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Krishna Barat Certified Buyer 6 months ago. Ishan Certified Buyer 5 days ago. Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Good product but very late delivery : try avoid giving too late delivery, and the Tracking option is not really showing the exact information. It is awesome and good for gaming. Ratnakirti Kamble Certified Buyer Apr, Awesome delivery.. Got this next day.. Awesome packing.. Go for this only if u don't have 4k TV. Sony is best. Gaurav chanderia Certified Buyer Apr, One word.

Three words. Always have been a true gaming enthusiast. But PC gamer only. Finally after a decade, I purchased the Ps4.

Dealmaster: Sony and Microsoft launch a bunch of PS4 and Xbox deals ahead of E3

Both Sony and Microsoft have taken significant strides to make their current consoles not just gaming machines, but home entertainment centers. The Pro offers advantages in this regard too, with support for 4K streaming over online video on demand services such as Netflix and YouTube. The Sony PlayStation 4 is a fantastic choice for gamers wondering which system to buy next.

The PS4 offers a great selection of exclusive games while multiplatform titles generally look and perform better on PS4 than other consoles. Furthermore, Sony has made big improvements to the PlayStation controller and online services since PS3. The PS4 Slim is currently available in black, silver, gold or white — not including the various limited edition consoles released. Which colour do you like best?

Which goes best with your living room and your other electronics? Take your pick and use our filters to find the PS4 deals that match. The Pro is currently available in black or white.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

Some include a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is required for online gaming and access to free games every month. If you want to play online, you need PS Plus — so getting a bundle makes sense. As we mentioned above, the choice between the baseline Slim model PS4 and the Pro is one of power. If you want to get the very best from your PS4 games, the Pro is the console for you thanks to its enhanced internals. Fancy owning a limited edition PS4 console?

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It could even go up in value over time. Check our deals for special PS4 bundles, which are usually themed around pack-in games. There are two PS4 models at the moment — one with GB of storage and the other with 1TB so you can download more games. Choose a PS4 bundle with the storage that is right for you. Our handy filters can help you decide which PS4 deal is for you. The Pro version of the console is only available with a 1TB hard drive. The PS3 had got off to a slow start due to production issues, and was significantly lagging behind the Xbox The aim was to ensure that the next PlayStation was launched firing on all cylinders.

If these rumours, plus those of a reworked Playstation network prove true, the PS4 looks set to get a big jump on their main competitors Microsoft. Rough specs and game footage are also shown. The next PlayStation is only a few months away! PS4 launches in the UK with incredible success. Over , PS4 consoles are sold in the opening weekend — , more than Wii U had sold in its first year on sale.

Their own effort to take on the industry dominating Occulus Rift.

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  • A UK beta test of the service is also underway. With downloads a necessity on PS4, even just for game updates, Sony announces a new console with 1 terabyte of storage — double what was available previously. This move kickstarts a slew of new PS4 deals just in time for the holiday season. The unit has a 5.

    PS4 Consoles & Console Bundles

    Current generation games will work on the console, although a boost in performance can be expected. Seen by Twitter user shortmaneighty2, the console was found on Gumtree, the free UK classified ads site. Now, with the arrival of a PS4 slim, it seems like there will be two consoles announced. We now have concrete evidence that the leaked PS4 slim is real. An unboxing video surfaces of the new console, which retains a similar look to the original console but with a — yep, you guessed it — more slimline profile.

    Sony officially announce a revamp to their PlayStation 4 offering, with the original PS4 console being replaced with a more slimline version with the same specs and the Pro becoming the new top of the range model, thanks to its upgraded internals and ability to play certain games in stunning 4K resolution.

    The biggest upgrade found in the system software 4. PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn launches, establishing itself as an early front-runner for the game of the year title, and also doing much to showcase exactly how powerful the PS4 Pro is. Sales figures released in June confirm that the PS4 has surpassed the 60 million consoles sold mark. It also means that the PS4 is well ahead of its generational rival the Xbox One. Demand for cross-play between consoles increases, as several titles that combine player bases between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are announced, including Rocket League.

    However, there are no plans for cross-play between PS4 and any other consoles. Later in the year, in September, the game Fortnite accidentally enabled PS4 and Xbox One owners to play one another for a short period of time before disabling the feature. Sony launch a white version of the PS4 Pro to coincide with the release of Destiny 2.

    They also take full advantage of winning the marketing rights to FIFA 18 from Microsoft by launching eight separate hard bundles. These bundles span the two versions of the Slim and the Pro, and come with different versions of the game and, in some cases, an additional gamepad for local multiplayer.

    Another month, another bundle — three, in fact. Xbox One X beware! After a year in which the PS4 Pro has stood unchallenged in its dominance of the console gaming world in terms of technical specs, a challenger emerges from Microsoft. The Xbox One X launches amidst much fanfare, with Microsoft boasting that the X outstrips the Pro in just about every department. The possible cost of such a move would be perception, as it would look like an admission that the X is the more powerful console. Despite passing its fourth birthday, the PS4 continues to put up impressive sales numbers.

    PS4 vs PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro - Which Console Should You Buy?

    Sony reveal that during the holiday season, almost six million consoles were sold, putting the PS4 within ten million sales of the 83 million that the PS3 in total managed. This means the PS4 would have lasted eight years, longer than most consoles. However, this trend goes into overdrive with God of War.

    Sony announce that the total sales of all PlayStation hardware worldwide since the original PlayStation console has topped million, an extraordinary milestone that only Nintendo can rival. The console is hugely popular, selling out worldwide almost instantly. The game rockets to the top of the charts and becomes one of the best selling games of recent times, as well as earning critical acclaim.

    The PS4 has ruled supreme over its own console generation, but Sony announce it will soon have company. Beloved titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 will make an appearance. The limited edition Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundles ship with a slightly revised version of the console inside, with the hardware revamps aimed at tackling some of the issues associated with launch units, particularly noisy fans. As well as shifting more than 86 million consoles, which puts it fourth in the list of best selling home consoles, almost million units of software have been sold.

    The Best PS4 Deals in August 12222

    Sony also go on the record to announce that the million limited edition console is the rarest PS4 model of all, which will do their value on the secondary market no harm at all. Settings OK. Essential Tools that enable essential services and functionality, including identity verification, service continuity and site security. Advice Buy Switch on finance What can the Switch do? Best gaming desks Best gaming broadband. Other Deals Advice Blog. Home PS4. It looks like we couldn't find any deals, try some less specific filters.

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