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Just a touch of rain rain montana wet wetwild my moist. Morning view moving the last bunch to fresh grass montana ranchlife cattle iamangus my bluesky. Halo baby calf and the others getting moved to fresh grass halo calf cow ranchlife moving montana my Branding in the books, good weather and a great crew branding cow calf iamangus ranchlife bluesky bigskycountry clouds my Even clocks find a way to run out of time. A single second can turn to years in a bunk of an eye. We all have a different clock and different timing.

It's Brew Day! MTBeer My Trailing cows and calves in to brand branding montana iamangus ranchlife my home. Maybe I like you. The world may never know. Let the home renovations commence! Please move paragraph 5 down in its proper order. The reason the statement "there shall be no recourse to armed force" has been deleted is that in the Imperial peace plans, Premier KONOYE and this Minister have frequently found it necessary in the past to use armed force.

The Imperial Government's most ardent wish is that the Southwestern Pacific question, as it applies to our expansion, be peacefully concluded; but, in the light of the current international situation rampant with unprecedented confusion, no one can say what changes will have to be brought about. In the future developments of the international situation, the Imperial Japanese Government, should it ever be provoked beyond. However, regardless of the future developments of this situation, it is very clear that Japan alone could not determine such a course.

I believe that on this point now is the time clarification should be made rather than to wait until difficulties have arisen. Neighborly friendship. Joint defense against communism. Mutual respect of sovereignty and territories. Mutual respect for the inherent characteristics of each nation cooperating as good neighbors and forming a Far Eastern nucleus contributing to world peace. Withdrawal of Japanese troops from Chinese territory in accordance with an agreement to be concluded between Japan and China.

No annexation, no indemnities. Independence of Manchukuo. When I talked with Secretary of State HULL on the 12th he demanded a formal explanation of the three basic principles outlined in Premier KONOYE's statement contained in the third paragraph on the relationships of the two governments to the China incident , as well as the Premier's statement regarding the proclamation of the treaty base upon these three principles.

But there being the matter of instructions from you, I made presentation of the explanation of my plan as outlined in my I wonder, though, whether it might of be a better plan to explain to him that there is virtually no difference between this and the various provisions of paragraph 3 of the original proposals made in my b having to do with organized immigration. Therefore, I would like to make formal explanation in any case along a line which we feel to be most advantageous to us. Please wire me any comments that you have on this subject. I met with Secretary Hull last night the 12th and I submitted my explanations and the revised proposal contained in your message a.

He glanced through the papers. This is as I reported to you in my earlier message b. I told the Secretary that Japan had absolutely no aggressive ambitions in the southern area. However, it is natural, I explained, to avoid tying the hands of one's own country, and that country only, in the event of unexpected misfortune in the future.

For example, I said, in the event that the United States puts a powerful navy in the Pacific, Japan does not want to be placed in such a position which would prevent her from doing anything about it.

The Secretary replied that there would be no reason for the United States herself to do some-thing which she can have Japan do for her. As a matter of fact, the United States would prefer to have some other country do it for her, if said other country can do it to the same extent. With regard to the matter of security, the Secretary said that every precaution was being taken to protect the secret, and that there was absolutely no danger of any leakage.

Please have it understood that the attitude of the United States government towards the European war, as stated in the provision "The Attitude of both countries towards the European war" in Clause 2 of the "Understanding Agreement" represents merely the declaration of attitude on the part of the United States government and is not to be taken to imply Japan's approval of present acts and attitude of that government towards the European war.

In presenting the revisions contained in my message a I assume that it was necessary to reword some of the parts of the English text in your b. While I feel certain that you have already made appropriate rephrasing for instance, of Clause 6 where it relates to economic activities of both countries in the southwest Pacific, I feel that the following might be acceptable, "having in view that the Japanese expansion in the direction of the southwestern Pacific is declared to be of peaceful nature".

I am suggesting the above because of the importance of this point. The original text's "without resorting to arms", etc. If I think of any other changes which should be made I will let you know. In view of the importance of this negotiation please call on the Secretary of State this evening? In matters as important as this, it is necessary to include the original Japanese text as well. Will you please, therefore, give the United States a copy of the Japanese version of the text revised by us immediately.

We are at present drawing up the English version of the above text and we will probably cable it to you sometime on this, the 13th. Upon its receipt, will you please deliver it to the Secretary of State. Your "very urgent" dispatch of the 13th May , cannot be decoded after the 15th letter.

Please verify and repeat. Please add on to Clause 4 of my message b , which relates to "commerce between two nations", the following paragraph which was accidentally left out in enciphering the message:. In the fourth par graph, which relates to trade between the two countries, of our revised proposal, contained in my message a , will you please correct the words reading " at?

Re your a. In the 4th paragraph of our revised proposal, contained in your message b , the paragraph headed "Trade between the two countries" ends with the phrase "shall consider ways and means". All of us are overwhelmed with gratitude at your giving us your support in the matters pertaining to the "Understanding" pact. Not even the other Cabinet officials nor officials of the State Department are being consulted in this matter. In view of this fact, I feel hesitant to handle this matter in a too business like manner as yet.

Moreover, I have already handed over the rough draft of the proposal to the U. If we continue to submit minor revisions from time to time, I am afraid that the United States may get the impression that we have entered into this business without being too well prepared. This, naturally, reflects upon my integrity and may give rise to doubts in the other parties concerned as to my sincerity.

This could lead the negotiations into a failure. It is, therefore, my fondest hope that you will limit all further instructions and cautions to me. Please allow me to exercise my discretion on all the minor details. This understanding is "bind both governments in honor and in act". Please note that this is to be carried in the English text? Please change the words "entente cordiale" in paragraph I of your message b , to "amicable understanding". Please use the wording as used by me in my message c with regard to part 2, paragraph 4, of your message b the proposal concerning the prevention of the entrance into the war by those countries which are not already in it.

I presume that the corrections I asked for in my message d have already been made. Since your English text and my English text are identical in so far as the gist is concerned, I see no reason for making a special effort to revise them at this time. However, whenever the opportunity arises while discussing the matter, please revise to approximate my text. The words "at a conference", as used at the end of paragraph 1 of your b , should be changed to a simple "later" at the first opportunity. Also change that part of paragraph 5 of your message b , concerning the Konoye principles, etc.

Translator's note : garbled from here to end, guesswork used so as to place emphasis on the said principle and that all alliances and agreements will have to be based thereon. I feel it hardly necessary but in order to leave no room whatever for any misapprehension, I wish to put the following on record at this juncture. Of course, it must have been plain from the start that on no other promises would or could Japan possibly come to any understanding of the sort held in view in the present negotiation. As you are well aware we are conducting the talks along the general lines set forth in the "Understanding" agreement.

I, myself, have constantly kept these points in mind in all the efforts I have been making. During the night of the 11th, I submitted our revised proposal and am, at present, awaiting their reply. At a time like this, I fear that if we submitted such writings setting forth our two focal points it would make further talks exceedingly difficult, and may even interfere with the establishment of the "Understanding" pact. For this reason, I did not hand the papers over. I shall, at an opportune moment during our talks bring up the subjects of prevention of U.

In reply to this, the Secretary implied that there was a need to have some sort of a preliminary understanding with China and with England. Following this, we discussed the various phases of the matter at hand. This was done in a conversational tone throughout, and at no time did we assume what could be termed an argumentative attitude.

First of all, the subject of American security was brought up. I stated that there wasn't another country which was so fortunately situated as was the United States from the viewpoint of safety of the nation. There is practically no possibility of an invasion from foreign countries, I said. For this reason it was exceedingly difficult to see from the Japanese viewpoint, I continued, why there was so much sentiment in the U. In reply to this, the Secretary asked me if I had read the speech he made at the meeting of the members of the American Society of International Law on the 24th of April.

He followed this up with the explanation that he was one who placed much importance in South America. Should Hitler succeed in completely subjugating Europe, and should he extend his grasping hands in the direction of South America, there is a grave danger that several of those countries would be immediately conquered. Of course, he continued, he realized that before he could do that, he would have to have the control of the seas. But, he added, such an eventuality could be possible if an English Quisling develops at the time that Germany succeeds in conquering England.

Such a Quisling could conceivably hand over the British navy to the Germans, the Secretary said, keeping a very straight face while so saying. I, therefore, countered by saying that I had understood that the British had promised not to turn their navy over to the Germans under any circumstances.

Furthermore, I said, wasn't the Secretary just dreaming up possibilities. The Secretary replied: "No, No. In spite of these French promises, Darlan and Laval are apparently about to transfer the French fleet to Germany. Taking into consideration the possible materialization of such a move, the United States has no alternative than to aid the Churchill government. This step would not be taken merely for the protection of democracy as a whole.

It is, as a matter of fact,. I take this opportunity to report that Colonel Iwakuro a making various indirect approaches in attempting to have the United States abandon its convoy project. Apparently it is Japan's policy to prevent the United States from aiding Britain. Minister Matsuoka, it is said, Secretary Hull continued , even went so far as to threaten war in his conversations with Ambassador Grew. Not even Ambassador Grew has been advised of the conversations being carried on here, he said. The Secretary seemed to be of the opinion that though there would be considerable difficulty in the attempt to invade England, he did not believe that the possibility could be discounted.

I asked him if Hess' flight to Scotland had any implication of peace overtures. The Secretary replied that he had been made aware of absolutely no such motives. He added that though he knew of nothing definite with regard to Hess' trip to England, he looked upon it as an indication that a portion of the German government was crumbling. I, therefore, pointed out that should the U. Fleet come into the Pacific, Japan's hands would be tied against protecting herself because of the terms of the "Understanding Agreement".

You made reference to this possibility in your conversations with Ambassador Grew as I also did on one previous occasion. However, due probably to the medicine's having reacted on the patient too vigorously, he apparently was not thoroughly convinced regarding the possibility of an armed southward expansion. I, therefore, told him that Japan absolutely would not take the soldiers, upon being relieved of their task in China upon the conclusion of the China Incident, and use them for a southward expansion program, thereby breaking her promise to the United States.

However, I apparently did not thoroughly convince him, for he said that Hitler, for example, has been signing treaties only to break them ever since The Munich agreement was one of these, he said. Napoleon was likewise an untrustworthy treaty signer, for he too merely signed them to break them immediately. The way I look at it, the thing for us to do now is to strive to have the Secretary become thoroughly convinced of the Japanese government's sincere intentions.

Now that we have submitted our proposal, we should sit back calmly and watch the next moves from the United States. I firmly believe that we should enter into this Understanding while the United States is interested in the proposition and before any outside interference enters into it. Towards this end, I am making every possible effort. All the persons concerned in this matter are of the same opinion. Furthermore, it affects their domestic policies as well as ours. Therefore, I had the Chief of the Europe and Axis Section explain the proposal to the Ambassadors from those two countries.

The explanations touched only upon generalities, and no details were divulged. He carefully pointed out that this proposal was originated by the United States and went into some detail of how this came about. They were also told that the United States was handling this matter with the utmost secrecy and that only the President, Secretary of State, and two or three of their colleagues were even aware of its existence.

They were further requested to exercise every precaution against its leaking out. At the same time, it seemed unwise from various viewpoints to keep our Ambassadors in Germany and Italy uniformed concerning this matter, as there is a possibility of misunderstandings arising from such ignorance in the future. Moreover, I even had an inquiry from our Ambassador in Germany about this on the 10th, I dispatched a cable worded in the same manner of my message b.

The serial number of this cable to Germany was my message to Germany c. For these reasons, I believe that there is a necessity for us to put our request that the United States stay out of war, and also that the United States promote peace between China and Japan, in a written form. I am aware of the great importance of this matter, and appreciate your standpoint. However, will you please make arrangements in accordance with my message d. Of course, there is no way for me to know what was in the report received by the government of the United States from Ambassador Grew.

However, it is a fact that I had neither the intention or a cause to threaten or intimidate the Ambassador. I merely replied to his questions in a conversational tone. The Ambassador is one who easily becomes excited. Moreover, as you are well aware, he is quite hard of hearing. Therefore, there is a possibility that he misunderstood my words. This being not in accordance with our past policy, please see to it that special measures are taken to prohibit articles of this type being reprinted in Japan.

It continued in the following line:. The United States recognizes Japan's rights in the South Seas of carrying on enterprises and economic endeavors including loans. Japan guarantees to revise her declaration that she will not brook the interference of third powers in the China Incident. Japan guarantees not to take hostile measures against the United States dictated by the Axis Alliance.

Although they do not cover all of the points contained, it is true to a considerable degree. The leak seems to come from New York Japanese circles to local financial circles. These have given rise to numerous rumors. Part 1. The policy outlined by the Secretary deviates considerably from the economic policy which the United States has actually pursued heretofore. There have, no doubt, been various reactions to the Hull statement of policy in Japan. Many opinions were expressed here.

I called on the Secretary of State last night, the 20th Tuesday.

He said at that time that after the Understanding Agreement was entered into, there would be a need to explain matters to business circles, so that trade between the two countries could be promoted. Japan must consider the development of the Far Eastern economic bloc and at the same time must constantly be striving for economic development of various areas. There is, therefore, absolutely no reason why we should express any disapproval to the policy outlined by the Secretary. On the contrary I am of the opinion that it should be supported. Part 2. Immediately following the Hess incident, peace talks have cropped up in Paris and in Vichy.

Permit me to express my humble opinion that this is a very critical time. The Secretary of State also said that if, upon the establishment of the "Understanding", the first step in the direction of a permanent peace on the Pacific is built, then much will have been done in behalf of general peace. At present, while on the one hand we are trying to feel out the other party's intentions through undercover channels, I am continuing my conversations with Secretary Hull.

The nucleus of the entire matter is British aid by the United States, our relations to our treaty partners, the China Incident, and Japanese southward expansion. You are already aware of this through my earlier reports. There are as yet considerable differences of opinion between us, so there is no room for too much optimism. Although this was the strictest of secrets, I believe that in the meantime you must have learned it. For this reason, although the intelligence has every indication of being correct, I can hardly bring myself to believe it readily.

What went awry, or through what circumstances all this happened, is beyond my powers to surmise. But howsoever all this may be, there are indications that Secretary HULL got the aforementioned impression also from conversations with Your Honor. Will you, therefore, at the earliest possible opportunity, clear Secretary HULL's mind of this misconception.

You never could have had any doubt about that. I said that some method ought to be devised to stop this horrible war which threatens to lead our civilization downward into chaos, and that something ought to be done to stop the havoc of this conflict. I have respectfully perused your message.

It is absolutely baseless. To say the least I was surprised. When the President and the Secretary of State have questioned me with regard to Japan's procedure in establishing diplomatic policy, I have told them that Japan's diplomacy was in the hands of the Foreign Minister. However, when important questions having great bearing on diplomatic policy which are within the scope of Army and Naval Ministers arise, those ministers, as a matter of course, participate in these deliberations. Then, too, it naturally follows that the Premier wields enormous influence.

I have told them, too, that as far as Japan's officialdom is concerned, they function in an advisory capacity to the Foreign Minister; also, that Dr. When I told the President this, he said that in the United States practically the same procedure was followed. The Secretary of State's position does not differ in the slightest degree. Further, when the Secretary of State asked me the same question, I replied in the same manner, and these replies are just as I have told you in each of my wires.

Now, should I have voiced erroneous statements which in themselves are incredible, then by that fact alone I deserve punishment. Had I, as a military man, made any such statement, after it be proven, I believe that I should not be permitted to continue my existence. I am convinced that I have absolutely made no such statement. And as far as the Secretary of State is concerned, I do not believe by any stretch of the imagination that he labors under any misunderstanding. However, as you have requested in your wire, I shall outdo myself in extending my best efforts.

I have even told the Secretary of State as much one or two times. It is clear that what happened is as you guessed in your message of the 24th. I am very much relieved, but there is no doubt whatever that the American officials entertain the misimpressions mentioned in my previous message, so please be sure to clear the matter up for them. Either some Japanese or an American caused all this and created this impression in the minds of the American officials.

Will you please try to find out exactly what happened and take the proper measures. It is widely held that this is in connection with RAEDER's recent statement, and that the Axis countries are going to exert pressure in unison, and Secretary HULL, himself, in a press interview, brought up this question. Therefore, for my information, please let me know the facts and what steps you anticipate taking.

The tone of the speech, insofar as Japan was concerned, was very mild. There was not a single direct reference to Japan by name, and even that part concerning China was touched upon very lightly. These are points in the speech which are worthy of noting. Apparently there was considerable difference of opinion on these points among the leaders of the Congress who were quietly advised of the contents of the speech before its delivery over the radio. Their replies to questions by newspaper men have given rise to numerous rumors.

The Chief Executive's office is letting it be known that it was done "designedly". Before the speech was broadcast, the Secretary of State, through a certain foreigner, reported that special attention was paid with regard to U. As I pointed out in my message [a] the United States is bent on self defense.

This was made clear in the President's speech and his words were very flexible insofar as the methods of carrying out this defense are concerned. However, we have not as yet reached any concrete agreement. As long as there is a shadow of a doubt in the people's minds, the plans cannot be successfully carried out.

He, on one occasion, expressed himself in favor of maintaining the status quo on the Pacific, including the southwest Pacific area. At that time, I advised him that that would be unacceptable to us.

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It is our hope that we are to take the leadership? The Americans, on the other hand, wish to put this in a bilateral form, placing both countries on an even basis and give each country equal opportunities. The Secretary again asked me about Article 3 of the Tripartite Pact. I replied that I was sure that even if I made inquiries on this point to Tokyo? I added that I was sure that there would be no need for any clarification of the meaning contained therein. Apparently the Secretary's colleagues, referring to various dispatches from Tokyo?

In this he is receiving the support of his colleagues. The Secretary further insists that before the United States will assume the role of mediator, we must list the peace terms. Moreover, it would be impossible, from the U. Translator's note: Following sentence slightly garbled; contains guesswork.

Outside of these points, there are indications that the United States is willing to make considerable concessions. We must in this war carry on a direct negotiation with Chiang. Chiang at present is in a difficult spot and is depending entirely on the United States for necessary aid. I told the Secretary that in my opinion it would be of interest to China should the United States suggest mediation to Chiang. The Secretary said that he did not want to use the term "communism" because of U. Instead, he would prefer some such expression as "subversive", adding that an instrument such as the one being discussed now could not be kept a secret for long.

He further told me that the United States government has no secret agreement with any other country. Since receiving your instructions, I have met with the Secretary seven times already and on each occasion, we discussed matters, off the record and informally, for from one to two hours. However, we seem to be repeating the same things over and over, and are unable to get anywhere. Last night I asked if he had any other suggestions, and he said that he did have two or three minor ones and added that he expects to have it done in two or three days.

Apparently the United States is taking into consideration the effect that this "understanding" agreement will have upon the other Cabinet members and bureau officials. I, therefore, said that after all, the real motive of this "understanding" agreement is to change the war psychology which exists in both countries, to one of peace. There is a danger that while we are dickering about the use of a certain word, some untoward incident will break out sending all of our efforts up in smoke. The Secretary seemed to be in agreement with me in this respect. It is natural that the United States should take Japan into serious consideration in any of her political or militaristic moves.

That she is doing so, may be seen by the way the President handled the situation in his speech night before last. You apparently are comparing Japan with some of the small countries which were born as a result of the war. However, Japan's position in the world today is very different from that of the earlier times mentioned above. I wonder if it is wise to even compare Japan today with Japan of those days in discussing the issues with the United States. The only thing that this Minister would have the United States do with regard to mediating in the China affair, would be for her to tell Chiang Kai-shek: "Negotiate with Japan.

If you refuse, we shall stop all aid to you. I am sure that you are well aware of my intentions in this matter through my previous messages. However, because of the brevity of cables, you may have missed the point. Will you carefully bear it in mind in the future. This dispatch has not been publicized here as there can be no guarantee that this sort of news would not cause dissension within the country. They have given rise to numerous and varied unfounded rumors which has led to the need of taking some measures domestically.

I, therefore, issued a statement for publication, a copy of which is being cabled to you as my separate cable c. Please do everything in your power to prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the U. For nearly 2 months Japan has been attempting to induce the U. So far the reactions of the State Department have been unenthusiastic and at present there appears little likelihood that Japanese hopes will be fulfilled.

Nomura have been entirely informal and off the record, so that if the preliminaries which Japan hoped would result in formal negotiations, break down entirely, neither side will officially have to bear the blame for failure. Although it is learned that the first approach was made by the Japanese ambassador, the Japanese Embassy does not acknowledge this. Spokesmen there say vaguely that the informal talks seem to have sprung from a mutual desire to find some means of preventing a heightening of the concededly dangerous tension between Japan and the U.

The responsibility of the leaders of the Japanese Government is subject to grave doubt and their ability to carry out agreements questionable. Time after time since the outbreak of the "China incident" almost 4 years ago, Japanese leaders individually, and the Japanese government officially have reiterated promises to respect the Open Door in China and to assure "equal opportunity for all" but these promises have never been kept.

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My mam's Opel Corsa came back from a service with the garage saying it had to replace the 'sump plug o-ring' and I am wondering what could have caused this? Dublin - Fri, 13 Jul I'm thinking of buying a Opel Astra 1. What do you think of these cars? Have you driven them? What sort of trouble do they give?

Thinking of buying an 04 Volkswagen Polo automatic. Is this a reliable car and is there anything to be aware of relating to the automatic gearbox? I've an month old Volkswagen Scirocco 1. It isn't driven hard at all, but I had to put a litre of oil into it today because the warning light came on; is thi.

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Hi, just wondering if you know if Audi Ireland will honour remaining warranty on a demo imported from an Audi dealer in the UK? I am looking at a Hyundai i10 and a Kia Picanto. The Hyundai has 8, less mileage than the Picanto but then the Picanto is a year younger. Mileage on both is low. There is two years' wa. Any advice? Any advice about buying a new Audi A6 diesel in view of the current emissions scandal? Dealers are vague and evasive with answers. Which would be a better buy, a Ford Focus diesel 1. Is there much of a difference in the fuel economy of a 1. We were advised to stear clear of the 1.

I am just wondering if it'. I am thinking of buying an estate car as I need the extra space. Recommend anything in. I am thinking of purchasing a '06 or '07 Toyota Corolla Hatchback with all the extras. I have spotted one at an independent dealer that suits my requirements however the dealer is not a member of t. I currently drive a Toyota Corolla 1. I get about miles from a full tank of petrol. I have thought ab.

I'm thinking of buying a Ford Mondeo 2. I need to know are they good engines and troublefree? My question is: I'm looking to change my 1. I drive every day, mostly city driving but only do a. Ford Focus 1. Both diesel estates same mileage, both , prices quoted are asking prices with room f. Which would be best buy? Which Prius should I buy? I got two Toyota Prius offers recently.

The 05 Prius has been looked. I'm thinking of buying a Opel Corsa 1. What are they like? I have also looked at a Ford Focus Zetec 1. Hi, how much would I get trade off a new Duster? Hello I would like to know what you think of the variable dampner option on the new BMW 5 Series please.

Do you think it would be better than the standard suspension and would there be a big differ. Can you recommend a sturdy safe small car? I'm driving a Nissan Micra and would like to upgrade to a stronger but not much bigger car. I have a 1. I usually buy a new car every three years, which means I'm due to trade in my two-year-old Toyota RAV4 diesel at the end of Will my diesel be accepted against a hybrid?

How does one know if the new car you're buying is actually new to that year? I've heard there's a possibility the car could be from a year previous, but the dealer didn't register it thus making a. What is the best saloon car to drive? Thinking of purchasing a new or used car. I have a Chevrolet Aveo and would not want anything too expensive. What discounts are dealers typically offering for cash buyers on new cars?

I'm looking at getting a hot hatch and wondering what if any discount is reasonable? Seriously thinking of buying a Audi A6 in U. For lots of reasons, money saving been the main factor. If I buy from a main dealer on a relatively new car will I have a warranty? Also, should. We are thinking of buying a Renault Laguna 1. What is a Ford Focus 1. Could you tell me if a Dacia Sandero is a good car I'm looking at an ad on DoneDeal. I am looking at either a Toyota RAV4 or a Mazda6; how do the cars compare in terms of reliability and fuel efficiency in particular?

Both are petrol models. What's the most economical car for long distance commuting km to work daily? Is my Volkswagen Polo 1. I don't get to drive it anymore. The missus drives it to work midweek and I only get it at. Would I have trouble with a Kia Carnival 2. When does the timing belt need replacing and are they reliable? I want to buy a new station wagon with a diesel engine, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

There seem to be very few options, e. Can you recommen. Audi A4 SE 2. Considering BIK and two kids 12 and 8 , which would you choose as a company car and why? Expecting annual usage in the ,km range per ye. I'm thinking of buying a 1.

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Is there anything I should particularly look out for and is it reliable? I'm thinking of looking at a Fluence Am I mad? Is the BMW X3 2. If it is would it be very hard on tyres and suspension? The Range Rover has the pedigree, but to be honest, I'm not going to do ser. What would be a typical mpg from a Polo 1. What do you think about the 1. Are they too small to get good mpg? All t. A relation is looking for a Fiat Qubo size mobility car, but only petrol and automatic. As the Qubo is only available with diesel, can you suggest any mobility car this size or one that can be conv.

I'm looking at getting a diesel Ford Mondeo, 1. Hi, I'm looking to buy a new family car that will take three seats in the back easily. Not looking for a seven seater or so, just something that will take all three kids in the back in comfort - b. I'm looking at the following Ford Focus. I'm a ca. I currently have an option to buy a three-door 1. The car has 79,km, from , NCT until March and no tax. It looks in good condition outside from just a fe. Hi, was just wondering could anybody help me. I am looking to buy a Volkswagen Passat, but don't know too much about cars.

I am looking to buy a or Passat, but what kind of engine is bett. Why is there no spare wheel or jack in the new Kia Rio? Hi what would I get for a Volkswagen Passat 2. Are cars that have been imported from the UK and have been VRT paid and registered here and are now for sale privately here worth less than their original Irish equivalent? If this is. As it's one of these modern cars permanently connected to the internet, the battery only lasts weeks. What is your view on the practicality of six-speed manual cars versus five-speed? On normal national roads - non motorways - six-speed seems to equate to a never ending need to change gear at every.

I am considering buying a second hand Volvo S60, approx year I've heard negative remarks about the electrics and that issues are expensive to repair. Would electrical issues be common? Seven-seaters: can you give me a full list of the possibilities in Ireland and the tax on each model pre- and post? It's so hard to decide! Any recommendation? I have just purchased my first E Mercedes and it is my first move to the brand. It is the Avantgarde model. Any advantages or disadvantages to this model please? I am looking for information regarding the safety rating of the old model pre Ford Galaxy.

I have been offered at a very good price a Opel Zafira: low mileage. No NCT, thouhg assured that with two new back t. Any advice for me please? I found your article on importing a car from UK very helpful, thanks. My question is, are there any issues regarding the manufacturer's warranty on imported cars? I'm considering purchas. Are electric cars a real option now? Looking to purchase a second hand car upwards.

What do you think? I'm planning to buy a Honda Civic Hybrid 1. Are there any problems with this particular model and what s. I am looking at a car in Northern Ireland. Its previous owner was MIS Insurance and it was apparently given as relief car when accidents occur. Any experience on buying these cars subsequently? I'm looking at buying a Ford Ranger.

I prefer the style of the model rather than the 07 to present model, but I've been warned to stay away from the old one. Is there a real differ. Which one to go for? A Audi A3 2. This particular car has almost 80, miles on it, it's a diesel engine. What problems should I be aware of if I view it? Hi, I have a Skoda Octavia that has problems starting. It turns on but has no power until it has warmed up, which takes a couple of minutes. If you try to drive it bunny hopped.

Took it to garage w. According to every car salesman I speak to I am apparently in an unfortunate situation. I currently own a Mazda5 Exec, 1. The auto start-stop not working even when the engine is at 80 degrees, any reason why? Or what I am doing wrong. It's a Mercedes C Just a query for my uncle please. How much roughly would it be to change a Jaguar X 3. New Volkswagen Passat 1. How many thousand miles would you expect a 1. Any faults with Chrysler's C? I'm looking at a model with 30, miles on the clock.

What should I look for? It's the SRT Design version. My mate has one with them. Mine has keyless entry while his has a touch handle thing. They are the same age and model. When yoou look on the Ford web. Hi, I would like to know what do you think of the new Dacia Duster. I was thinking of buying one. I'm thinking of changing. I have a Audi A3 and the stop-start system throws up an amber light warning that it is not working.

How do I switch the stop-start system off until I can get it fixed? I'm moving to England and will have a mile round-trip commute each day. I currently drive a Ford Mondeo Platinum 1. What would be the best diesel c. What are your views on the lack of transparency of dealers' delivery and related charges that get added to the brochure price of cars?

Surely it is in the consumer's best interest to kno. I need to replace a seven-seat Ford Galaxy. I've been told that the new Toyota Land Cruiser will have a 2. Is there any truth in this? I know it's changing from its 3. My wife and I currently both use her Opel Zafira and I find the seating position very upright and. Is there any problem with getting an NCT for this car? Something about emissions maybe?

Preferably economical and reliable but not a Micra type car. I am a farmer who has to pull a load of max. What are the best options.

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  7. Any common issues with the Hyundai Santa Fe four-wheel drive or things to look out for when purchasing this vehicle? May go for or , but want same type Santa Fe, manual, diesel. My garage has told me that the emissions light on my dashboard is due to a fault in the EGR system. However, the car is running fine with no loss of power. The emissions light is not consistently o. I saw the Skoda Fabia - Toyota Yaris comparison. I am looking for a car with a smooth drive as my dear wife has back problems and feels every bump. Also, do othropedic seats that you place on the c.

    I notice in the detailed UK specs for the Kia Stinger which otherwise appears like a wonderful car , it says, both for the 2. My car is deemed a write off. Open market selling preice, as per revenue, will not replace my car, like-for-like. Hi, I drive a Opel Astra 1. My local Opel dealer says every 10,km and just wondering is this correct or is it just to get mo. I am looking for a fuel efficient and low tax family car. I currently drive a BMW d automatic. Got it the first day of the reg.