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A smart student makes you a smart shopper. You'll also earn a discount if you have a student on your policy who is in college, more than miles from your residence, and is 22 years or younger. If you have a full-time student on your policy and they're more than miles from home, you'll receive a discount—as long as they don't have a vehicle while away at school. You'll get another discount simply for being a homeowner, even if your home is not insured through Progressive's network of home insurers. You'll get this discount if you quote car insurance online.

Cheap Car Insurance

It still applies if a licensed Progressive representative finishes your quote for you over the phone. Another easy discount anyone can earn. If you're comfortable signing your documents online, we're comfortable kicking in Progressive's sign online discount. Simply opt to receive your documents via email, and we'll automatically provide a discount.

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This is dependent on signing your documents online, and is in addition to our sign online discount. Pay in full not quite right for you? That's okay! When you purchase your policy, we'll give you a discount for setting up automatic payments from a checking account. You cannot combine the automatic payment and pay in full discounts.

How can I get car insurance for cheap?

Compare similar coverages at a handful of companies and see the best price. We'll show our rate first and let you compare it against competitors. See more on comparing rates. You get to tell us what you want to pay!

Car Insurance Quotes: Get Auto Insurance Online & Save | Progressive

Try it and we'll show you a range of coverages in your budget. See more on the Name Your Price Tool. Shrink your deductible in case of a claim! This is an optional coverage that will slightly increase your policy's cost. If you've been a Progressive customer for at least five years, with no accidents in the last three years, your rate will not increase if you have an accident.

We know you want to save as much as you can. But do you want the lowest possible rate even if that means less coverage? If so, check out our cheap car insurance tips. Not a Customer? Track claim here. Insurance doesn't have to be complicated. Progressive will insure your car, motorcycle, boat, RV, and commercial vehicle, and will also provide home insurance through other companies.

Progressive Insurance = FAIL

They have expanded out of the US market, and currently operate in Australia as well. Learn more about Progressive Insurance. When it came to high-risk drivers, insurance companies were hesitant to offer them coverage. Progressive was one of the first companies to give accident-prone people a chance to have affordable insurance, too. Because Progressive is publicly traded, they have to pay attention to the desires of their shareholders when making decisions about the company. Despite the potential to ignore their policyholders in favor of the shareholders, Progressive has a loyal customer base.

Overall, their customers give Progressive an Perhaps the most well-known discount Progressive offers is their Snapshot discount. Founded in , The General has over fifty years of providing car insurance. The General was one of the first auto insurance companies to specialize in high-risk drivers. This was a market that was not being properly served, and The General sought to fill this void.

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To offset this cost, high-risk drivers typically paid far more than other drivers with better records. Learn more about The General Auto Insurance. The high-risk driver comes in many varieties. Although this designation is fairly arbitrary, more people now than ever before are being classified as high-risk. Other companies are beginning to recognize this and branch into this type of driver, but The General was one of the first to offer policies to high-risk drivers, and they understand the nuances of that market.

Since they are not a publicly traded company, they do not have to deal with the wants of their shareholders; they can focus on providing the best insurance to you. Instead, they offer insurance to a demographic that might have trouble getting it.