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Best Golf Carry Bags. Heavy, Inc. Our product recommendations are guided solely by our editors. We have no relationship with manufacturers. By Craig Bennett. Updated Jun 26, at pm. Hot-Z Golf Bags 2. Shop at Amazon. Pros: 5 total pockets -- large apparel, water bottle, protective valuables, glove, and golf ball Comfortable double shoulder strap for easy carrying 5-way top with full-length dividers for added protection and ease of retrieval. Cons: This is a discontinued model so supplies might be limited On the higher end of the price spectrum for this list No separate wells for your putter or driver.

Pros: Has non-slip foot pads for sturdy and secure standing EVA molded hip pad on the side for extra comfort while carrying 6 total pockets, including ones for garments, valuables, tees, and golf balls. Pros: Has way divider, with spots for a driver and oversized putter Has 6 pockets, including an insulated one for drinks Has a velcro glove holder, rain hood, and towel ring.

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Cons: Not very heavy 5. Pros: 7-way top with a molded handle for easy lifting Waterproof valuables pocket, 2 garment ones and a insulated beverage holder Maximum padding on the carrying strap for easy walking.

1. Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Cons: Limited quantities as the bag is in closeout Some users experienced problems with the stand There are no full-length dividers. Pros: Made of water-resistant materials Ergonomic and comfortable dual-strap carrying system 7 total pockets allows you store all your needed gear and equipment.

Cons: Some users experienced some durability issues fraying at seams and tearing Some users felt storage space was limited despite the 7 pockets Some users felt it didn't feel very sturdy. Pros: Useful features like scorecard holder, carrying handles, and rain hood 6-way top with full-length dividers for protection and club accessibility Very comfortable padded dual-strap system for walking. Even easier are the self-balancing straps and the quick-grab phone pocket. Ergonomically curved and padded, they move freely and self-adjust via a rotating disc system.

For riders, a channel hides the cart strap so you can still get to those side pockets. There are 11 useful pockets and a cart-strap pass-through for riders, but walkers will dig the pillowy shoulder padding, too.

Best golf bags – The review

Its waterproof material and seam-sealed zippers keep your gear umbrella-dry, but it stays a true carry bag. A bag designed for zipping around the course while on foot, this bag packs most of the elements one could ever need without the heft. A five-way top makes getting clubs in and out of the bag a cinch, while the full-length dividers protect your sticks.

Meanwhile, the large ball pocket can handle enough pellets to make even the lose-two-sleeves-a-round player feel confident they have enough ammo in the bag. Still, the four-way top is a roomy 9. A cushioned hip pad adds to the comfort factor, while seven pockets provide plenty of storage space. Little extras such as a Velcro glove holder and pen holder show a nice attention to detail. In addition to keeping your sticks organized and protected, the X-Strap is not only easy to get on and off, but works well as a single strap—a sure-fire way to make your caddie like you regardless of your skill set.

Important to those who like to know their yardages, a no-zip rangefinder pocket allows for easy access to a distance-measuring device before even taking the bag off the shoulders. For the fashion-conscious golfer, the bag is available in five colors. Such as high-grade aluminum legs and a hinged bottom that provide stability almost regardless of the terrain.

Or a dual-density foam strap for comfort while carrying. Or pockets specifically designed to house tees, balls, valuables, apparel, rangefinder, and water bottles. Finally, for the fashion-conscious golfer, the bag is available in 13 colors. Although modestly heavier than some at a shade over five pounds, the EXO has some features worth the extra ounces. Chief among them are three molded handles which makes moving your golf bag about a breeze both on and off the course.

Two full-length dividers provide protection for your clubs as well. Just like a lightweight entry should, this design cuts weight at every turn like Matthew Modine getting ready for Shute in Vision Quest. That means strong but light carbon fiber legs and thin but durable nylon fabric. A way divider option is available, too. Mission accomplished here with newly engineered, high-density foam in the straps that work in an easily adjustable, free-sliding X-pattern. Look for bags with velour-lined pockets that are waterproof if this protection is vital to your trip to the golf club.

Protecting your clubs and your valuables are incredibly important in a golf bag. For the clubs , bags will have dividers in the top opening to situate your clubs and make them easier to pull out when you need them for an upcoming shot. Some bags even have individual full-length dividers, giving clubs their own protective cocoon.

Closeout Golf Bags

Is it padded? Or bare? Realize that the lower section of the shaft of the club will rub against this area during travel and as you walk the course. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make sure the clubs are protected with padded linings that offer a buffer that keeps your clubs safe and protected. Same goes for your valuables. All current bags will have some special pocket for valuables that keeps phones from being scratched, but not all of them will be waterproof.

If keeping your valuables dry is important, especially if you live in a rainy area, then search for waterproofing from that valuables pocket. If you are spending hundreds of dollars on a golf bag, the last thing you want it to do is fall apart after a couple of years. Whether you choose a stand or cart bag, you must do your due diligence in finding a bag that will withstand the rigors of a trip to the course.

If you choose a stand bag, areas to focus on include the durability of the legs that hold up the bag. Ask yourself what are the materials used for these legs. Are they carbon fiber or aluminum? Carbon fiber is lighter and shatterproof in most cases. Same goes for the cart bag, but instead of the legs, focus on the padded opening of the bag because this is the area that will show damage first, due to the rubbing of clubs against that padding during travel.

There are several features that a great golf bag has that provides exceptional protection for your clubs and plenty of storage for all of your necessities on the golf course. The first feature is durability. Every golf bag must be long-lasting and withstand the punishment that a trip to the course can place upon a bag. Another area to focus on when buying a golf bag is the appearance of the bag.

Does it look cheap? Are the colors mismatched? Golf bags that look nice instill confidence in the golfer. It may seem superficial, but it is true. Weight and storage are two characteristics that go hand-in-hand when searching for the right bag for you. The more room a bag has, the heavier it will be on the course if you fill those pockets with items.

Knowing the weight of a bag is crucial if you plan on using the bag for walking the course. Finally, the bag must be able to protect your clubs and your valuables. Everyone playing golf takes their cellphone or other electronics to the course. Most bags have individual protection pockets that hold those valuables safely. Also, notice how the bag protects your clubs through padding and full-length dividers that keep clubs on their own.

When picking out the perfect bag for your game always factor in how much the bag weighs. If you are in the market for a cart bag, then obviously you care about weight a bit less than someone searching for a stand bag.

We Reveal The 15 Best Golf Bags For 12222 (Top Picks)

Cart bags, when loaded down with clubs, balls, and other accessories, can weigh around pounds. Without anything in the bag, a stand bag can weigh less than two pounds. This small weight figure is why stand bags are also so attractive to golfers who will never walk the course because the lack of weight makes the stand bag easy to carry from car to cart.

There are four types of bags available for golfers, but only two bags stand out as viable options for most amateurs. The first bag is a small bag with only room for a handful of clubs and even less storage. This bag is known as a Sunday bag because decades ago golf clubs were closed on Sundays; therefore there were no caddies, so players had to carry their own bag. So, a small bag made for easy carrying was invented for those Sundays. That brings us to the two viable options. The first is the stand bag which is light and has two foldable legs that pop out when the bottom of the bag comes into contact with the ground.

Cheap Golf Bags 12222: Top 10 Best Golf Bags Under 100 Reviews

Your clubs are easily accessible, which makes the stand bag ideal for walking golfers. The next option is the cart bag.

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  • These bags are more prominent, bulkier and can store more of your balls, rain gear and even, an umbrella. Cart bags are meant to ride in a cart; therefore they have no foldable legs attached or attachments that can make walking more comfortable. Another version of the cart bag is the tour bag, made specifically for professional golfers. These bags are built for maximum storage and are incredibly expensive and cumbersome. When choosing between a stand or cart bag, there are several areas of difference to consider. For stand bags, finding one that is durable with high-quality legs is a must.

    Most stand bag legs crafted from carbon fiber are light and have terrific strength. Also, realize that stand bags will be lighter and less rigid than cart bags; therefore they can potentially break down easier. Keeping the stand bag clean and properly stored will assure that your bag lasts for many years. Cart bags are unique in that they need a place to stand when storing. If you want to keep your cart bag healthy for the long run, then find a safe place in your garage or club for the bag to stand tall naturally. The main difference between a cart and stand bags is the weight.

    Cart bags are noticeably heavier than their stand bag counterparts. Another benefit of having a cart bag is the extra padding around the bag. When you are searching for cart bags, ask yourself how does the padding line the opening for the clubs? After a time, that padding will wear down as your clubs rub against it during play.

    This area is most likely where your bag shows wear and tear, so pay attention to that section when buying a cart bag. There are two divisions of golf bag manufacturers. The first comes from the most popular golf brands that all golfers know and love. Companies such as Ping, TaylorMade, and Callaway all make high-quality bags that are resourceful and durable. Other companies that only make golf bags but rival the construction of the name brands include Ogio, Sun Mountain, Datrek and Izzo.

    These companies make terrific golf bags worth a look. In this battle, the primary deciding factor is if you want to walk the course regularly or not. Small bags such as Sunday or stand models are ideal for walking the links. They are lightweight and keep your extra accessories to a minimum. Bigger bags such as cart and tour bags will give the golfer maximum storage and therefore, more weight to transport.

    If you typically play with a cart and only lift your clubs from your trunk to the cart without carrying them, then a bigger bag certainly has its advantages. Each club is different with their specifications and rules for golfers, but almost all of them require golfers to have some bag to carry their clubs in during their round. The best rule of thumb is to call the pro shop ahead of your round and ask what the rules are if you are bringing a unique bag, such as a Sunday bag to the course.

    You should feel safe that if you own a cart or stand bag, that the club will have no problem with this option. Most bags are made from nylon, so they are easy to clean with a little dish soap and warm water. Just take a soft rag and wash dirty areas of the bag, then wipe away the excess soap with a wet towel. Do not use chemicals or cleaners on your bag as they will break down the fabric, causing your bag to accelerate with age. If you own an expensive tour stand bag made from leather, you should also be very careful with your cleaning and maintenance of your bag.

    Most golf bags are not waterproof, so you have the option of using a waterproofing spray on the exterior. It is always wise to have a rain hood for your bag, in case the weather turns terrible but for the outside lining, you can find sprays that limit the moisture exposure to your clubs.

    ✅ Golf Bag: 3 Best Golf Bags Of 2019

    Another area that may be waterproof is your valuables pouch in the bag. Not all bags have lined pouches that keep the water away from your electronics, but if this feature is essential, there are plenty of bags that have this protection. It depends on the severity of the injury to your bag if you should repair or buy a new model. If you are talking about a rip or tear in the exterior, then there are plenty of patching options to choose from to help you repair your bag.

    Regardless, if you are unsure, ask for the help of a club pro or equipment profession in determining what step you should take next in repairing or replacing your bag. Edited by: Jordan Fuller. Reviewed by: John Marshall. Last Update:. Strong base and way club divider. What we love: Unique way divider top with anti-rattle slots so your irons stay locked in High-quality cooler pocket keeps all your drinks cold for the round The reinforced base makes this bag sturdy and durable.

    What we don't love: Perhaps a little plain but the anti-rattle top makes this an interesting cart bag for all ages. Learn More. Our Rating:. What we love: Six pockets give plenty of room with a nice valuables pouch that is velour lined. Comfortable shoulder strap system makes it easy to take the bag on and off during your walk on the course.

    An added umbrella sleeve is great for carrying an umbrella without worrying about taking up too much space in the bag. What we don't love: Golfers who want a high-quality bag with a ton of features might be disappointed with this simple stand bag. Featured Recommendations. Product Name. Best for Advanced Golfers Sun Mountain 4. Our Ranking. Ranked 1. Ranked 2. Ranked 3. Our Grade. Feature 1. Unique way divider top with anti-rattle slots so your irons stay locked in. Dynamic rainhood included with the bag for protecting clubs in lousy weather.

    Comfortable shoulder strap system makes it easy to take the bag on and off on the course. Feature 2.