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Nope, sorry, gotta meal prep. I had friends who wanted to catch up for a drink, but I dragged them on a casual 12km walk with me instead. For some reason now they won't write back to my texts. However, after another sober weekend I was feeling really good, both mentally and physically. Dean: By week three I felt like I was in a pretty good pattern.

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My energy level, especially in the morning, was the most noticeable change and I genuinely felt healthier. I had lost another half a kilo, even though I couldn't quite notice the weight loss myself. My stomach was definitely starting to tone up more — I could see the noticeable changes, but I didn't feel like my chest or arms had changed at all.

I was also continuing to sleep really well, which, while I reckon was due to having less caffeine, I also felt that having less meat in my diet and not going to bed feeling so "heavy" was helping my sleep. Plus, I was doing the minute exercises at night, so it could have also just been exhaustion, lol.

And honestly before you knew it, the exercises were over! Tahlia: By week four I was really in a good, established routine. I was doing workouts in the morning normally on Tuesdays and Fridays , and the other days were reserved for after work ones. Smashing the 28 minutes out first thing when I got home, followed by cooking dinner, and then prepping breakfast and lunch for the next day was feeling less like a drag, and more like a normal routine.

Of course days are going to throw you out. For example on Tuesday night I was out with friends for trivia, but to avoid any temptation I ate dinner at work before I left; and when I got home I bribed myself with an extra minute sleep in the morning if I prepped my next day smoothie and lunch before bed. Overall I had lost weight and I did notice my stomach and arms slowly toning up, which was exciting! I was also actually starting to enjoy the workouts, and the 28 minutes where I could just focus on burning calories, finishing the workout, and blissfully thinking of nothing else. Let me tell you, if you put in the effort, those workouts make you sweat and drop a few F-bombs, but damn it feels so good when you finish.

Dean: By week four I was in a really good routine. My weight loss was now at 3kgs and I was seeing the beginning of abs I always knew they were there. Once I see physical changes, I get scared to lose it. So this is going to help me stay motivated to keep exercising and eating well post the day plan. Overall I felt more energised and well-rested when I was getting up of a morning.

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The physical changes were minimal for me, but I was never in this to lose weight. It was more about a healthy state of mind, which I definitely now had. I was finding it easier to say "no" when tempted with fast foods, snacks and alcohol. Even just small amounts. I felt like I didn't need it. I was in a great pattern, and really felt that I had accomplished something.

I find myself now evaluating my meals more for the day — for example if it's oats for breakfast, then I'm cutting out rice or other carbs for dinner. Even when I'm eating out now I've noticed unconscious changes — ordering a salad at a pub, or a burger in a lettuce leaf instead of a bun are both things my former self would laugh at, but it's actually unconscious choices I'm making without thinking twice about giving into temptation.

I lost nearly 3kg on the program, which I was surprised at considering I do already have a small frame and I wasn't actually on the weight loss plan. But perhaps the best part was how much better I was feeling mentally and the fact I did feel more energised— those endorphins from exercising every day were really kicking in!

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Dean: So at the end of 28 days let's look at the pros and cons. Pros: lost weight, beginnings of a toned stomach, sleeping better, waking up with more energy and an overall feeling of health and happiness. But let's be honest, it's a small price to pay for feeling and looking good, right?

In the US, Memorial Day is for remembering those that have given their lives in the defense of freedom in the military.

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While some retailers may have these sales, for a veteran friendly and military friendly business such as Rogue Fitness it is not considered a special occasion to sell products. Similar deals were offered through cyber monday, but the event was initially advertised as ending on Sunday evening. To put it simply — the more weight you purchase the cheaper the price per pound becomes. More weight means a bigger discount. As an example, in there were special cerakote and bushing color combinations of the Ohio bar red and black.

Hundo Pricing — As explained above, the more weight you buy, the bigger the discount. As a Rogue Fitness affiliate, we look forward to highlighting the best equipment value for your dollar — and providing the information you need to make decisions about purchasing equipment.

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Please note that as an affiliate, if you click through our links, we will receive compensation for purchases. This compensation does not affect in any way the price you pay. Rogue is the official equipment supplier for the annual CrossFit Games. For the CrossFit Games Rogue was selling used games gear at their booth onsite. The short answer is: No — Rogue Fitness does not offer an ongoing military or law enforcement discount.

Rogue Fitness prides themselves on providing high quality, high value products at competitive prices to all potential buyers. Rogue Fitness has sales and special deals throughout the year. For example: Veterans Day special discounts and deals for verified US service members and veterans.

In fact from personal experience if you can knock down a kilo of meat a day you pretty much wont even benefit from creatine supplementation! Other amino acids you might be interested in are Beta-alanine it can be taurine depleting so take with taurine supp , zincmagnesium ZMA brand or alternative good for muscle recovery , tyrosine and caffeine great focus and alertness and a good fish oil, its been known to increase insulin sensitivity which is a good thing! Caffeine and Kilos - Home Facebook.

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