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Design your own custom t-shirt. Custom essay coupon code get free shipping code to save more on your purchase. Basic essay structure: Get professional write my paper help from best reliable custom writing service - essaygoal. Custom essay meister discount codes engineering assignment help essay reader hiring i essay writing chegg coupon chegg homework help reviews holt homework help. Received my doll today and it is fantastic. It looks so lifelike! I recommended Whoopass enterprises in our company blog.

George Lopez just loved his bobblehead doll from Whoopass Enterprises and so will you. Famous people have been giving and receiving Whoopass bobbleheads for 10 years now. Talk about the gift for the person who has everything! Excellent quality craftsmanship too. For any occasions or special days, different themes are available. If you need us to write a card or a message in the box, we are glad to do this for you. It's all FREE!!!! Contact Us. How Your Bobblehead Is Made? I gave 3 stars only because I have not seen the end product.

If they can do it, so can you! The offer is applicable to US shipping only 2. Please choose "Standard US" as the delivery option.

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Log in via Facebook. Get Free Shipping on all categories of Bobbleheads from Whoopass! We offer these themes bobbleheads for weddings cake topper , anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, Christmas or other important life events. All you need to do is simply upload your photos and write your comments or instructions to your bobblehead. Our artists will craft all the details and let you be the judge of the approval. During the production, you are allowed to require our artists to modify any thing on the custom bobblehead till you are satisfied with the outcome. Size of this bobblehead is 6.

Material of this custom bobblehead is Polymer Clay. The color is the clay itself, so Top-bobbles are actually more durable, brighter, true 3D likeness, and higher quality than those made from poly resin clay which is the material used by other providers. The whole sculpture procedure could be divided into three stages-head sculpture, body sculpture and final revision.

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At each stage, we send you proof for approval. At this time, you will be able to make any changes to the facial propertities, nose, mouth, skin texture, etc. Our online order form allows all the possibilities. Please note, we only can accept 1 coupon code per order. Multiple users per order are not accepted. If used, we will honor the highest code presented and the other codes if used, will be invalid. We will apply the proper charge back to the payment method on file. Specific priced jobs are not subject to coupon codes as the price is discounted during the proposal.

We receive this question a lot, the answer is yes all our heads do bobble. We also can make fixed heads if you would like, just let us know in the order notes section of the order form. The strongest and most common type bobble head material to sculpt with. By default, our website will provide you with a resin material for your custom bobble head doll at no additional fee. We use a 2-step process when creating your custom bobble.

First, we will hand sculpt your personal creation custom bobble out of a dark clay and email to your actual photo proofs of the bobble sculpt in progress for your approval requires week time line or greater.

Superhero Woman Custom Bobblehead

Bobble orders less than 2 weeks will have internal proofing available only by our trained staff. Once you approve your custom bobble, we fire the clay bake and move to the next proof stage. In this stage, we will paint your custom bobblehead doll to the specifications of the order. Upon completion of the hand painted bobble, we will resend you an email proof to show off our personal creation to you for approval.

Once approved, we finalize the steps necessary to mail the item to you.

Per order, we require at least 1 head photo in the expression of the person we are creating. We use 1 photo per head only and can not combine features between multiple photos. Body photos are not required but we do best when we sculpt from what we can see. Description will work as well. We fall back to the primary photo in regards to the hairstyle. We recommend for some folks who wear their hair a certain way in the back to provide a rear or profile photo so we can see the type of hair they are referring to.

How to make a BobbleHead - By Dolls2u

Important note, our bobblehead dolls are created with resin which is very hard by nature. Due to the construction of our dolls, the hairline must not interfere with the shoulders or neck. We will do our best to make the hair on the doll low enough to allow a bobble action. If the hair is lower than the shoulders, the movement will be restricted. Requests to make the hair in the front and back below the shoulder; is fine but your doll will have limited or no movement within the head. For this type of doll, we recommend our clients to order a fixed head type where we have no limitations.

If you provide a photo with long hair, we will do our best to make the hair like the photo and provide as much movements as possible. But we do urge you to only create the hair above the shoulder to allow our bobblehead dolls the maximum bobble action. As all our dolls are created by hand, they sometimes need to be shipped and packed into styrofoam or into different packing material such as this:.

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The main doll is wrapped in various bubble wrap and foam, placed into a secure setting within the main box. Sometimes, different parts of the doll are needed to be shipped separate from the main doll and like the base listed below, the use of crazy glue works best for assembly.

We feel it is better to have every effort to allow your dolls to arrive safely than damaged. The base may be separated from the doll, wrapped along the same lines and placed into its own created spot within the Styrofoam. As we try very hard to prevent any troubles on receipt, please understand we pack them as they need to be packed to help assure this. If you are looking to send us photographs through the standard mail, you would send them to us at:.