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Over the years though, as this model line grew larger, safer, more refined and more expensive, it began to lose some of the character that made those early cars so special.

When, in , BMW's entry level model, the 1-series coupe, was given a light sprinkling of M enhancements, the company seemed to be on the verge of launching a worthy 'back to basics' successor to earlier M3s. That 1 series M Coupe was well received and this car, the M2, is its direct successor. In many ways, it's what an M3 really should be.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Will it take its place in BMW's heritage? Putting a turbocharged 3.

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The engine is basically the same as that used in the lesser bhp Mi model but the bhp tune here is bespoke to the M2 and delivers monumental performance, charging to 62mph in just 4. That challenges the Porsche There's a choice of a six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed M DCT paddleshift auto. Many steel components, particularly in the steering assembly and chassis, have been replaced with aluminium parts in an attempt to make the M2 much more responsive.

Boy racers will be delighted to hear that there is even a 'Smokey Burnout' function when some gratuitous show-boating is required. The front end carries the low gaping front bumper and splitter assembly that immediately sets this model apart as an M car, while at the back four exhaust pipes give the game away if the distinctive M badges aren't enough. The M2 has a far more aggressive style than its predecessor the 1-series M Coupe, which reinforces how much more seriously BMW's M division have taken this project. You get the sense that this is a thoroughly well thought out car, thanks to the attention to detail that has been paid to the little things.

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Engineers have spent time making sure the M2 sounds like a high performance model, incorporating an electronically controlled exhaust flap that acts like the reed in a carefully tuned musical instrument to deliver the distinctive BMW engine note. Inside, there is even a knee-pad on the side of the centre console to keep you comfortable during quick changes of direction and 'M' logos litter the leather interior, should you need reminding that this is no ordinary 2-series.

The M2 only comes in four colour choices blue, black, white and grey and comes with BMW's signature Xenon headlights as standard.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Business Car Lease Deals

Sat Nav is included along with BMW's 'Professional Media Package' which is, in essence, an enhanced infotainment system with the kinds of apps and travel related services you might find on your smart-phone. One app that stands out, is the M Laptimer, letting you benchmark your performance on track.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer - INTERIOR DESIGN

These details remind you that this competent road car is also a pocket racer. BMW have found innovative engineering solutions to deliver outstanding performance while keeping a check on the fuel economy and emissions. By using four specially designed exhaust pipes to help the exhaust gas escape more easily and by clever positioning of the turbochargers inside the exhaust system, the engine is able to run more smoothly and efficiently.

The manual version of the car returns BMW offers a year bodywork warranty, a three-year paint warranty and two years for parts and accessories, so new car buyers will have reasonable peace of mind.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Car Leasing Deals & Business Lease Offers UK

Servicing, as with any premium brand, will be expensive at main dealerships and approved body-shops, but BMW's reputation for quality means mechanical failures should be very rare. If the Munich maker has got its mix right, and it looks like it has, the M2 has the potential to remain a desirable car for a very long time, so residuals should be strong. The previous model, the 1-series M kept its value well. Oh No, Javascript is Disabled! Search Filters. To the family-oriented Active Tourer and Gran Tourer. Innovative technology and the driving experience of a BMW makes the 2 Series a serious contender in the family market.

Its mix of both stylish and performance upgrades make it a market leader. The most performance-oriented in the 2 series range offers aggressive looks and speed to match. Not forgetting the formidable rear-wheel drive system BMW have built their reputation on. The elegant Convertible in the 2 Series range is built for cruising by the beach with the sun in mind.

The Active Tourer was designed to reclaim the love of families over the SUV competitors in recent years. A premium MPV vehicle with both space and performance built In mind, not many come close to this family vehicle. The most spacious vehicle in the 2 Series range. Utilising a front-wheel drive system to its full advantage, you can now fit seven people in your BMW. Built for people not buying into the need for an outrageous 4x4.

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