would have to pay full price.

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    I just bought a roku tv and it seems to be fitting my needs. Not familiar with a balance transfer fee. Sending you a return box the old method would be the process when too far away from a participating shipper, which is I believe going over either 10 or 20 miles. Being close to an hour away, I would assume that puts you out of range.

    It is a problem that there are still agents not familiar with the process since it changed over a year ago. But perhaps not all of your boxes are returnable. What are the models of each you have?

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    I had a genie and genie wireless mini. If DirectTV continues to treat current customers like second rate citizens I believe more and more people will cut the cord and directv will be out of business. I now have Philo and live it I will not ever return to directv. The service is excellent love the user interface and reliability. But customer service is in the toilet for sure!!! After nearly 20 year of directv, it is time to part ways. Their service is just not what it use to be.

    Besides there is way to much internet tv that is free.

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    Why people continue to pay those ridiculous prices is beyond me. I guess they can afford to throw money into the gutter. I have asked over and over for a new dvr that works. It is the oldest one out there. You would think I had dialup on how slow it is.

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    People that are thinking to go internet tv. It takes time to adjust to this. Once you become adjusted to apps versus channels.

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    Not everybody has good enough internet available, if internet at all, to support streaming TV. Satellite TV is essentially country wide that just requires clear view of sky, not reliant on there being a hardline service to the home. So satellite TV and streaming TV are primarily aimed at different markets, but for some they can compliment each other.

    Streaming TV has gone up over the years, and as it becomes more accessible, it is expected that it will catch up to the traditional TV providers in cost. As for having a DVR that is the "oldest one out there", if you truly have something like an R15 or Series 1 TiVO then it is not only well overdue for replacement but is now required as the feed for MPEG-2 boxes started shutting down last month. Otherwise, what model of DVR do you actually have and what specific issues are you experiencing you mention slowness, but slowness of what?

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    Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. I don't trust them and don't understand 2 hours yesterday negotiating to keep service was met with " guess you will have to cancel" Any thoughts Solved by: Go to Solution. Go to Solution. Me too. Message 1 of ACE - Expert. Accepted by tgreaves Former Employee. Accepted by tgreaves. However, it is probably NOT actually the best option for most families.

    There are also thousands of titles available On Demand. So you can expect your monthly bill to increase once the first year of your plan is up. Click the link below, choose your service bundle, and enter your address on the following screen. More and more people are opting for satellite opinions. Who can blame them? The fine print will get you every time. They were trying to charge me for not returning the dish that is still mounted on my roof. Sent receivers back but told them to come get their dish if they wanted it back. DTV and Dish are equally disgusting.

    Price is getting out of sight. Tried talking to a representative. Got nowhere there. After a half hour it was suggested I switch to the choice package and I could save some money. I asked to have the listing of choice channels e mailed to me. I do have a direct number. I called back and was told to go to Direct TV. I tried for a long time to no avail.

    Finally retried this afternoon got on website as you can see, but all I see is prices for new customers. Apparently loyal customers who pay on time no longer mean anything. You can be sure I will be investigating alternatives. I feel your pain. Been a customer for years.

    Most of their channels are reruns anyway. My prices skyrocketed also so I called Dish and they gave me a great deal. They have changed for the better. The packages shown above are great.