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When we think about health and wellness, we know that stress management is a top priority. Because we start stressing about our stress levels. Or manifest destiny. When we start to be nervous about our stress levels, we start to stress about them a little bit more. Do we need to care a little bit less? What is it? Do we need to have a different kind of emotional reactions to different things in our lives?

Number one. Unconventional way to relieve stress. Make a donation. Or when we are worried, or anxious, the world is about us. I think I need more. I need more of this, I need more of that. I need more time. I need more sleep. I need food right now. Whatever it is. I need people to listen to me.

I need people to respond. I need to figure out my goals. And it becomes a little less about you. Some of that worry and that angst is relieved a little bit. So choose an organization that really resonates with you, and give them a donation of either money or time or resources. I have a feeling that when you do that, it will instill, without you really trying to, it will instill a certain sense of perspective and appreciation for where you're at.

Thrive Market is an online market place on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. There are three things that come to mind immediately; number one. Primal Kitchen Foods mayo. It is the mayo that I will always have on hand. It is my absolute favorite. This is also the mayo that I use to make a much healthier alternative for ranch dressing. These are the disposable diapers that we use on Greyson when we use disposable. We are using cloth on her, but when we travel, when we go out, I like to have some disposable on hand.

Number three product that I get on Thrive. I get asked about this product all the time. Where do I find coconut aminos? These are the coconut aminos that we use as a soy replacement. And if you are looking for a recipe, Google Fed and Fit Mongolian Beef and you will find the most killer Mongolian Beef sauce made from coconut aminos. You need one jar of it. Just go to www.

Ok, number two.

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Along those same lines. Give an anonymous gift to somebody that you know. Maybe your neighbor just had a baby. Leave them a really nice note. Maybe some flowers. Maybe a thank you for all of your hard work, right? Maybe drop some yummy gluten free warm cookies off onto the porch of your neighbor, who just had that baby. Deliver flowers to somebody; maybe your mother-in-law or your sister-in-law. Somebody who you know is just; you would like to show a little anonymous, just because love.

There is nothing sweeter. Rewind back to the days of school, when we had our lockers. Do you know what I mean? But gosh, what a wonderful feeling to get some sort of an anonymous note like that.

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So what a sweet thing to give somebody else. And again, it becomes more about somebody else, and a little bit less about you. And I have a feeling stress levels will start to subside just a bit. Number three; take a day off. Have you ever heard the analogy of the mouse that was dropped into a bucket of cream? The poor little mouse was dropped into a bucket of cream, and she was swimming, swimming, swimming trying to climb out of that cream. And then all of a sudden she turned that cream into butter and was able to climb out.

Who knows what. Not to mention, actual work obligations. Traveling to see family. Trying to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good friend. And as much as I love that little mouse analogy of working, working, working, and then one day you're able to climb out; I do think that there is something to be said for building yourself a little raft and floating for a day. Just to stick with this analogy. But building yourself a little raft so that you can take a day off, enjoy the float in your little bucket of cream.

Just sit with all of the tasks that you have to do. Let the laundry sit. Let the hair cut go another day. They will be fine tomorrow. And if somebody really needs to reach you, they will call you. But take a day to just relax, to just be with your family. Let the house be messy. And just be. I have a feeling that you will be able to hit the next day more recharged. Maybe a day or two time off. Maybe take a true weekend. But take a true weekend, and I bet come Monday, you will be so much more energized to relay go after it.

Number four; organize your pantry or closet or garage. Get in there! Once upon a time, before a baby was born, I remember feeling very overloaded by all of the things that I had to do. It was like; oh my goodness! Because I was also building a maternity leave.

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If any other business owners are listening, who have had a baby, or you can just imagine and empathize. I had to build a business that could carry those three months. Build enough work for my team to sustain itself. And that was an enormous project that we worked on. That Amber, my right-hand girl at Fed and Fit here, and I worked very diligently to really build. And we did it. Great content, I think, even and we took care of our clients. And of course, Amber worked throughout that time.

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But it was a considerable amount of effort. And I remember being in the middle of that, wanting to also prepare for baby. Prepare our home, get a little nesting done. Wanting to also appreciate every last moment Austin and I had as just the two of us. Travel; all kinds of great things. Stay on top of my own health. And man, I was feeling very overloaded. I was feeling very stressed by the weight of it all. Other urgent tasks always float to the top of the list.

And organize pantry just stays on the list. One day, I decided that I needed to do something different. Because at the end of the day, the things that I was accomplishing was not making me feel refreshed. Or like I had really made progress. So I decided; you know what? To heck with it. I popped in my headphones. I turned on an audio book. And I spent, you guys, 6 hours organizing my pantry.

But if it does, go for it. I tossed all kinds of stuff that had been expired. We had a whole bucket of food that we were going to donate. And I really got in there and got it organized.

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Because I knew that we were going to be tired once baby got there, and family was going to be over. And I wanted it to be organized for them. So I really got in there. But I went to bed feeling less stressed. You need to go through and you need to weed out some clothes. Or your garage. Get in there and organize your garage!

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But get in there. Buy some plastic buckets and some shelving and get it all organized. Just seeing how nice it is, and being able to go about your day in the days and weeks and months to come, you're able to really enjoy that hard work and that organization in your closet and your pantry and your garage.

Number five.

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Minimize your routine. Go ahead and donate the clothing that you have not worn in a year or more. And donate the blankets that you're not using anymore. So I say, when it comes to beauty products; open up your cabinet. Open up your makeup drawer. Open up under your sink with all your hair care products. So instead, go ahead and pull those things out.

What do you do with them? You can give them to somebody if they would be interested.

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All kinds of good stuff. Especially makeup. Man, I tend to really hoard makeup products. But you know what? So out it goes. Minimizing my routine. Going to bed at night. Sign up to receive free prints, 5 free magnets, one set of address labels and one art print. Plus, enjoy unlimited free photo storage. Bring morning cheer. Celebrate special days. Personalized hydration. Add flair to your phone. Showcase your summer. Keep favorite faces close. Make your child the star. Show your appreciation. Get your child ready for School Picture Day with our helpful tips and tricks.

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