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It features a huge number of components built to fit together and look amazing. Prototype, design or develop any material design mobile app! Each screen is fully customizable, exceptionally easy to use and carefully layered and grouped in Sketch app and Adobe Photoshop. It's all you need for quick prototype, design and develops any Material Design app in Sketch or Photoshop. This material design UI kits has a small set of basic pieces consistent with the guidelines of Material Design.

By the way, there are photos from Mad Men show, which everyone should appreciate. This UI kit contains many usable elements, including profile, music player, statistics, graph, button, navigation menu, sing in page, any much more. It's designed based on Google Material Design. To create website and mobile app.

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You can use those UI elements on your webpage design, or user interface design of your mobile application. Every building blocks from the previous version are included in this material design UI kits, making it the most complete Design Kit to date. Vivid is a Soft Material UI Kit, that combines clean typography with pixel perfect elements providing you with a perfect tool for creating any type of website or web application. Everything is well named and grouped helping you to fastly find the desired element and create projects within minutes.

Abandoned excess impurities and disorder, material design only need to retain its most primitive pure form, spatial relationship, change and transition, with the flexible nature of the virtual world, restore the most real experience, to achieve the effect of simple and intuitive. No messy colors, generally choose a main color with a backing color. Use color variations to create more multi-colors. Brighter color variations are made by increasing brightness and lowering saturation. In general, the desktop icon size is 48dp X 48dp, while the small icon size is 24dp X 24dp.

The best area should be the central 20dp X 20dp. Above are the 11 best material design UI kits created by top designers and developers. If you're looking for a rapid prototyping tool to quick make use of those material design UI kits, try out Mockplus. With a wealth of components and UI icons, Mockplus can make your design refined a lot in a faster and easier way.

Since the 3. The best thing is Mockplus supports Sketch import , you can easy create a prototyping by adding interactions to those UI elements. Click here to learn more details. An online design collaboration tool Mockplus iDoc for UI designers, developers and product managers can help you a lot with simple three steps:. Export edited material design UIs quickly with Mockplus iDoc pugins.

With this online product design collaboration tool, you can easily collect comments from other designers to optimize your UI designs, create interactive and animated prototypes, and also handoff them to developers with ease. Of course, as an online collaboration tool, product mangers in your product team can also view these designs, check their implementation status, add and gather comments, upload various product documents and preview them online.

There are tons of commonly used web elements to choose from which makes this kit suitable for all kinds of businesses. CASLO is perfect for designers who want to have a better and faster workflow. PSD files are neatly organized and easy to use. Flatastic is an awesome-looking user interface collection that contains tons of mobile UI elements to supercharge your prototyping process. This fantastic UI collection contains various sets of icons with sets of included actions. Flatastic supports both Standard and Retina display.

This Material Design UI collection freebie uses a small set of basic pieces consistent with the guidelines of Material Design. This kit includes offer rapid prototyping capabilities that are crucial for achieving a faster and better workflow. Grab your free Material Design UI collection here. Make your mobile prototyping easy with Tethr today. Do features enough UIS to build all kinds of apps.

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Mayssam Free UI pack lets you customize your projects and speed up your workload. Mayssam Free UI pack has everything you need to create a great us interface and colorful designs. Here you can find some very unique, modern and stylish themes and UI Collections. This set comes packed with a dizzying array of gorgeously-designed UI elements that gives you everything you need to create stunning websites.

Rosetta is a unique and modern PSD theme which works well with promotional agencies, marketing firms and analysts and much more. Rosetta makes use of the popular Google web fonts and the popular Bootstrap Grid System to crate eye-catching page layouts. Get a copy of this practical and elegant UI pack by downloading your copy here. Featuring Bootstrap 3-grid PX and 4 different header styles to to stylize your layout the way you want it. With a modern, user-friendly and natural style, SEED will provide your visitors with a fresh looking layout that will not clutter their senses.

Grab a copy of SEED now and start impressing your visitors today. The Mandala PSD theme offers a clean design and is geared for fashion stores.

Top 50 Free Web UI Kits & Templates for 12222

The kit comes loaded with an impressive amount of layout options including 6 Homepage layout options. Breathtaking visuals and all typography elements make this kit a must have for Fashion lovers. Get it here. Fashion Atelier is a multi-purpose and multi-page UI collection that comes packed with optimized PSD files that can be easily implemented to suit Wedding Bridal, Groom and any other kind of Fashion eCommerce shops. Beautiful graphics are effectively implemented with different components to create the age style you are looking for.

Porton is driven by design and uses a clean, ultra-flexible, responsive and pixel-perfect PSD set that makes it perfectly adaptable to any kind of business. Featuring professional online support and a wide variety of demo versions, Porton is suitable for newbies and professional designers alike looking to add great usability in their web design projects. Check out the download site today and start upgrading your web project workflow today. This collection comes in various versions: Light and a Dark, boxed and wide and in Single and Multipage versions. Doctor comes with various Online Shop page layouts that are focused to show the products you sell.

Get your next Medical website project completed quickly and looking great today with the powerful and stunning Doctor UI collection. Included with the PSD files are easily-customizable vector icons, shapes, web fonts and more. With over 18 high quality PSD files and gorgeously designed elements, this UI set has everything you need to step up your game. Garden Master is a Multipurpose and Responsive PSD template suitable for businesses involved in gardening, lawn, and agriculture. Garden Master features a super flexible and sleek appearance, website template.

This UI collection will enable you to create a world class website with a unique style and clear focused message. The Turbo iOS Wireframe pack uses a flat, clean, minimal style that will please your visitors. Contains over 70 beautiful outline icons that are perfect for creating a unique design experience. The Monobrand iOS UI collection helps giving your brand a strong visual presentation that tells the story of your business.

For any online shop looking to sell products and services online, the Monobrand UI collection provides you with all the tools and components that will give your website its unique look and feel. Whether you need to build an eCommerce store or a cafe restaurant website, the Monobrand UI set will add elegance and usability to your final design. For any online shop looking to sell products and services online, the Monobrand UI pack provides you with all the tools and components that will give your website its unique look and feel.

Whether you need to build an eCommerce store or a cafe restaurant website, the Monobrand UI pack will add elegance and usability to your final design. The Basement Wireframe Pack is the desktop version of the Basement iOS Wireframe Pack that will take your prototyping and mobile app development skills to the next level thanks to its expertly designed components. Snug offers a great looking, clean, and easy to use UI pack suitable for blogs, magazine sites or news portals.

This pack makes stylistic use of dark and light elements to create visually appealing backgrounds. The various page layouts use typefaces from Google Fonts. Francoise is a beautiful, modern and clean blog PSD UI set that is suitable for people who like to tell stories. Users will appreciate the high level of attention to detail that has been put into this impressive UI set.

With 6 homepage variations to choose from, designing website prototypes has never been easier and quicker. Suitable for organic farms, online shops or bio websites, Farm Fresh offers all the user interface components you need to make an excellent website prototype. The pixel-perfect icons and interactivity elements provide excellent visuals and will increase visitor engagement.

The UI pack is suitable for any kind of business you can think of including: Corporate, eCommerce, Portfolio and even Personal Websites. The Megatron template adds interactive features that will bring your site alive and increase engagement. The elegantly designed kit features plenty of elements and typography features that will make your website look more modern and professional.

Get a copy of this amazing UI collection template right here. The Semona Multi-Concept PSD theme offers lot of features that will speed up your prototyping process and increase user experience. Lumen is a multipurpose PSD UI collection offers tons of features that will enable quick prototyping and offers great usability. The UI collection is suitable for any kind of business you can think of including: Corporate, eCommerce, Portfolio and even Personal Websites.

The Lumen template adds interactive features and reusable elements that will bring your site alive and increase engagement. Download this great freebie here. The Coffee UI set includes elements such as menus, media players, icons, buttons, tabs, sliders and more. It uses a clean modern design to help make your web projects easier to manage and prototype. Elements included in this kit are Vector and Smart Object-enabled. The Hohenzollern UI collection is built using grid system that will help streamline the web development workflow.

Grab a copy of this amazing UI set right here. The Stark UI set is a fully customizable UI pack that can be adapted to fit the needs of any business website. Its elegant design patterns and gorgeous web elements make it suitable for businesses including gyms, corporations, hotels, education and much more. This UI set uses Material Design for the stunning visual effects as well as a grid system that makes it easy to make fluid layouts. The Dyk Blog UI set is a great solutions for creatives, freelancers and agencies.

It uses elegant and minimalistic design that is fully customizable. A pixel-perfect and fully customizable UI set is perfect for blogs, portfolio, artist and corporate websites. If you are planning to work on an eCommerce project or retail, auto, even restaurant project these items are for you. Sharp graphics and an elegant design will encourage shoppers browse through your online store longer. Grab this premium PSD theme here and reinvigorate your eCommerce store today.

Gourmet offer the perfect balance of minimalistic and pixel-perfect grid design for your food and restaurant business website. The Gourmet UI pack features a high level of functionality and usability that can benefit any project. Grab a copy of this high quality UI Collection by clicking here. Logancee has earned a reputation for creating one of the most unique multi-purpose eCommerce PSD themes on the market. Give your online store a cleaner and modern look so that online visitors can spend more time browsing through your products.

Why wait any longer? Check out the full details and download your copy today. For companies or agencies working in the tourism industry, the CityTours PSD Theme provides you with many tools that can enhance the user experience of your website. This unique PSD set is creative, modern and multipurpose and essential to designing great auto dealer and auto shop websites. Visual UI collection provides users with all the tools you need to ease your web project workflow as well as helping make your websites more eye-catching.

The PSD Set uses clean, modern and visually appealing design that users will find easy to use and flexible. Grab a copy of this UI collection and get your web design speed to the next level. Emerald Dragon provides a fantastic marketplace PSD web elemant collection that can be thoroughly customized to fit the needs of any type of marketplace business. It is impressively user-friendly and a visual delight that online customers will enjoy browsing through. Jobmonster provides the ultimate UI pack that helps build great websites for both job seekers and employers.

Jobmonster — Board for the right Job. Featuring a huge range of editable products that are fully customizable with limits to their size. Seven Store PSD Set uses clean, modern and visually appealing design that users will find easy to use and flexible. The Monica UI Collection contains a huge selection of elements that are designed to ease your project workflow. Monica allows you to easily create new pages and incorporate elements within your projects easily. Aware eCommerce uses a modern, stylish and intuitive assistant to enable you to create great looking and functional online stores.

AutoDoc features a fantastic PSD UI set template that is unique, creative, modern and easily adaptable for designing great auto dealer and auto shop websites. The Assyrian eCommerce PSD UI template makes a great fit for any kind of Ecommerce business website including online fashion, clothing, shoes, bags, and much more. Sharp graphics and an elegant design will entice shoppers to browse through your online store longer and increase your conversion rates. It contains 22 well-organized PSD files that are easy to group and edit according to your needs.

This UI set is designed to showcase your brand and help designers speed up their design process while giving your online store a professional and pixel-perfect look. GoShop is perfectly suitable for any kind of Ecommerce business website including web shop or selling fashion items such as clothing, shoes, men and women accessories and much more.

Features pixel-perfect graphics and an elegant design style will encourage shoppers browse through your online store longer. This UI collection is designed to showcase your brand and help designers speed up their design process while giving your online store a professional and pixel-perfect look. Knight enables users to quickly create website mockups using unique and modern style designs without having to know any coding at all.

Although this UI pack was specifically made for Bike shops, its clever design makes this template adaptable to may other types of business websites including fashion, jewelry and much more. Velo makes it easier than ever to monitor your online business.

Pifli App Ui Design PSD - Freebie #02

This excellent and versatile PSD UI suite will enable to reuse expertly designed elements to quickly create awe-inspiring website prototypes. Calluna features a user-friendly date picker and booking form in addition to other useful hotel-related features. Dink is a highly polished, consistent and professionally designed eCommerce UI freebie. It contains hundreds of components across 6 different categories. Start your eCommerce project today and enhance your workflow with Dink. Magazine-themed websites are among the most challenging page layouts to design successfully.

Get this great UI set here. This kit uses a clean, flat, modern design and follows the latest trends in coloring. AK is the all-sports website PSD file collection you have been looking for. It uses a modern and professionally designed PSD theme suitable for Sport websites like soccer clubs, gyms or even yoga. Sport A. Barni is a clean and modern-looking PSD UI set applicable for a business, portfolio or personal website.

This UI set uses vector shapes and comes retina ready. Includes 8 usable landing pages carefully assembled in Sketch and Photoshop. Freebie PSD has everything you need to create a great us interface and colorful designs. Download it here.

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UI sets PSD and web template elements are very helpful to both web designers and web developers. It can please your clients too because you can deliver the project faster. The web is composed of hundreds of UI Packs, both in free and premium versions. You just need to choose the theme that suits your needs. Many are asking about UX vs UI. It is often expected that the interface designer knows the mechanisms of user experience.

Due to some common characteristics of skill sets mixed up in both concepts, an interface designer can be taken as the right person for user experience work. But, both terms are totally different from each other in terms of objectives and scope. The term user interface is more focused towards actual elements that any user interacts with, whereas user experience is more than just the end result of user interface. User interface allows the users to easily interact with the system.

User experience focuses on the whole part of giving the best experience to the user in every element of the site. In this section, you are are going to understand the difference between these two terms. Wikipedia defines user interface as:. In the industrial design field of human—machine interaction, is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. In simple words, user interface is actually the system through which users will interact with the machine. There is hardware and software included in the user interface, hardware in the physical form and software in the logical form.

The purpose of this interaction between the user and system is to provide the users effective, friendly and enjoyable experience, thus, producing the desired results. User interface is the visual part of computer application through which users interact with computer. It decides how the command to any computer will be given and how the information will be exhibited on the computer screen. With the increase in usage of personal computers, the word user interface is generally considered as the means of providing graphical user interface.

But this term gets clearer when we see its types. There are different types of user interface; however, we will discuss only those which are important. You have probably heard about this term. The GUI accepts the input through the computer keyboard and mouse and expresses the final graphical output on the screen of your computer. Web user interfaces or the web-based user interfaces accept the input from your keyboard and mouse and generates the output in the form of web pages, which can be passed on to the Internet and made available for the users to browse.

NET, and other comparable technologies to give the same control in a separate program. This removes the requirement of refreshing the HTML page like we had to in old days. Touch screens accept the input from user through touch of a finger or the stylus. This type of usage is increasing every day and being used in large number of mobile phones, industrial processes and machines, self-service machines, etc. The user interface design is best suited for giving a pleasurable and rewarding interaction using your product. A good technique is by carefully observing the user behavior.

You base your decisions according to the user behavior data you collected, giving you better designs. Some experts have also said user interface as crafting because web designers have to create something that should be liked by the users. For this purpose, many user experience designers use tools such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Cinema 4D, ZBrush to get their desired results.

However, keep in mind that you cannot achieve great user interface without knowing what user experience is about. Interface from a user experience starts out when you have knowledge about setting some requirements for your project. It is about providing the experience to the user for your product. Here is the step-by-step process that you will be performing after gathering the data for the user experience:. Prototyping allows you to collect the feedback from the users in such a way that information is processed in a very fast and easy manner.

I hope you have understood the actual difference between both terms. Although both UI and UX are different concepts, they can be combined for the best results. They will certainly help in conveying your message to the users and collecting information from them. Now that you understand the real difference between them, it will be easy for you to hire the right person for your project. Both UI and UX concepts provide simple way to make better communication with the user and helps to solve the issue for properly.

Do you think that both the terms are completely different and should be used separately? Or do you think that both are two branches of the same tree? Do you think that having a good UI designer makes it not necessary to have a good UX designer? Please share your thoughts about what you think of it. If you have any question which you want to ask, just put them in the below comment section. I would love to answer them. Browse Menu. UI Design. Catalizer — Show your creativity. Veggie Super Market. Trucking Transportation and Logistics.

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    Monica — Professional style. Assyrian — Fashionably styled. Milano — Your style lives here. Knight — Look of a corporation. Dink — Sell everything. The Colosseum — Sports Magazine.