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She makes that deadline happen, they both make that deadline happen. Stephanie Palmer: Can I add something real quick? Do spend the money on a technical editor and you will be very happy. Leah Day: Yeah, so my husband goes through the book first and he never catches the quilting mistakes. This is really important to pay for that editing and layout. So that layout is really important and it needs to look like a regularly published book.

So paying someone to do the layout is an absolute must. Just as much as getting a good editor, paying for the layout, and then too, you can spend more of your time writing your next book. While that book is being laid out, all the stuff should be done for it so you can go on ahead and start book 2! Christa Watson: Editing is very important whether you do self-publishing or traditional publishing. So a lot of times as you work with a traditional publisher you have to be okay with that.

How much control you want, how much control they want. In my case I trust any of the edits my publisher makes because they have been doing this for a lot longer than I have been doing it. So they were able to pick out a color scheme for my book. They were able to lay it out. But I still have the final say as to what the words were.

At this point we had to end our initial schoolhouse presentation, but Christa and Stephanie and I still had so much more to share about writing and publishing so we stayed for another thirty minutes to answer questions. Unfortunately I forgot to hit the record button before we started fielding questions, so I believe the first question was:.

And here Christa is going to jump in first sharing her experience on delivering her book on time. You know, show up and have everything written. So you have to work very independently to make sure you get everything done on time. Leah Day: This is a core reason why I self-publish because ultimately yes, they will be doing some marketing, meaning put the book in their catalog and promote it to their list and their list might be a lot of quilt shops and a lot of different places like that that you might not be able to reach. You want to talk about that? Christa Watson: Yeah. So I did a lot of marketing myself.

I had a schoolhouse session last fall and spring for my two books and I have another schoolhouse session next fall. They pay for it, they set it up, they organize it, they do all the paperwork. All I have to do is show up and present it. So schoolhouse is a really big thing. They also have a booth where they are promoting my book in their booth at quilt market. So they set all that up. So really this heads back into the earlier question of why I went with a traditional publisher. They have a much bigger reach than I do and so between their reach and my reach, we work together. I think you had a question that kinda ties into what is the financial benefit of it.

The financial benefit of it is that the more I market my book, the more copies will sell. Like does your publisher make you do that or do you just do local quilt shops within driving distance? Christa Watson: So with that, really depending on who your publisher is. My publisher had a list of 10 or 12 things — here is what you can do, let me know which one of them you want to do? Some authors are not comfortable doing book tours, some authors will book tours all over the place. Question from the Audience: When teaching at a quilt shop can you also bring your own books to sell?

So they will buy the book from the publisher. When I teach at guilds or quilt shows then I bring my own copies and sell them directly. So two different ways to do it. So how I have priced my books is the cost of the book to print it times four. What that does is allow me space if I wanted to put it in distribution or wholesale it. Now when I print on demand that means that I am not ever going to take on the print cost of the book. In that situation amazon has a page where you decide your price and it says you cannot price it below a minimum value because amazon already calculates the price for you, like nothing below fifteen dollars.

Whatever the market can handle. Then the royalty is calculated by the price you are setting minus the print cost. And so I have not taken even for these mini books less than five dollars per book. That means I have made a lot of money while I may not have sold as many but I have made quite a lot of money from them simply because of that increased royalty.

On my own website, yes, you have that initial big giant push at the beginning but you can keep steady sales going by bringing in more people to your blog or site. Question from the Audience: What is your outline for costs for graphic designers and formatting and things like that?

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Leah Day : Personally I see that as an upright cost as an investment which I am not thinking as a cost of the book but more as out of pocket. These deals definitely can work and make it affordable. Once you start getting sales you can look at the next time to have that cash saved for the next book. Stephanie Palmer: I work prices the same way as Leah.

Cost of printing times four. My money I put up front is more than what you did Leah. I am contracting a lot of people and collaborating and have to pay all the pattern designers, photographer, etc. Maybe a little bit more. Leah Day: One other thing to add about Kickstarter is the statistic that I heard is Simon and Shuster which is one of the smallest of the big four Kickstarter funded over books last year so Kickstarter is a bigger publisher than Simon and Shuster. So keep that in mind that times are changing.

Question from the Audience: How long does it take to go through a Kickstarter type program? I still get emails from people who ask am I just contributing to some weird idea you had, or am I getting the finished thing. Question from the Audience: I want to ask Christa how long was your lead time for your produced book and how did you handle having stuff out there already balancing what you were putting in the book? Christa Watson: Ok I did a lot of secret sewing. The second book because I was working with Angela Walters and was working with her timeframe and she was writing literally four other books at the time so this was eleven months for this one from start to finish.

That was really fast; that is not the norm. Christa Watson: When working with a traditional publisher their specification is the file has to be a word doc which you submit to them via email. Stephanie Palmer: I think we all do the same thing. We write a paragraph or instruction and say insert image here and then we send the file of the picture to the designer or design team separate and then they know where to insert the illustration.

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Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required. I worry about picking out colors. What a lovely give-a-way! I'm new to quilting so at this time any size is good for me, though I am currently working on my first large bed quilt! Thank you for the inspiration! Love the chevron quilt kits. I need to make a baby quilt and that kit would a great one! And the sea of squares is neat, too!

I make mostly bed size quilts, so when I need to make something smaller it is hard for me to pick out something that would work. Seeing these has helped a lot! I like pieced quilts. Either baby or throw size is nice. Christa carries some really nice kits already. I enjoy the smaller projects and baby quilts. Thanks for this giveaway! I prefer small kits, such as a wall hanging or even table runner.

Though I love the Dr. Suess Lorax kit! Her kits are so much fun.

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I love the chevron American Jane one. I prefer baby and lap sized quilts. I have never bought a kit. I prefer bed sized quilts. I really liked all of the Chevrons kits. Personally, as far as size goes, I prefer throw size quilts. Thank you for the chance! The fabrics are very buterful, with very bold and vivid colors. I am not so much it kits, so I prefer yardage. She has some beautiful kits. I love lap quilts. I can finish them in a reasonable amount of time and handle them with ease. I like the Hugs and Kisses kit. And also the kits that incorporate many colors because I won't do that myself.

The Amy Buttler in aquas is beautiful. I thought the prices were very good, very tempting.

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I like all the kits she has expecially the Lorax one. I'm finishing up a charm pack Lorax baby quilt this weekend but the colorway in her kit, the blocks and the layout are great. For new kit ideas, smaller projects would be fun. Thanks for the give-away! I think smaller kits like table runners and wall hangings would be nice.

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I like quilt kits and am drooling over the coquette chevrons. I think it will be my next project after I finish the scrappy quilt I am working on. If I was to buy a kit it's usually for a medium sized quilt, like cot or lap size, and combining piecing and applique.

I like little kits — mug rugs, tablerunners, etc. They make it easy to invite friends over for a craft day and send them home with something wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I stopped at Christa's. I love the Amy Butler kits. Love the chevron quilt kits she offers. That might be a good way to learn how to do that kind.

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I love the idea of the baby quilt kits. What a quick and easy way to whip up a gift for a new mom! I followed the last quilt a long. It was great. Wow, free shipping? I'll definitely be going back to that store! I've never used a kit, but she's got some really beautiful ones. I may have to give it a shot. I like kits that are simple and fast to put together.

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I like a variety, so if I want a baby kit, I can pick that out with a lap quilt kit I may want to make for an older relative. I don't really like batiks, so I would want solids and prints available to choose from, as well as "collections". You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

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Giveaway Day! Giveaway Saturday. Share: Facebook. Comments I like kits that combine an extensive palette of fabrics that I wouldn't assemble myself. I love small project kits but all of her kits are great. Cute quilt kits! I like Charming Chevrons the best. Her American Jane Chevron kit is a great one — love the colors in it! I like the Seascapes kit.


Lots of beautiful fabrics on sale! Thanks for the great giveaway! The Charming Chevrons looks fun! Thnx for the giveaway! What great kits! Love the blue bricks, and the chevrons. So many lovely fabrics — I want most of them. I like throw size quilt kits. I also do like table toppers and runners. I've always liked this shop! I am now inspired to make a Chevron quilt for my granddaughter. I like kits for small to medium projects, like bags and placemats.

I've never bought a kit before. I think the charming chevron kit would be fun to try. I like bright colors and queen size quilts. I love the French Roses quilt kit. I have never bought a quilt kit before. I love the Monster truck fabric! She has really pretty kits. I make more baby quilts and throws, so that would be my preference. Lap size quilts and up would be great. I like the kit for her newest quilt along. I've never used a kit, but I think baby sized ones are great for starting out.

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