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That being said, if you really do find a ticket out there for less, odds are you'll be able to get it cheaper on TicketIQ. Just look for the "low price guarantee" logo on that ticket's webpage.

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TicketiQ review. This transparency makes SeatGeek a good site for bargain hunters. Once you find the game you're looking for, the pull-down menu at the top lets you select to view available tickets with fees attached or before fees. This makes it very clear how much extra money you'll spend on top of the base ticket price. Some websites only show this information after you start the checkout process, and we really appreciated how upfront SeatGeek is about pricing.

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SeatGeek review. Rust said many websites also frequently have promo codes you can find online or by listening to sports podcasts. These can make your purchase a little less expensive. We spent 20 hours poring over the most popular and unique sports tickets websites, considering how transparent their prices and fees are, their return policies, and their buyer and seller guarantees. That way, we could give you an exact dollar amount rather than a rough estimate. The ability to use will call is oftentimes up to the discretion of the arena or stadium, not the ticket website.

We also checked to see if each website has a rewards program as well as whether it offers parking passes, has a mobile app, lets you set ticket alerts or uses interactive seating charts. You can sell tickets on many of these sites, and some will even buy your tickets directly from you. We favored websites with low resale fees. In addition, we checked whether each site is intuitive to use and offers ticket alerts and interactive seating maps.

Our research shows Vivid Seats is the best site to buy sports tickets from because it is affordable, interactive and easy to use. We wish you all the luck in the world if you're after some Super Bowl tickets. They're incredibly hard to procure, and when they're available, they're often not the best seats.

The website has them available for thousands of dollars. Season ticket holders wherever the Super Bowl is played might sell their spots, so it's also worth checking out websites that resell. After you purchase your tickets, there are other things to consider before you arrive at the game. First, make sure you have the correct ticket method to get in the door. Some websites, such as Ticketmaster, require you to download an app to present an electronic ticket on your smartphone.

Either way, the ticket purchase confirmation email will give you the information you need. Either way, knowing ahead of time will make it easier when you arrive.

Here's How to Buy Last-Minute Experiences on the Cheap

One last thing to keep in mind is parking. For events at large stadiums, it will most likely be easiest to purchase a parking pass online alongside your ticket. Depending on the location, there may be other parking options, though they could be expensive and not secure. Best for value: StubHub. Best Overall Vivid Seats Vivid Seats has lots of sports tickets available on its easy-to-navigate site. Best Value StubHub StubHub has affordable prices, reasonable fees and an interactive website that makes buying tickets easy.

Best Return Policy Ticketmaster The Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee means your tickets at participating venues are fully refundable for 72 hours after you buy them up until one week before the event. Vivid Seats Best sports ticket site for low prices and low fees. Reasons to Buy Great prices. Reasons to Avoid High ticket fees.

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Read the full Vivid Seats review. StubHub A great sports ticket website for low fees and mobile app. Reasons to Buy Low fee. Reasons to Avoid No reward program. Read the full StubHub review. Ticketmaster A sports ticket website with a good returns policy and pricing system. Reasons to Buy Three day refund.

Reasons to Avoid Fees vary by ticket. Read the full Ticketmaster review. TicketIQ This sports ticket website is offers a price matching policy that can't be beaten. Reasons to Buy The website is well designed. But for those that can afford to wait, I'd recommend looking for a ticket at face value. The more people that pay exhorbitant amounts for resale tickets, the more profitable that business model becomes.

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The bastards at Ticketmaster are now in on the act. Offloading tickets to it's resale site before they are even put up for general sale.

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Totally sucks! My suggestion is however you choose to acquire a ticket, set a limit that you want to spend for different sections of the show. StubHud and Seatgeek usually have tickets decrease in price as show day approaches because people want to sell. The good thing about those places is that you know the ticket is good. If you choose to ask around different U2 fan forums, and you find something you want, have the seller take a picture of the ticket so you know what you are buying. Send money thru Paypal. I transferred to someone who tried to sell me a ticket.

I never got the ticket, and never heard back from the seller, but thankfully, Paypal gave me a full refund. Lastly, it's your money, and I'm sure you worked hard for it. You can never predict these things, since it is a supply and demand issue. Sometimes there are too many tickets and the day of the show becomes a massive fire sale, and then other times, leading up to the show, inventory begins to disappear and prices start to rise. All I would advise, from personal experience, is that once you commit and buy tickets, stop looking.

Don't see if more tickets are released at cost. Don't see if you got a good deal by going back and watching how things turn out, etc. At the end of the day, at a moment in time, you decided seeing U2 was worth a specific dollar amount, you paid it, and you're going I bought a couple of tickets on stubhub for San Jose. I know probably not but just giving it a try- have now decided to fly to Chicago.

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  4. Had planned to wait until they come back and hopefully tour my part of US Atlanta? Anyway, now have decided to come and bring my daughter while we jointly celebrate my 50th and her 21st. Kicking myself now as I could have done presale but was trying to wait until they came to a reasonable driving distance. Its all personal preference, market demand and how willing you are to "deal" with a transaction last minute.

    This tour on a whole is an easy Stub Hub transaction inmo with the exception of the usual cities, ie NYC, Beantown, etc.. I've made out huge waiting last minute for VERY high demand events, this isn't one of em. I'd wait, even if you didn't use Stub Hub, it'll be simple getting them off the street Again, it really focuses around your own comfort and convenience level.. I think that is the best advice! It took me a while to learn to stop checking and just go with it.

    If I had to guess, I think there may be some of the most expensive priced tickets available on Stubhub for less than face value for some shows, but it'll still be more than the cheaper tickets at face were. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that the stubhub prices will start to change once the tour has begun and people have more information about the shows.

    If the setlist for both nights in a single venue is similar as opposed to the two different nights as originally talked about, maybe some people will want to sell those second night tickets that they bought if they find out it's not as different as they had hoped. On the other hand, if the show gets incredible reviews and a lot of buzz I know we're all hugely excited for this, but how much notice is the casual music fan taking right now?

    If it was a show I didn't have tickets to but really wanted to see, but it was in my neighborhood, I'd probably wait until it got closer for ticket drops and fans reselling extra tickets. But if I was traveling to see the show as in booking a flight or train and booking a hotel, I'd probably buy ahead of time just for peace of mind.

    I'd hate to buy a nonrefundable plane ticket and then find out I couldn't get a ticket, or find that the tickets jumped in price and feel like I had no choice but to pay because I was already stuck with a flight and hotel. Always ask here first to see if anyone is selling face value in the Chicago thread. If you have no luck and the venue is close definitely wait and try for a ticket late on. Within the last week I just purchased some tickets for Phoenix 2 on StubHub. No problems at all with the order.

    Stubhub & Ticketmaster: 5 Pricing Techniques and Tips for selling tickets. Watch the presale!

    And StubHub's Fan Protection keeps me covered if the seller wasn't true to his word and gave me duplicate tix or what have you. I am thinking of going to San Jose may 18, I have no ticket for that day but in reading the different forms it's been said that ga tickets may b on hand? Does anyone have an idea of what I could do to possibly get a ticket there. I would appreciate anyones ideas of what u would do. Unless you live there, I doubt I would show up thinking GAs will just be available. When extra tickets are released to shows it is usually a day or so early and online. Not sure turning up at the box office will do you any good.

    What To Do If Your StubHub Ticket Turns Out To Be Fake

    I'd sort them out on here through a trade in the San Jose folder, or StubHub it. Now, if you live there, sure, head down I went to every show in Chicago for tour and most shows for all the other tours. I watched TM and the resales. Ticket prices dropped dramatically. Granted it was a stadium but if there are a number of resales still around I would not worry but watch as they disappear. They are playing five nights.

    New York City Hotels and Places to Stay

    I'd wait and see if I were you but I'm not so I can only give you my opinion. I'd definitely wait and watch every day. There is also bound to be at least one ticket dump for every show. I saw seats right up front for several U2 shows and many others released the day of the show. It's a crap shoot. I gamble and have only lost once. I would definitely wait. Remember that there are fake tickets out there and if you buy a fake one from a scalper-you have no recourse.

    That is why TM resale is best as those are guaranteed seats. I've seen and heard of fake tickets all the time so watch out for whomever is the seller. I'd wait. I'm in Milwaukee and watch this stuff a lot as concerts are my drug of choice. In trying to discern the layout of the stage for Chicago, I have visited Ticketmaster on numerous occasions. Even at the TM resale market the prices were not much above face value. I think that was my impression. What I have figured is this.

    U2 is playing 5 shows in Chicago.