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See all the details on their website at Target. Published: Updated: Tags: school supplies , Target. School Supply Deals These deals are valid all season according to the ad. Triangle Area Special Offers The "as low as" rate is at 3. The 'as low as" rate is at 3.

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Meet the Author Contributors. Popular Recommended Video. The best value to be found at Discount School Supply is their extensive community resource page. It contains loads of links with free references and help for anyone involved in education. Like many other companies that are now leaders in their field, Discount School Supply started as just a single small retail store. Though it sold educational products to teachers in the area, founder Ron Elliott knew that he could go further.

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Since the first issue of the Discount School Supply catalog was released into circulation, Discount School Supply has committed itself to offering high-quality educational tools at the lowest price possible, coupled with excellent customer service that puts the company above all competitors. Many of its original orders came in over the phone as educators received catalogs and called in their orders, so excellent customer service was developed early on, and it's never gone away.

Discount School Supply is dedicated to incredible service, including keeping items in stock, offering helpful options, and shipping orders as soon as possible.

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Discount School Supply first took off with its offering of products through a catalog, and even today, you can still request a free physical catalog copy. Physical catalogs can be a great idea if you're working for an organization that tends to need supplies frequently. Add a bookmark when you realize there's something out of stock, and you'll be able to buy everything at once in a bulk order.

One of the things that tend to plague educators is underfunding. Many educators pay for supplies out of their own pockets or are given only a minimal amount of funding to buy supplies for the next year.


That's why Discount School Supply offers options to help make that price point less of a problem. Organizations that are paying directly for the supplies, including schools and various government agencies, can also open a line of credit and look for funding through Technology in Leasing or Hampton Ridge Financial, the financing firms Discount School Supply partners with.

Whether they be teachers, students, parents, or just someone who loves school supplies, anyone looking for educational tools on a budget can stretch those dollars pretty far with the wide range of products at Discount School Supply. They have school supplies, multi-cultural items, therapy items for children with special needs, and even unique interest items for children that can serve as great gifts.

Teach yourself to save even more by snagging a coupon code before you place your order.